Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"NASA's new Frontier"

President Obama has instructed NASA Administrator John Bolden to explore improving relations with the "muslim world."  I am not against all muslims, just the radical muslims that want to kill Americans. So with that said, what in the world does NASA have to do with improving relations with muslims?? Not a thing as far as I can see. If a person of muslim faith wants to be an astronaut, go through the application process. However, Obama has basically shut down NASA as so far as space travel goes. To go anywhere we have to depend on Russia. I have reservations about that.
It seems to me that international diplomacy is outside the scope of NASA, but I am from South Texas, what would I know about diplomacy. As long as I have ever known, NASA employs people from all walks of life, black, white, Hispanic and any other race that I have failed to mention. So why is it the great one has called upon NASA for this chore of mending relations with muslims?  I have no idea why, and if the truth be known, neither does Obama. I will leave it right there for now. Lets see where this goes. Certainly not the moon, that project was cancelled. From being the world leader in space exploration, to thumbing a ride with the Russians.  As an American, I am embarrassed to no end, you should embarrassed as well.

Until next time, stay safe and God Bless America.



Mrsupole said...

I watched the interview today and was just dumbfounded. Then when I heard the part about Obuyme "asking" NASA to do this, it all made sense, since he did grow up for part of his life in a Muslim country and being as his dad was muslim, along with his family in Kenya, and because he has stated he has such a connection with muslims.

And yes, you are right in this being embarassing. Mostly because he did not ask about the other religions in the world and it is an insult to them. What about the one billion Hindu's in India and other places in the world. Don't they count as much as muslims? What if the Dali Llama wanted to go to the space station or Mars for that matter.

After seeing how the muslims in Dearborn, Michigan keep treating the Christians when they have their annual Muslim 'get together' Fair, I for some reason could care less about how they are treated. I just think that they need to learn that Golden Rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." You should not expect people to treat you any differently then you treat them. And since they treat us as infidels then I think we should treat them as uninfidels. They need to become infidels for me to treat them nicely and they need to get rid of the burqas and treat their women with some respect or kindness and not as slaves.

Speaking of slaves, oh wait Ohbuyme's people were never slaves here in the US. Dang it, I was going to say that considering it was the Muslims who caught, and brought most of the slaves over to the US, I am wondering why any black person in the US, of slave descent, would want to be nice to the Muslims. Without them catching the slaves there would not have been much of a slave trade. And being as it was the Republicans who ended the slave trade, I do keep wondering why so many black people are Dems.

They need to look up their history a little better, well if they could find the truth in these Progressive History Books put out there nowadays. But with more books coming out with the truth about our history then I think that every black person needs to read them, and let others know the truth. I guess the same goes for every non-white person in the US. Hitler was a progressive and thought all non-whites should be killed. Just a typical progressive thought amongst them, well being as they are smarter then the rest of us.

Okay, I better stop and go feed the fish.

God bless.

Mrsupole said...

Uh, I hope I didn't overfeed them. I fed them a lot. They seemed hungry.

God bless.

The Texican said...

Well said Shady. More evidence for those who blindly voted color instead of qualifications, and have thus far refused to check out the candidate occupying the White House. Character, or the lack thereof, will always manifest itself after the political jargon has ceased and the reality of life has returned. Pappy