Friday, April 20, 2012

Obama Seizes Control Over All Food, Farms & Livestock and Farm Equipment In America

Obama Seizes Control Over All Food, Farms & Livestock and Farm Equipment In America

Well friends and neighbors especially and I do mean especially, his dictatorship Hussein Obama has now seized control over all foods, farms, livestock and frarm equipment.
I surmise he is either trying to set himself up as a farmer before he gets his ass kicked out of the White House in November or he is getting ready to let everyone know, that he is no longer your president but that he is your Dictator.  I would bet that it is the latter.  If he try’s such a foolish act, it will come before the election.

We told ya so” just doesn’t quite cut it anymore. As the American sheeple slept, selfishly refusing to take a stand against tyranny, the Obama administration has been plotting what can only be called a total government takeover of America.
On March 16, 2012, President Obama issued an executive order entitled, “NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS.”

This executive order states that the President alone has the authority to take over all resources in the nation (labor, food, industry, etc.) as long as it is done “to promote the national defense” — a phrase so vague that it could mean practically anything.
The power to seize control and take over these resources is delegated to the following government authorities:
(1) the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer;
(2) the Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;
(3) the Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to health resources;
(4) the Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation;
(5) the Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and
(6) the Secretary of Commerce with respect to all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction materials.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Got $20 Bucks"
It appears that the secret service stepped in a pile of crap when they had prostitutes in the hotel where Hussein Obama was staying. Now is everyone sure that the prostitutes were for the Secret Service agents. I am just saying.. Stranger things that have happened. What gets my attention more than anything is not that the Secret Service hired prostitutes and got busted,  I imagine is not the first time that has happened, just the first time they have been busted.

Getting back to what I was saying; did anyone notice how quickly everyone from the speaker of the house, Democrats and Republicans alike are calling the incident embarrassing for the United States.  Also from both sides of the aisle they are calling for congressional hearings and investigations; all for the hiring of prostitutes.

My point is this….“Where in the hell were all of (congress) you when you had an opportunity to investigate Hussein Obama 3 years ago before he was elected.  Had someone had the desire to properly vet Hussein Obama, just maybe he would have had to withdraw from the election.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Main Stream Media - Media Dishonesty or Race Baiter's Extraordinaire?

Main Stream Media - Media Dishonesty or Race Baiter's Extraordinaire? 

It is a shame that we now appear to have regressed back into the late 50's and 1960's in regards to race relations, but in my opinion, the racial tensions have been fueled and stirred into hatred by the main stream media for there one-sided reporting or better yet, their lack of reporting on potential racial incidents.

Why is that and why are they doing it?  I just do not have an answer, maybe it is all politically motivated by the media, or just maybe they want to sell more papers, who the hell knows, but it is certainly a dangerous game they are playing.

  During my research, I found an article by Walt Williams a well known  syndicated columnist and author.   Below is the  article which was penned by Mr. Williams and the article was posted on 11 April 2012, I understand that is article was written a day or two ago and may be a tad stale, but nonetheless I found it quite interesting and I wanted to share it with you nonetheless. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paul Ryan – I Really Misspoke – Did He?

Paul Ryan – I Really Misspoke – Did He?

Did Rep. Paul Ryan really misspeak when he said “our senior military leaders were not giving us their true advice” and accused them of toeing an administration line. Did he really misspeak? To make that assertion one would have to know who Rep. Paul Ryan is, let’s take a quick gander.
“Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district, serving since 1999. He is a member of the Republican Party and has been ranked among the party’s most influential voices on economic policy

Born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin, Ryan graduated from Miami University in Ohio and reportedly worked as a marketing consultant to Ryan Incorporated Central, which is run by a branch of his family in the mid-to-late 1990s he worked as an aide to United States Senator Bob Kasten, as legislative director for Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas, and also as a speech writer for former U.S.
Representative and 1996 Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Jack Kemp of New York. He won the 1998 election to succeed two-term Representative Mark Neumann in the United States House of Representatives.
Ryan is the chairman of the House Budget Committee, where he played a prominent public role in drafting and promoting the Republican Party’s long-term budget proposal. He introduced the plan, The Path to Prosperity, in April 2011 to counter the budget proposal of President Barack Obama, and also helped introduce the Path to Prosperity:
A Blueprint for American Renewal in March 2012 in response to Obama’s 2013 budget. Ryan is one of the three co-founders of the Young Guns Program, an electoral recruitment and campaign effort by House Republicans. According to a Friday, March 30, 2012 CNN online news article, he has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts, as his choice in the 2012 United States Presidential Election.” Source

In reading this short bio of Rep. Ryan, there is no doubt he is educated and in Marine Terms, Ryan is no doubt “SQUARED AWAY”. I like Rep. Paul Ryan, considering on what’s on the other side of the isle, I believe the conservatives are a leg up on regaining the Senate in the very near future, and rid ourselves of the plastic woman, Nancy Pelosi.