Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Is Obama leading the Charge?"

I just had to share this photo that has been floating around the internet, I thought it was quite humourous to say the least. However it is very fitting in my opinion.

My question today is this, Is President Barack Hussien Obama, or as my fellow blogger calls the President, Obuyme leading the charge for other Latin American Countries to support the lawsuit against Arizona? I think so.
Here is an AP article that apperared in Phoenix newspaper

"Seven other Latin American countries want to join Mexico in supporting a lawsuit challenging Arizona's immigration enforcement law. Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru filed separate, nearly identical motions to join Mexico's legal brief supporting the lawsuit filed by U.S. civil rights and other advocacy groups. A federal judge formally accepted Mexico's filing July 1 but did not immediately rule on the latest motions filed late last week.Mexico says the law would lead to racial profiling and hinder trade, tourism and the fight against drug trafficking  The law is to take effect June 29. It requires that police conducting traffic stops or questioning people about possible legal violations ask them about their immigration status if there is "reasonable suspicion" that they're in the country illegally."

My thought is this; If  Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru suit is accepted and courts merge, the suit with Mexicos, (sounds like a class action suit) we as American citizens should lead the charge and file suit against them. How silly would that be, about as silly as what is happening right now. How in the world can another country file a suit protesting a law that does nothing more than enforce immigration law. I have not read a single sentence anywhere in Arizonas new immigration law that supports racial profiling, not one sentence. The violator must commit some type of violation, traffic violation, or some other offense to lead the officer to believe that an offense has been committed  or is about to be committed, before the officer stops the violator. You can not just stop a vehicle to stop it.

Lets take another step and pose this question. Say you own a very profitable business. You have 15 or so employess. One of your employees has a bad day and insults/demeans/slanders your customer, slaps him/her around etc. Who is liable,  if I am not mistaken, the employer may be liable, depending circumstances of course.  You might stand a good chance of being sued. My point is this, as far fetched as it is and may sound.  Just follow along with this charade for a bit. I am just playing a little if 'ing game.

We can not even began to add up the damages caused by illegal aliens, undocumented workers, or whatever name you want to call the immigrants, if they entered this country illegally, they are breaking our immigration law, period. Some of the illegals aliens, not all of them of course,  have murdered, raped, burglarized, murdered Police Officers, smuggled narcotics etc. Once these felons are arrested and their country of orgin is determined, The victim family needs to sue the country of orgin for all the damages suffered, income, mental anguish, etc.  In my shallow way of thinking, the country of orgin is responsible for its illegal citizens actions.  Now of course, you know in all likely hood this will never ever happen. The countries of orgin would say,  "we did not encourage them to leave and enter any country illegally." I say otherwise, by challengening the Arizona law, that is exactly what is being stressed and condoned. They are encouraging the people to flee and enter the United States any way possible.  Remember Libya and Muammar al-Gaddfi.  Remeber when on  December 21, 1988, (Pan Am Flight 103) 243 passengers and a crew of 16 were blown out of the sky. 11 people on the ground at Lockerbie in Southern Scotland were killed. The Country of Libya was held responsible. In 2002, $2.7 billion dollars was offered to the United States in settlement, which amounted to about $10 million per family. Now do not go get excited and blow a gasket just yet.  Yes that was an act of terrorism and 270 people were murdered. My point is many an illegal alien has murdered a Police Officer or a Border Patrol Agent. What about the murdered rancher in Arizona. They are all just as dead. Not at the hands of a terrorist, but at the hands of an illegal alien! It is time now to hold Mexico, or any other country responsible for its citizens who have murder or cause severe damages or losses to citizens of the United States. They want to sue us for our laws, laws that were drafted to protect our borders. What about all of the Federal Agents who have died in the line of duty protecting our borders, killed by illegal aliens. Who is responsible? The Unted States! No Mexico is responsible, or Guatemala or whatever country the Illegal Alien killer is from, That is my point. 

I hope someone has the courage to sue and try and seek damages.  I hope there is an attorney that is brave enough to take on such a task. I believe this is Obamas game plan, to buy votes with the promise of allowing all of the illegals who are here now to stay(amnesty), thus millions of additional  block of votes to be tallied in his corner in 2012.

I understand the scenario I outlined is so far fetched it is laughable to most. However, our way of life as we have known it is being dismantled right before our very eyes. We all know why people flee other countries for the United States, it is for the freedoms that we have fought and died for. The right to voice our concerns without the fear of be tossed in jail. The right to publically question of leaders without fear of being jailed.
 Our brave young men and women are dying daily for those freedoms. Our freedom has come at a cost for all of us. For anyone that wants to enjoy our freedoms, apply for them legally and become part of the greatest country in the world.  We welcome you with open arms, become part of the solution, do not become part of the problem.

In my opinion, and with all due respect,  President Obama has become a part of the problem, and not part of the solution. It is time for the people of the United States to return our country to its orignal foundation which were outlined in our Constitution.

Friday, July 9, 2010

"No Tears for Lohan"

Whats the big deal Lohan?  Its time for you to pay the fiddler. What I am amazed at is you where not charged with possession of cocaine! You should have been. Your problem is you don't could give a damn about anything but yourself. Grow up. You are a rich little girl who feels that people owe you! You feel that your money will buy you everything, it might but it will not buy you respect, that is not for sale little girl.  Sorry, it does not work that way. You are crying over 90 days in jail, when all the time you spend in jail may be 20 to 30 days. What an example you are to the little girls that adore you. I feel sorry for them, not you.

I hope that for the sake of others you can clean yourself up before you actually kill someone by your continued reckless behavior, get some help, you need it.

Appeal, ha! you messed up big time little girl. You have Zero chance of an appeal, Zero, negative chance of a winning on appeal. You vioalated your conditions of probation. 7 times you violated your conditions of probation, 7 times. So quit crying and do your time, the next time, well Lohan, there may not be a next time. If you get my drift.

Until next time, stay safe and God Bless America.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

"No Leaks In Our Border"

I would like to give Kudos to all of the United States federal Agents strapped with attempting to secure and defend our porous borders. They are tasked with the most difficult assignment one could imagine. They are doing a great job. However, we have a President of the United States that is willing to sue one our own states for wanting to secure and protect its own border.  I just do not understand the Presidents logic. It falls in line with some of his more recent actions. Instructing the director of NASA, John Bolden to find a way to improve relations with the Muslim world. The most recent gaff, securing the services of the attorney that represented John Walker Lindh (The American Taliban) to prosecute the law-suit against the Arizona immigration law.  This makes no sense what-so-ever,  at least not to me; NASA is (was) charged with exploring space ventures not world diplomacy.  Maybe to the most educated mind it makes all the sense in the world. Now let me try and get back on track to my topic, I sometimes tend to drift away from what I started to write about in the first place, just ask the Texican, he will vouch to that....ANYWAY, as you know our border leaks like a crazy, and its not the fault of the United States Border Patrol, they are doing what they can. Let me show you an example of some of the items that get through. These guys bust their humps to get the job done.

It just seems to me that the administration does not want to secure the Border, the Border could be secured, make no doubt about it. This President wants to make it a political issue. He is needing the Hispanic vote, as well as the African American vote. He is a Lame duck President and he knows it.  So by instructing Holder to file the lawsuit he thinks he is attempting to score points with the Hispanic community. I will concede he will garner some support from both the Hispanics and African Americans, but I think more will come out in support of the new Arizona law and off- setting his supporting votes. Who really knows. In the mean time more and more weapons are being smuggled into Mexico by all means possible, you would be frightened by all of the weapons and currency going south from the United States. I have been in law enforcement for over 25 years and this situation is out of control.  We need to demand, by any peaceful means possible that our Borders be secured. It is a major threat to our national security. All of the weapons you see depicted in the above captioned photograph was sezied just a few miles from our border, in the Matamoros area. Matamoros is just 25 miles from my home. The Cartels have, in my opinion taken total control of our borders, it seems that they can smuggle weapons, narcotics money and other contraband at will. The Border Patrol can not be expected to do it all.
I believe that another resource at our disposal is being over looked,  it's called "Cross Designation". An example would be a State Trooper or a local law enforcement officer and you send him/her to an immigration academy for a specific time period, instruct the officers in the federal immigration laws and other applicable laws. Once the officer completes the "cross-designation course, he is sworn and now has limited federal powers of arrest. By doing so, you have increased your immigration force by a substantial amount in a brief amount of time. Of course, the main focus of the cross designated officer remains the same. If he came from the ranks of a State Trooper, his responsbilities remain the same, to patrol the highways of the state enforce all state laws, and the other duties of the state outlined in the policy and procedures of that state. His focus would not be to focus on immigration law violations nor to seek out illegal immigrants, but when the opportunity presents itself, he/she could arrest and jail the illegal alien, instead of just waiting for someone to show up and make a decision for the officer. Many officers have been cross designated and assigned to federal task forces with full aresst powers. Again I repeat, by "Cross Designation" I believe you add to the immigration force, with the ability to arrest illegal immigrants when necessary. It is not authority to seek out and arrest but an added tool to use in the right cicumstance. I believe this needs to be explored, sooner than later.

The safety of our way of life is at stake, are we going to wait until we have another national tragedy to spark us into action, I hope not. However, that seems to be the trend doesn't it?

Does it have to happend again Mr. President! Secure thr Borders!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"NASA's new Frontier"

President Obama has instructed NASA Administrator John Bolden to explore improving relations with the "muslim world."  I am not against all muslims, just the radical muslims that want to kill Americans. So with that said, what in the world does NASA have to do with improving relations with muslims?? Not a thing as far as I can see. If a person of muslim faith wants to be an astronaut, go through the application process. However, Obama has basically shut down NASA as so far as space travel goes. To go anywhere we have to depend on Russia. I have reservations about that.
It seems to me that international diplomacy is outside the scope of NASA, but I am from South Texas, what would I know about diplomacy. As long as I have ever known, NASA employs people from all walks of life, black, white, Hispanic and any other race that I have failed to mention. So why is it the great one has called upon NASA for this chore of mending relations with muslims?  I have no idea why, and if the truth be known, neither does Obama. I will leave it right there for now. Lets see where this goes. Certainly not the moon, that project was cancelled. From being the world leader in space exploration, to thumbing a ride with the Russians.  As an American, I am embarrassed to no end, you should embarrassed as well.

Until next time, stay safe and God Bless America.