Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On What Side of the Fence do You Stand Mr. President?

Where do you stand Mr. Obama?  We as Americans want to know. Yes we as Americans know and understand that we have the fundamental RIGHT to build a church/mosque where we want to. However the majority of Americans are totally against the building of a mosque 2 blocks from ground zero. It is not morally right to allow this mosque to be built on hallowed ground where over 3000 Americans perished on 9/11. If allowed to be built, it will be a SHOWCASETROPHY for all Radical Islam Extremist to be able to boast and gloat over the massacre of over 3000 innocent Americans, and you Mr. Obama gave your stamp of approval with your speech last Friday. Certainly you have not in any way came out against the building of the mosque. Will you come out and make this one statement. I am against the building of the mosque anywhere close to ground zero. Will you do that Mr. President. The American people issue a challenge to you to support the wishes of the very same people that placed you in the White House. We await your answer Mr. President. This is "SCARED GROUND." Do the right thing.
Is this going to be what we are going to see in New York City, 2 blocks from Ground Zero. The TROPHY,
a SHOWCASE to the mass murder of  3000 Americans on 9/11. I certainly hope not. It will make me sick if construction is allowed. I could care less if the mosque is built in another area. There are over 100 mosque in New York as it is, so one more makes no difference. With the exception this mosque is to be huge, 10 stories and over $100 million United States Dollars to construct. (the source of the funds to build this mosque have not been identified, who is funding this monster)  I call on all Americans, who oppose this mosque, please make your voice heard. Do not let this happen. We all need to drop to our knees and pray to God that this construction is stopped cold. Go build it somewhere else. Can you imagine a ten story 100 million dollar TROPHY, with the only reason they (radical extremist) want the mosque built is to be able to say "We murdered your people and you could do nothing" now stare at this mosque as a daily reminder that we are here."  Please remember that phrase my friends, "WE ARE HERE".  The radical extremist terrorist are here, waiting in the shadows to kill us all. It is not a matter of if the will attack, it is when and where are they going to attack. Obamas adminstration is doing nothing, hell, Obamas administration will not even call the terrorist a terrorist, so what do you expect. You see how lame his Border Security is, his adminstration is sueing Arizona for protecting it own Border. So if that does not tell you what this adminstration stands for,  nothing will. It appears to me that he is not securing the Border on purpose, what that purpose is, is yet to be determined, and the purpose will be determined at a later date.

Well my friends, until next time, stay safe and God Bless You,  and May God Bless America.....................Shady   

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