Saturday, February 26, 2011

Follow Up on "Taken into Custody"

Just a day o two ago I posted on the alleged capture of suspects in the killing of Agent Jaime Zapata. I said that the Mexican Government is capable of "ARRESTING" someone just to cool off some of the heat. It was said that the shooting was a mistake. Bull freaking crap!!! No way Jose!!!! The Cartel targeted the diplomatic license plates. The Cartel knew it was American agents in the SUV. They wanted to snatch them in my opinion. This was confirmed by the attempted kidnapping of an American DEA Agent(s)in Cd. Juarez this past Thrusday. So what are you going to do about Secretary Napolitano? You opened your mouth and said you would not tolerate any more violence against American Agents? Please say your going to call out the Mexican Government for their role in trying to cover-up the truth. Still nothing on Border Patrol Agent Terry has been done. Now this LAME story of a Mix Up....I am sorry but Ray Charles could see that is a BS story. Mistaken Id, please.

Well there it is in a nutshell, you be the judge. I certainly hope I am wrong, but I don't think so. It is easy for me to apologize if I am wrong....and I will.

Time should tell.

See you at the cross roads.....


Friday, February 25, 2011

It's just a Family Thing

I just wanted to change the pace for a moment and get away from all the B.S. that is happening around the worLd and let you take apeekk into my family just for bit.  If you wonder how it all started, take a good look at he man on the left, that is my father James"Jim" W. Parker with me at age 6, with the Midland Police Department.  Dad began his career in 1958 serving the public for 39 years. When leaving the military shortly after the Korean War,  Dad returned to the Rio Grande Valley, and found a job as a salesman with "Bledsoe Music Store,"  selling pianos, he worked there for a couple of years before making the switch to Law Enforcement in 1957. He applied for and went to work for the Harlingen Police Department. I was six at the time and I remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday. One memory I recall was when he would come home for lunch, he would crank up the siren, his notice to me that he was home for lunch and to scamper home if I wanted to see him. I ran as fast as my two little legs would carry me. I would run and dad would be standing in the front yard waiting for me to appear. As I rounded the corner I would run straight to him and make the leap of faith, right into his wide open arms. He would swing me around in circles making me dizzy. I think I am still affected by the spins, because I have been accused of being a little dizzy to this date. I can't remember exactly when, but dad excepted a job with the Midland Police Department. I want to say it was latter part of the year of 1958, because all I could remember was it was snowing like crazy when we moved to our little house on Kentucky street.  I also remember the school was only two blocks away, so I had to hoof it everyday.  During the summer, my Granny who lived in Abilene came to visit us. "Granny" as I so fondly called her, would spoil me, so the rumor was. The one thing that I remember my Granny for was she made a  police uniform, exactly, and I mean exactly like my dad's uniform. The uniform was made out of one of my dad's uniform. When I first saw what she made, my head swelled as big as the biggest melon. I  had the police hat, a real Midland P.D. issued badge, a hand tooled leather "Sam Browne" with a holster a cap pistol, the belt keepers and handcuff case. Unknown to me, my dad had sought and received permission from the Chief of Police to make me the police department mascot, so I was told. My privileges were I could hang out around the squad room, sometimes, if the jail was empty, I could go and visit the jailer. I got to ride in the Police units,  just to go get donuts however. I also would wear my uniform to school! Yes to school, and I would be ticked off if I was not allowed to wear my uniform everyday, but my mom would control how often I could wear it.   Finally it went to my head just a little to much when one day, I was going to "ARREST' a classmate for something stupid.  Guess what, That was the last day, I wore my uniform to school to say the least, in addition, my dad sorta busted my butt, just as a reminder that my behavior was out of line.  He was good at that you know.
Shady and Justin
McAllen Police Department
So when anyone ever ask me why I got into law enforcement, I said I had no choice, it was in my blood, I loved the work, and I loved the people associated with the profession.  So why in the world people asked me, why did you work 14 years for the rail road instead of being a police officer. The answer was "my dad did not allow me to be an officer." First off he said, you WILL get your education, plus there is absolutely NO money in law enforcement." (right again)  I worked part time for the railroad, went to college for 2 years.  Well to say one thing, the money on the railroad was great,  so I left school and went to work full time for Missouri Pacific Railroad as a brakeman. In 1972 I changed over from brakeman and became a "locomotive engineer trainee." The "old heads" as they were known on the railroad started retiring at a rapid pace, so Missouri Pacific came up with a quick solution in those days. A 6 month training program. (another story for another time). The bottom line was I went through the program,  took my final examination in Little Rock Arkansas, and was promoted to Locomotive Engineer in 1973 at the age of 21, very young to be driving a choo-choo train. I was an engineer for 14 years or so, but the call of the "Cop" was getting louder and louder and greater than my love for the railroad. . Every time I would see a highway patrol unit go driving by, I wanted to be in the front seat going with them.  My wife knew of my desire to be a police officer, but my loyalty to my family came first. One day in conversation she told me that the McAllen Police Department was hiring and giving the entrance test. They had 15 vacancies to fill. My wife encouraged me to go take the test. I drove to McAllen and took the test. After the testing period I was notified that I had passed. The complete hiring process took about 6 months, the final stage was the oral board, I passed it and was hired. 26 years later I had to step down from a job, that I love dearly, a job I respect and honor. Now my son has started his career in law enforcement, following his Grand Dad, me, and his uncle into a very noble and honorable profession, I hope he enjoys it as much as I have. So far he is into his into his sixth year, so I guess he likes it.  Like I told him, you will never get rich, but the life and satisfaction of public service is one that will make you proud. My dad passed away and I know that he is watching down on his grandson, keeping an eye on him. I know that Dad is proud of his two sons and grandsons who proudly carried on the tradition.
The tradition continues.

So until the next time........I will see you at the cross roads, God Bless You and may God Bless America.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama The "Mosque Repairman" Your Tax Dollar at Work

Well I was on my couch minding my own business, digesting the days event. Libya was still a hot topic, however I noticed a bit of news that just frosted my rear end to say the least. I really hope it gets you a little pissed off as well.  As most of you are very very aware, our economy is in the toilet, and sinking fast daily. How would you feel about the Obama administration writing checks with our tax dollar to repair  Mosques which are located over-seas (Middle East)....."Yes sir mi Amigo." Egypt, Cypress and "Allah" only knows where else. That is B.S.  $778 million dollars! I have not verified the exact amount, but that was the figure which was tossed out there. What in the name of "GOD"  is this man doing,  trying to buy loyalty.....Obama is doing nothing more than trying to appeasing the the very people who are trying to blow us up.  Do you think the terrorist are going to just lay down the "IED'S" no pun intended  and just walk away because the "Great Satan" has patched up their mosque's.  The Radical Islamic Muslims hate our guts and will slice off our heads at the first opportunity, if Obama does not know that by know, he needs to resign.  When I think that I have seen it all, this administration comes out with something else that is beyond comprehension.  What worries me, and should worry all Americans, what are they doing with all of this money. How in the world do we know the money is not being recycled back into the very hands of the people who hate us in the first place.  All this administration is doing is using the credit card, and the the recipient of our U.S. Dollars is laughing all the way to the bank, Hahahahahaha!
In the beginning I gave you the benefit of the doubt, I stuffed all of the negativity in my hip pocket and took a wait and see attitude......boy was I ever wrong.  I will tell you this, I am one of the millions who is running around without a drop of health insurance. So your administration continued without the majority consent of the American people and put together something you call Obamacare, and shoved it down or up one of our orifices, which orifice really does not really matter, it hurts being shoved up as much as it does being shoved down. My point is, you do not care one little bit about the American people like you pretend to, if you did, you would take out the ear plugs and listen to us. I know, I will just written off as a far right nut...but I am not. I am an American Patriot and do not agree with what this President has done to our Country in just two (2) short years.  Now back to my point. for those of you that read this, please take the time and go to Nonie, Nonie converted from Islam to Christianity, she will tell you the "OTHER SIDE" of the story.  The story of what her life was as a Muslim. An order to kill her because she converted from Islam to Christianity was issued.  Listen to Nonie's own words as she explains what life is like on the other side of the fence.  How can this administration even think about sending our tax dollars overseas to repair mosques when our very own country is now paying rent to our Chinese landlord; how about the slum cities in our own backyard.  I can just keep going and going, but then I will just be ranting, and if it appears that way now, I apologize, but this is way way out of line. Obama said he "WILL NOT RAISE TAXES ON THE MIDDLE CLASS." What does he do? Raise taxes on the middle class.  I will issue Mr. Obama a challenge, if he accepts, I will quit dogging him tomorrow...."Mr. Obama, should by some sort of a major miracle, you become aware of this blog,  I challenge you to bring your family with 180 days worth of clothes, ZERO money and one vehicle, and switch places with me." You, as the head of the household will not have a job or health insurance, thus no income on your part because you are applying for disability because you were injured while working as a public servant. Your wife will substitute for my wife and work at the doctors office. This will be your only source of income. You can let ole Joe Biden run the Country for a bit, he couldn't do any worse than you, he just needs to keep his mouth shut. Now sit at home and listen to your President hand out hundred and hundreds of million tax dollars to repair mosques in the Middle East.   I hope you get the picture Mr. Obama, that is why most of the American people like myself dislike what you do. 

You think that by shoveling millions to the people that are trying to kill us will make us look strong in their eyes...we look weak to , because you cower to these Radical Muslim Extremist.

I implore you to to challenge your Representatives in your area, write letters, e-mails just get up, pull your britches up and say something, this administration is out of control....and if I do not quit writing, I will be out of control as well.........

So until next time...I will see you at the cross roads.........


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Suspect(s) Taken into Custody? Who to Believe?.

We need to Soar High with the Eagle,
not fly low with a Turkey.
The killing of Ice Agent Jaime Zapata of Brownsville, Texas and the wounding of Agent Victor Avila was atrocious. Zapata and Avila were ambushed no doubt.  More than likely they must have been followed from when they left their office at the embassy or from points unknown,  I just do not know.  Whatever the reason, the Cartel wanted to kill our two American agents. Did someone compromise security; another question we do not have the answer to.  I said in a previous post  I felt it would be highly unlikely the killers of Agent Zapata would be ever found,  or much less prosecuted. Well I happy  to say that according to the Mexican Government, "SOMEONE" has been taken into custody for the murders.  I sincerely hope what is being reported is true. I also hope the surviving Agent Victor Avila will be given the opportunity to identify the killers once he recovers from his wounds.  I guess what bothers me the most is that the Mexican Government might front off so low level thugs as the "Killers" in an attempt to save face . The Mexican Government is more than capable of attempting to pull off this type of scam.  They are capable, I am not saying this is what is going on or that it is going to happen.  I just want the Government be be on their toes and keep the heat on.  This was an organized complex hit.  This was not just a random act of violence. I believe they were after United States Law Enforcement, it matter not whether it was an Ice Agent, D.E.A. or whoever.  They wanted to kill an American Law Enforcement Agent, period.  To my simple way of thinking, it just proves what is coming to our Homeland.  I do not believe it is going to stop at Mexico's Northern Border either. The proof is in the pudding.  Let us please not forget the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, killed just a few weeks ago. No mention of trying to find his killer, Mexico has done nothing at all. That is why I worry we (United States) can get scammed by Mexican Government. The Mexican Government can ill afford to have the killers of two American Law Enforcement Agents running loose and they do nothing at all to bring the killers to justice, something has to give.

Let us not forget the stark warning of Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who firmly believes a battle between Border Agents, and the Cartel is brewing and is just a matter of time before they will meet at the cross roads, at which time all HELL will break loose. 

We have the Pinal County Sheriffs office, the Border Narcotics Intelligence Unit and Border Patrol busting their hump trying to fight the scourge and keep the Cartel south of our borders. With all of the Intell falling on the deaf ears of  Janet Napolitano, it is just a matter of time before we have a major incursion to our homeland with casualties.

Until the next time, ......see you at the crossroads.....


Monday, February 21, 2011

Eleazar "Patch" Cortez" A Cops Cop - 1950-2011

" Patch"  Cortez

The City of Harlingen and San Benito has lost one of their favorite sons, Eleazar "Patch" Cortez. "PATCH" as he was best known passed away on 17 February 2011. If you were to look in the dictionary and look up the word integrity, you would see the picture of Patch Cortez.  Patch was not only a great public servant, he was a loyal, friend, father and loving husband.  Patch loved his dear wife "Odie" and three girls beyond description. If you would let him, He could talk all day about his family, literally. Before I became an officer, I sometimes would send my time riding along with "Patch". He was always willing to put up with my silly questions, I really enjoyed my time riding with Patch, he was a Cops Cop.  I remember one night in particular I was riding with Patch and it was blistery cold, unusally cold for the Rio Grande Valley. We pulled in to the Rode Way Inn cafe at about 1:30 a.m. for a cup of hot coffee.  Patch and I had been at the table for about 30 minutes or so when we we heard the door open, we both turned to see who was coming in so late. I had to do a double take, so did Patch;  I asked Patch, "is that who I think it is?"  He responded back  and said, hell I have no idea, but go ask him.  So I mustered up enough courage and walked over to this older gentleman. I excused myself to man for being so forward, and I asked him if he by chance if he was "Archie Campbell" of the T.V. seris "Hee-Haw," and he replied yes I am, the one and only. I asked him if he would join us at our table, and he said that he would,  as he wanted a early breakfast and some coffee.  After sitting down, Patch and I both introduced ourselves to Mr. Campbell. for the next hour or so we listen to the Archie tell us some of his famous one liners and jokes, some of them not made for television and very colorful.  Patch asked Archie if it was possible for hor him to come ride around with him the next day, Archie agreed and rode around with Patch for most of the midnight shift the foillowing day.  I guess what I am trying to say about Patch, was it really did not matter to Patch that Archie was a television star, he just offered to show Archie around town during the day to be friendly, which Patch did, he drove  Archie all over, and they both just loved it. Archie just loved that Patch took his own time to show him around and show Archie the real side of Police work, not the television side. Archie bought us dinner a few days later before he left town and expressed his gratitude to both of us, but especially to Patch, he explained to Patch that he had learned a lot from Patch, more than he could explain. Archie had been truly touched by Patch's kindness,  it was easy to see that they had formed a frienship in the brief time Archie had spent with Patch.  It is easy to see why, it was Patch's  personality, he was a genuine 100% caring person, he just so happen to wear a police uniform.   For the second time I will say this, look in the dictionary under "public servant" and you will find Patch's picture, he truly took the slogan to "PROTECT & SERVE" to a new level.  As I had previously mentioned, Patch was, a great father and husband.  Patch had married his sweeheart, Odilia (Odie), they were married for 36 years.  During which time Odie and Patch had 3 girls, IIiana, Vanessa and Rebecca, Patch was also blessed with 2 grandkids, the high light of his life and the gleaming in his eyes were placed there by his family.   He once mentio that he was so happy to have been able to see    is grandchildren born. According to Patch he had achieved it all.  " I have a wonderful wife, 3 wonderful daughters and 2 precious grand children. I can now see what Patch was talking about. I spent some time with the Cortez family and you could see the love in thir eyes, you could also see the sadness because Patch is gone for the moment.   Patch maybe gone, but certainly not forgotten, Just by the send off whcih was provided by his fellow Officers, what a grand vision, officers walking next to the hearse, the color guard, the honor guard and the 21 gun salute. All of this was merely to say,  Thank you " Eleazar Cortez" for a job well done. We appreciated all you did for everyone you touched; no words can repay you for what you did, not only for the citizens of Harlingen, but for everyone you came in contact with. The legacy you leave behind, a wonderful family, wife, daughters and friends will be rememberd for a life time my friend, so you can now rest in peace now knowing that you accomplished your goal. We will all see you soon my good friend,  at God's pearly gates,  you can rest easy now, we have your back Patch.

Until next time my firends, I will see you at the cross roads, God Bless and God Bless America.


Friday, February 18, 2011

The Passing of a Hero - 1920 - 2011

Glenn C. McGuyer,  was born 11 May 1920, and passed away 15 February 2011 at the age of 91.  Glenn was my Uncle and I am going to miss him dearly.  My Uncle Glenn had known me for 58 years. I first remember Glenn as a young boy and did not know that much about him until later in life. I really got to know my Uncle about 32 years ago, shortly after I got married. Glenn knew me when I was just a pup.  Glenn was a special person, one of a kind, proto-typical Army man, rough and gruff exterior, but a heart as big as Texas. He always treated me well. I am sure however, if I had lived with him, he might have had a different outlook on his nephew, I am sure of it. I did not get to visit Glenn much because of the distance. However, my wife and I moved to California, and I got to visit more often.
I would always call Glenn "General", even though his real rank was a Major in the Army, I just loved messing with him and calling and asking my Aunt Sue for "The General".

Glenn was a true American hero, as he told me, he served in WWII, Korea and two tours of Viet Nam, as if one tour was not enough. Glenn once told me he just enjoyed serving his Country. Glenn also was awarded a "chest full of medals".  I do not know how many, but he earned quite a few.  About two months ago, I was joking with him and I said to Glenn, "Well General, are you ready to head to Afghanistan?"  Glenn replied the only way I knew he would reply, damn right I am ready. I am just a tad to old."   I knew exactly what Glenn was going to say,  if he could have, he would have been gone in a heart beat. Men from Glenn's era are true Patriots, not that we do not have true Patriots now, I just believe that in the era that Glenn was raised, there was so much more respect for our Country because the times were so much different than today, you never heard of anyone burning an American Flag, if it happened it was not reported on like it is now.  I wish I could recount the number of stories Uncle Glenn would tell me about the war in Europe. He also told me about his time in Japan as part of the United States occupation force in July 1946 to August 1947, he went there as a Lt, and left Japan as a Captain. Glenn was an Infantry company commander of a heavy weapons unit and was in charge of 40 man units and was in charge of the training of these men.  The next battle that Glenn mentioned to me was the battle of Chipyong-ni fought on February 13 -15 1951.  How amazing is that,
Uncle Glenn passed away on the anniversary date of this epic battle.  The "General" has now gone home to be with the rest of his fellow soldiers. I know he is looking down on us now, he will be with his family, standing watch over us all. That is the way it has to be, for that was Uncle Glenn, he now has contact with the "The Big Guy". So I know Glenn will be putting in a good word for all of us. I can see it now, Glenn is hanging out with my other Uncle, Lewis Post, another true American Patriot, I am going to be writing about Lewis as well in the near future. It is not very often that to be blessed by having three extra ordinary uncles (Glenn McGuyer, Lewis Post & Alton Parker)  like I was. I will at some point write about all of them, they each had a major impact on my life. 

In Closing I just want to say, that Glenn was a man of prinicple, values and morals.  Glenn loved his Country and loved his family, he was a private man,  and did not like much fan fare, he never liked, nor did he want the spot light.  That was Uncle Glenn. I am so glad that I knew him, he really was a hero to me, I told him once that I wished that I could have been more like him, he said, just be yourself and you will be fine." I knew he was right,  but still, I wished I could have walked a few miles in his boots; those boots could have said a lot.

Good Bye Uncle Glenn,  you are gone, but not forgotten,  we will see you when it is time, but until then, just watch over everyone..........

Here is a  article from the Leavenworth Times on the battle of Chipyong-Ni it must have been a monster of a battle.

"Five Chinese divisions lay siege to Chipyong-ni beginning on the night of Feb. 13. The battle was fought through the 15th with the heaviest fighting occurring at night. The Red Chinese were extremely wary of U.N. airpower and used darkness to mask their operations. After an initial stint on the defensive perimeter, Chapman's infantry company was designated to be part of the regimental reserve. Successive waves of Chinese smashed against the defenses but were unable to break through until the early morning of Feb. 15.
Two local counterattacks were initially unsuccessful.  Finally, a napalm strike by the USAF combined with a tank platoon envelopment of the Chinese line and attack by Chapman's B Company reserve forced the communist forces back. Task Force Crombez, an armor/ infantry relief unit, appeared at this time and the Chinese broke off action and retreated north leaving thousands of casualties. In that relief force was then Lt. Frank Duggins, Col. Chapman’s West Point classmate. Col. (ret.) Duggins (now deceased) was a frequent visitor at Fort Leavenworth and “Oldest Graduate” speaker at the U.S. Military Academy Founder’s Day dinners. Besides being a moral defeat for the Chinese, it demonstrated that U.S. forces could stand and fight against numerically overwhelming enemy forces. Chipyong-ni marked a turning point in the ground maneuver phase of the war and Ridgeway's forces went on the offensive again to push the Chinese back north of the 38th Parallel. The war continued on for two and a half more years but Chipyong-ni marked the end of major Chinese gains in South Korea. When I was stationed in Korea in 1993, South Korean highway work crews unearthed a massive Red Chinese burial trench with hundreds of soldier remains close to Chipyong-ni.
When the Chinese showed no interest in the remains, they were covered back over, the last vestiges of a major U.N. victory against communist aggression in Korea, 60 years ago this month. (Edwin Kennedy)"

Monday, February 14, 2011

A friend In St. Petersburg Russia

Julius Mazurin
As most of you know, when I have chance I like to read online newspapers from different Countries. I so happen to be reading a newspaper from St. Petersburg Russia. I enjoyed the article so I logged in and left a comment. I do not remember what I wrote now,  it was to many years ago for me to remember, anyway, about three days later, I received a reply to the comment I made.  I must have made an impression because I received a (sharp) return reply to my comment, I got an ear full to say the least.   I responded back, saying I was sorry if I offended anyone, but my comment was no more than an opinion. The very next day, I got another response from a person identified as Julius MazurinJulius was also just giving his opinion as well.  Over the next few months Julius stayed in contact, the month developed into years. Knowing that I liked newspapers, Julius would send me the St. Petersbug Times which I enjoyed exploring for current events and to learn a little bit the Russian culture and to find out what is happening  on in the St. Petersburg area.
We continued our chatting via Internet for a bit, then for some reason we lost contact with each other, I tries several times to locate him, but I was not successful at all.  As the saying goes, "out of sight...out of mind," I had no idea what happen to my little buddy Julius.  Social networking came to the rescue. Believe it or not, about 4 months ago, maybe a little longer, I received a friendship request from someone named "Julius Mazurin,"   It took me a few minutes to shake the cob webs loose from my head, but yes-sir, it was my little old buddy from Russia. Julius had tracked me down. I was amazed,  because you are looking at about 10 years or so since we lost contact. What was so nice about the whole experience was that Julius took the time to look for me.  Julius is now 27 years of age now, and has graduated from college with a degree in International Diplomacy. He also served his mandatory 2 year tour duty in the Russian military. It was just refreshing that  
a young man took the time out to look for a friend, he could have just chalked it up to a passing experience with a pen-pal and left it at that, but he was dedicated enough to pursue a freindship, in my book that means a lot. It just goes to show you that if you strip away all of the political wrappings and leave the people alone, the people will pursue friendship above anything else. I will say it again, peel away all of the political wrappings, the people will seek out friendship above anything else. However, that is just my opinion and it may not be worth the paper it is written on.  

I would just like to thank Julius for taking his time to seek out his old friend in the United States,  it shows me a lot about you as a person.  Take care Julius......

I will see y'all at the cross roads, May God Bless You and May God Bless America, and God Bless you and your family Julius.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Values + Morals in Congress = 0

As I sit here daily, listening to our Nations elected representatives, all I hear is bickering, name calling, hate and discontent. I thought we sent our representatives to Washington to work for us, not to fight amongst themselves, but to work for the people, for the best interest of the Country. What I have seen on both sides of the aisle is corruption to no end. Their morals left at home, their disregard for our constitution running a muck. I see so much waste of our tax money. Tax money spent for up grading of office space all the way upgrading of airplanes, so many silly perks that they believe are due to them because they were elected to represent us.  They are being paid astronomical salaries and expense accounts that are padded to the tune of thousands of dollars. To find out who wants to serve our country, the pay should be no more than $65,000 per congressional representative, plus a reasonable and an accountable expense account. You get a salary increase dependent on your service and performance.  which would be more in line of what an  American worker might makes. I am sick and tired of the incompetence and arrogance in Washington and for all of the self serving people who say they are working on our behalf, they are not in my opinion.  I don't pay for represenatives to pose and post themselves on Craig's list trying to find a girlfriend.  A married United States Representative, and another representative who is a tax cheat, all the way up to a  President of the United States who could not keep his zipper up, in the oval office. We are supposed to be the greatest Nation on earth,  which we are, we are just lead by a bunch of idiots and self serving individuals who have lost their way and have lost their morals and only care about themselves and much money they can stuff into their pockets. . Over the years, so many have been arrested for various crimes, DWI and other assorted crimes that the general public does not hear about.  Thank God we have a few that are good men and women, or the United States would get nothing accomplished.
We are lead now by a President who globe trots around the world apologizing  for his Nation and bowing before lesser nations. Everyone involved in running our Country on both sides of the aisle should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe we should starting electing the common everyday businessman with no political ties, someone who has morals and loves his Country; I believe,  that person or persons,  black, white brown or green would turn out to represent the Red, White and Blue restore our honor better than what I see today. 
I love my Country, as I know you do, so I ask each of you that reads this post and agrees, do something about it and let's put into office a person that best represents our Nation's  core values,  someone who truly cares, not a self serving person with no morals, we have enough those already.

I will see you at the crossroads, God Bless and God Bless America.


Friday, February 11, 2011

"James Clapper & Janet Napolitano - Dumb and Dumber

I sat as I usually do and get my daily fix of news, watching Fox News, and listening  to United States Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said during a House Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday that Egypt's branch of the Muslim Brotherhood movement was "a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al-Qaeda as a perversion of Islam."  I completely fell off my couch.  I think I am going to sue Clapper for mental anguish and mental stress. This is another "Come'On Man" moment. I am still in a daze, maybe I dreamed it all, because a man in his position, the Director of our Intelligence could not have made that type of comment without someone kicking him under the table, you know what I mean. When you take your wife to dinner and a beautiful young lady walks by, suddenly you get a muscle spasm in your neck, then you feel "PAIN" on your shin, as your wife kicks the crap out of you for looking, thats when you say, "I had a muscle spasm in my neck."  RIGHT!!! this is the same type of reaction here. Anybody who has a tiny bit of knowledge of the Middle East, know that the Brotherhood of Muslims is not a SECULAR group. They want to unify all Muslims and rid the middle east of any western influence. They disguise themselves very well, they are very well organized.for someone in Clappers position to make a statement like this is very disturbing.  After realizing his gaff, he tries to correct himself. It was to late, FBI Director embarrassed D.I.N. Clapper by setting the record straight on the Muslim Brotherhood.  When you have senior adminstration directors coming out and making stupid remarks like Clapper did, followed by the Director Paneta of the CIA wrongfully indicating that Mubarak was stepping down on Thursday, you wonder about the overall competency of Obama's administration. We are supposed to be World Leaders on the World Stage, not a broadway production..
TheObama administration has lost total credibility in the region. It is leaving the United States in a very dicey position.  Hosni Mubarak has ruled Egypt for 30 years. He has been oppressive to say the least. However, he has been a major ally in maintaining the stability in the region, Mubarak has honored the Israel - Egypt peace accord. The treaty needs to stay in place to maintain stability of the region. To add in other gaffs made by Obama's staff, Janet Napolitano keeps refering that our Arizona Border is safer than it has been for years. If you have noticed, Pinal County Sheriff  Paul Babeu has predicted that the drug Cartels and Law Enforcement will collide in the very near future.  Babeu has always been on top of his game so I will agree with him, he is on the front line, plus he receives good solid ntelligence from his staff or the other agencies like the Border Narcotics Intelligence Unit that he surrounds himself with, not like what goes on in Washington. This was one of the most glaring gaffs in the history of the United States Intelligence service. Now you have the CIA and the D.I.N. using news reports as solid intelligence. Our credibility has been damn neared ruined beyond repair.  Director of Intelligence James Clapper and Janet Napolitano are the picture of incomprtency.  James Clapper and Janet Napolitano should resign immediately, they are a disgrace to the service and to the United States of America.  They are not qualified to hold the office. You have other allies in the regions who will question their own standing with the United States. The rest of the allies in the region are worried, wondering if they are next to be thrown under the bus by the most incompetent Presidential Administration in history of this country.
I will close by this, if the President was Republican, and the same type of blunder occurred, the left would be screaming for his head. Where is Pelosi, where is Reid,  where is the far left, they are in hiding,  Harry Reid is hiding behind Nancy Pelosi and Nancy is just Nancy......

To the People of Egypt, congratulations I hope you obtain your freedom you are seeking, freedom is precious. Sometime I feel that we as Amercians take so many things for granted.  We owe our freedom to the one who fought and died for it. I have the freedom to write and complain about the most powerful man in the world, without the fear of reprisal, where in other countries, if I wrote the same, I would be killed. So as for me I stand with you and celebrate with you on your day as Free Egyptians, God Bless you.

As for me, I will see you at the crossroads, God Bless You and God Bless America....



Thursday, February 10, 2011

Missle Threat

The 'Devil Himself'
“The end of the Cold War has made such a strategy largely irrelevant. Barely plausible when there was only one strategic opponent, the theory makes no sense in a multi-polar world of proliferating nuclear powers. Mutual destruction is not likely to work against religious fanatics; desperate leaders may blackmail with nuclear weapons; blackmail or accidents could run out of control. And when these dangers materialize, the refusal to have made timely provisions will shake confidence in all institutions of government. At a minimum, the rudiments of a defense system capable of rapid expansion should be put into place. ....."Henry Kissinger-1995" 

North Korea
Has Obama put so much on his plate that he ignores the threats that are in and around him, or in reality does Obama really think that he can handle Ahmadinejad or does he think that Ahmadinejad is not a threat at the moment?  I have no idea, unless the President is doing things behind the scenes that no one is aware of. Which I highly doubt. Ahmadinejad has stated that not 100,000 United Nations Security Resolutions will stop his NUCLEAR ambitions for the Islamic Republic. What happens if this devil gains control of a nuclear device. He will certainly share it with terrorist. Ahmadinejad wants to inflict serious damage to the United States, and to Israel. He lives for that. Now with the Egypt situation, there are so many unknowns in the Middle East, scary unknowns. It was just announced that Hosni Murbark, supporter of the United States for 30 years and President of Egypt has resigned. Now, who takes over, I hope it is the Egyptian Military, the United States enjoys a good relationship with the Military. Israel is nervous, as well as they should.  You have the Muslim Brotherhood in the mix, the world does not need the Muslim Brotherhood at all, they are nothing more than a silent terrorist supporting organization. They want to unify all Muslims (caliphate) and rid the Middle East of all Western influence.

So do not kid yourself, I believe in what Kissinger quoted above, I just hope and pray that Obama is not the weakling  that he has portrayed around the world, bowing to Saudi King and others, and by going on his famous apology tour, he has weakened the United States in the face of our sworn enemies. However, I highly doubt it, you are what you are. On the campaign trial, Obama bitterly ripped President Bush and his policies. Vowing to close Guantanamo (Gitmo) Bay first off. Well it is still open, the Patriot Act is still in place, and will be, the Bush tax cuts, still in place, I guess he could not find a better soulution. There are countless other campaign promises he vowed to change that Bush had in place, that are still in place. I guess he figured it was not as easy as he first thought. I truly believe Obama thought he as President could wave his hand and presto-magico things would change, the world would just fall in love with the man who was going to change the United States into a lovey dovey socialist European style country. No dice, Mr. President, get your head out of the sand and protect this country, seal the borders and quit apologizing.  We are in deep dodo sir, and its getting worse by the day. This country wants world leadership not a world apologist.

Until the next time, I will see you down the road, God Bless and God Bless America,


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are you You Kidding Me!!

What most of us believe is if you work hard and play by the rules, you will be rewarded with the American dream. Owning your own home, or your own ranch or farm, or what ever your American dream might be. Well Mr. Roger Barnett will argue the American dream is not what he was lead to believe.  Barnett was sued and ordered to pay $87,00 to Illegal aliens. Mr. Barnett is a rancher who lives on the southern Arizona border. He has live there and made it his home for years. Mr Barnett is a Patriot in all sense of the definition ( One who loves and defends his Country) that is how a Patriot is defined. Barnett did actually that, defend his Country by detaining 16 illegal aliens who had entered the United States illegally. Mr. Barnett has put up with a lot being on the border. Illegals dumping trash, human waste, cartel smuggling groups, OTM's (other than Mexican) who have entered the United States via his ranch.  16 Aliens were detained by Barnett, and held at gun point or rifle point, so WHAT!!  This is his ranch, and he has the right to protect his property. He was sued for 16 million dollars....for Gods sake are you kidding me.  What would have happened if these guys were armed drug dealers. He would be laying dead, like his neighbor.  Now the claim of Post Traumatic Stress Bull-Crap! You get these freaking anti-America lawyers will claim anything. Lets put the shoe on the other foot, and someone is apprehended gaining entry to Mexico illegally, what then, you going to sue the person who caught you, or do you bring suit against Mexico.  Mexico will throw you so far under the jail it will take months to even find you.  I do not know what he did or did not do, I know he did not kill anyone, I know he did brutally beat anyone, who he would have been tossed in the pokey. I have no idea what the Arizona law is on protecting ones property, including land, but I bet you one thing, it is not anything like the law in Texas as far as protecting your property,

"Sec. 9.42. DEADLY FORCE TO PROTECT PROPERTY. A person is justified in using deadly force against another to protect LAND or tangible, movable property:(1) if he would be justified in using force against the other under Section 9.41; and(2) when and to the degree he reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary:(A) to prevent the other's imminent commission of arson, burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, theft during the nighttime, or criminal mischief during the nighttime; or(B) to prevent the other who is fleeing immediately after committing burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, or theft during the nighttime from escaping with the property; and(3) he reasonably believes that:(A) the land or property cannot be protected or recovered by any other means; or(B) the use of force other than deadly force to protect or recover the land or property would expose the actor or another to a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury."

I am not advocating by any means that you should go and shoot anyone who is one your property, because I do not, not at all. What I am saying is that you should have the right to detain anyone who is on your property without your effective consent. You should be able to detain them, call the Police or in this case the Border Patrol, or D.E.A. or what ever agency you have to call to get assistance. I do not advocate, beating anyone, but simply holding a someone at gun point just because they do not have a weapon is no reason to get sued. The idea is to DETAIN someone. You do not want to get injured or killed. However you need to have the law behind you in order to be able to do this. So long as you go by the outlines of State law, your covered. Texas State law gives you that power to protect your property, but your neighbors as well.
That is my view on this, people may not agree with me, may some will, again I do not advocate violence unless you are in fear of your life or that of another.

In closing I hope that Mr. Barnett prevails...

I will see you down the road, may God Bless You and God Bless America.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood

"The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, an Egyptian seeking to overthrow Egypt's monarchy, expel western influences and establish an Islamic theocracy. Since its founding, the Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni Islamic movement, has pursued these goals through political activity, ideological influence and acts of violence. The group became known for its extensive terrorist operations, including the failed assassination attempt of Egyptian leader Gamal Abdul Nasser. Its activities led to violent crackdowns by the governments of Egypt and Syria; it is banned in those countries. While forced to limit its violent activity, the Muslim Brotherhood continues to have a large following throughout the Muslim world, where many of its supporters are politically active. The group has influenced many terrorist leaders – including Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri – and many of its members have engaged in terrorist activities. The Muslim Brotherhood no longer “OPENLY” conducts terrorist operations; it is primarily a political organization that supports terrorism and terrorist causes. Many of its members, however, have engaged in terrorist activities and the group has spawned numerous terrorist groups, such as Hamas and Egyptian Islamic Jihad. The Muslim Brotherhood has a significant presence in the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood's theology is based on the doctrine of salafiyya: the belief that present-day Muslims have been corrupted and must return to the pristine form of Islam practiced at the time of the Prophet Muhammad.
Many Muslim Brotherhood members believe in a radical application of Jihad, which was developed by their ideological leader Sayyid Qutb. Qutb advocated a violent and belligerent approach to the concept of Jihad. This ideology was adopted by terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda, and Hamas. The group motto is: "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Koran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope." The Muslim Brotherhood aspires to establish a caliphate unifying all the Muslim nations. Their goals is to establish a theocracy in Egypt, the Middle East, ultimately worldwide, yes as well as the United States, so please do not kid yourself about the Muslim Brotherhood, their intentions are evil, if you do not believe me, just do your homework, read it for yourself. They need some type of civil disorder unrest in order in get a hand into the mix." (Egypt for example).
I can hardly imagine that any American would want to live under this oppressive life style, not this old boy.
We need to wake up as a Nation and start to look around, the devil is here, walking aound. The information I have quoted the above information from  from ADL.  The Muslim Brotherhood is real, and they are serious about creating a caliphate, they want to unify all Muslims against the Western influence, which is the Bog Old Evil United States, the want to see capitalism collapse.

All I can say for now, is it is rearing its ugly head in our back yard, they are going to hit us, I just pray to Almighty God that we are ready. Our administration gives an impression that all is well on the home front, so why secure our Borders, Arizona is in trouble, our Northern border is so open I could walk across and no one would see me. We all know what needs to get done, to at least have a fighting chance, I just wonder why the Obama administration does not get it, if your not part of the solution, Mr. President, you are part of the problem. You are weak sir, with all due respect, you think by bowing down to these people that they will change... shame on you Mr. President.

Until next time, I will see you on down the road, God bless and God Bless America.


Direct TV What an Experience

Holy Cow what an experience....I am not sure of the rest of the customers with DirecTV, but as for me personally, I just spent a morning in pure HELL. The troubles started last month before last when I came home and my services had been interrupted. I called DirecTV and they informed me that the bank had reversed my payment. So I paid my bill with my credit card. The next morning I called customer service and was told the in fact my bank payment had been reversed.  I asked how this could be corrected and they told me I would receive an enrollment form in the mail and to attach a voided check, sign the enrollment form and mail it back. I did, and that was that. Until this months billing cycle. Last night, I received my electronic statement. I attempted to pay it online. I received a message from DIRECTV that my account did not qualify for online payment. So the following morning I called DIRECTV to find out why I did not qualify. I was told my account was put on a restriction "cash basis only". I was told, I would have to go to Western Union and pre-pay, because I was attempting to use a closed bank account to pay my bill. This is not true. I asked the young lady to speak with a supervisor. A gentleman by the name of "Brent" answered. By this time my patience was limited because no one could give a an answer. Well Brent, did a good job, because he could tell I was not a happy camper, he took the time to investigate and find out what the problem was. He told me that somewhere along the line an extra digit had been added into my account number, making it a bad account number, so my bank rejected it. Here is where the trouble lays, you would think that such a simple incident could be an easy fix, wrong, it is not, trust me. "Brent" gave me a number to call, 800-531-5000. I was told to call this number and they may be able to correct the mistake, I thanked "Brent" and called the number. A young unidentifed lady answered and for the 3rd time, I had to verify my telephone number, name, street, city and state; I am at a low simmer by now, frustrated as heck with DIRECTV . The lady asked me what my issue was, so I explained to exactly what the issue was, she came right back with a response and said I can't help you at all because your account has a restriction placed on it and I can't do anything, I told her that I was referred to her by a supervisor. It was like she could give a flip and repeated, All I can say is "I can not help you period," I had enough and hung up on her in mid sentence. Now I am boiling angry. Not satisfied and ready for a fight, I called back to another number that had been given me in all of this mess, 800-549-5925, at this point I am trying not to lose control and say something I would regret later. A young lady by the name of "Brittany" answered. Just by her soft bubbly "How Can I Help You" I knew that I could talk to her and she would listen. Well I talked and she listened. After multiple phone calls, I finally found someone who would at least LISTEN. It took exactly "26 minutes" on the phone, but I got the cash only restriction removed, I hope. I am sure it is, because Brittany said it was.

I do not know Brittany, I have never met her, and I have no idea where she is stationed. I will say this, Brittany is the type of employee I would want, she knew I was extremely upset, she knew how to handle the situation, basically she asked the WHO are you, WHAT is the trouble, WHY is it happening and HOW can I help resolve the issue, in other words DIRECTV, you have a person that is doing her job, and does it well. If she is not a supervisor, she needs to be. Insofar as the multitude of other people I spoke with, most were just collecting a paycheck, with the exception of "Brent". He was polite and knew his job; however he could not or would not remove the restrictions. Insofar as being polite and nice, he was very professional.

However, Brittany was the one who helped me the most and had the restrictions removed. I am going to have to resubmit my auto-pay form. Other than dealing with Brittany, the experience in dealing with this one tiny issue was HORRIBLE. If DirecTV is not set up to be able to handle a tiny issue like this, I am amazed they can handle anything at all. They are lacking in training and dealing with the public. I was a Police Cheief for the last 7 years of my 26 year career, I will tell you this much, out of the 5 people I spoke with today, I would have fired 3. Brittnay would have received an "ATTA-BOY" placed in her personal file. I hope DirecTV can figure out the customers are people, some are cranky, like me, but none the less we are customers, and should be treated with respect. We are not always right, but we are the ones who keep DIRECTV in the Money. It also pays the CEO of DIRECTV his $35 million dollar 3 year contract...TONS of money, I hope my issue have been resolved, if not, well, we will have to wait and see.

In closing all I can say is I hope I never ever experince the agony I had today, for my readers, please let me know if any of you have ever had issues like the one discribed above, I will make note of it and make sure the right people are made aware of it..That is a promise.

Until next time, I will see you on down the road, God Bless and God Bless America,


Saturday, February 5, 2011

" Don Felipe" - A Remarkable Man......

He Loved his goats
During my life time I have met many a good man, but one that has stood out to me was my late father in law, Juan Flores Jr. Known as Felipe to his friends was a man of principals and rules, his rules. He raised and supported his family of 11 children on his salary which he made working for a bread company as a handyman.and painter for "Rainbow Bakery, in Harlingen, Texas. To this very day I have no idea how much money he made. All I can say, it was not a lot of money for sure but he made it work, how he did it I do not have a clue. As long as I knew him, he never ever called in sick and worked for the company for over 30 years, until the day he retired, where he lived out his life on his 2 acre little ranch. The ranch to him was more like a !0,000 acre ranch to him, he was in his element, raising his family and his goats, he loved his goats. What is so amazing is how he was able to provde for his family. Hell, I worked 15 years for the railroad raised one child, supported my wife and barley made it on my salary as locomotive engineer. It was just flat out amazing how he did it. I do know that his wife, known to me as Grand Ma Licha had made all of the kids clothes, including underwear, made out of flour sacks. I always referred to Mr. Flores as "Pa."

I remember the day when I told Mr. Flores that I had proposed to his daughter, Ida. He told me, "mijo" (son) their is only one thing I am going to tell you, he said to me...." if you ever decide to bring my daugther back for whatever reason, you better bring her back, in the same manner in which you took her." Of course he told me that in Spanish. What he was saying was, do not take her and ever beat on her, or hurt her in any way and just dump her off.  He was dead serious when he said that, he looked me square in the eyes when he said it. I got the message. After the approval, I got the speech form each of the 6 brothers. I understood the message loud and clear.   I knew that I had married into a family that was not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but a family that was rich in love and family values, a family that was rich in Patriotism, as most family members served in the military and served over seas and fought for our country. All of the values I have mentioned was instilled by the Patriarch of the family. "Pa" was a very soft spoken man, and was very gentle and a loving man. One of the things he did was take care of a cemetery called the "Los Muertos" (the dead). He kept the cemetery manicured like it was his own yard, and never took a cent. "Pa" was a man who was revered, he had a multitude of friends from all walks of life.  I could probably never tell you all of the stories about him, I will say this, if he were still with us, he would be belly aching about me writing anything about him that would draw any attention or shine any light on him, he did not like that at all.
Sitting Loreta, Ma Licha, Olivia,
standing Ester, Johnny, Ramon & Danny

I guess what drew me to write this little piece about him is all of the violence I have seen within the family units, and as police officer, I have seen  a lot. Familes that just do not make it financially for what ever reasons.  Juan Flores Jr. made it, they did not have alot, but they had a nice little home, and huge family full of love, and a family that anyone would be proud to call their own, I am saying just that, I learned a lot from Juan Flores Jr. he was a rich man, in all since of the word his word was his word, you could count on it.

Juan Flores Jr. was a remarkable man and I was richer for having known him.

The I.R.S. The Good Guys & The Cheaters

If you are the little guy, like me, and you pay your taxes on time like most good American do and I have never failed to pay my fair share of taxes, sometimes more than my fair share, always on time. This past tax season, as usual, we paid up, my wife wrote the check and mailed it off, as usual. Many months later we receive a demand letter from the IRS, demanding payment. I double checked the bank, and of course,the checked had cleared about a week after check was mailed. I was sweating maybe they check was lost in transit.  My wife, being a bookkeeper made a copy of the check and paperwork before she mailed it off.  after receiving the 1st demand letter from  the IRS, explaining we had already made paymentd on our taxes and the payment check had cleared our bank on whatever date was on the check. I wish this was end of the story and all was well, it isn't.  As my wife and I are laying around enjoying some free time,  the door bells rings, it's the other dreaded worthless government run agency,  the United States Postal Service. The IRS and USPS go hand and hand. Anyway the postman is delivering two certified letters, from guess who....... you are right...the IRS. They are now filing a notice to seize my bank account for non-payment. I went ballistic, just like that, no phone calls, no nothing, just a flat out date to seize your bank account to get their $1000 dollars which has been paid for months.. How pathetic can you get. Yes I know we have major tax cheats who refuse to pay their taxes, they should be prosecuted amd accounts seized, if they owe the money.  For some strange reason the IRS can not keep their own house in order. They go after the easiest of the prey to collect from, and leave the biggest fish alone, until it is just too late. An example United States Represenative Charles Rangel, the Chairman of the Ways and Means. He is leading the charge to for a new 5.4 percentage point income tax surcharge and called it "the moral thing to do." He does not take on his on tax liability as strongly.  Is it just an accident that Rangel has allegedly been cheating on his taxes for years and nothing has been done until just recently,  no it is not, but that is just an opinion, of course. He sits in Wahington as a Represenative of the People of the United States, he is a joke and a disgrace to very system that should be protecting us from the cheats and crooks that pass the very laws they break on a daily basis. When I was younger I had a great respect for the people who create our laws of the land. The respect on my part is eroding for all for the law makers.  Again I will say we all have to pay our taxes. It is just disgusting when people like Rangel can skirt the tax laws, not paying taxes  and nothing in the world happens, he gets censured, whoopie!  However, when I pay my taxes, on time and  have proof of payment, they say, "prove it" again; and by the way we are going to seize your bank account for the amount due on this date, and the hell with anything else. That's wrong. The IRS deposited our check into their account. It's not our fault they have no idea where the funds are. Can you just imagine how many others accounts they have lost or misplaced. I know it's not just me.  Who knows, it may well be in the hundreds of million of dollars that are misplaced, lost or lining someones pocket,  it will not surprise me in the least.

Do you wonder why we are in the RED,  we have a President that keeps spending, and spending and mis-spending our tax dollar; (ie flying off to the SuperBowl at a cost of millions and millions of tax dollars) going on 8 or more vacations a year costing us more millions his wife hopping around the globe on our dollar, and our tax branch that loses our tax dollar, and no oversight,  it's  amazing we even function as a society. We have stupid people in powerful positions over-looking the flock. If the people of the United States do not wake up and clean house in 2012, I hate to say what is going to happen.
Fort Levenworth Federal Prison

Well I guess I have vented enough about my little issue with the IRS, So if you do not hear from me for a few weeks, start looking at Fort Leven Worth Kansas. I will be learning a new craft,  I will be tooling leather. Maybe I can share a cell with Ole Charlie.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypt, What's Ahead For The United States....

I said I was leaving for a few days, I am, but I had to post this before I left town. 
I am not a foreign policy expert, but neither is Barry Obama, and it shows. I profess to say if I am sitting in the oval office, I am not sure I would have any answers to the protest that have erupted in the streets of Cairo, Egypt. The citizens of Egypt have been oppressed for years and they want change, now. Since Mubarak took over after the assignation for Anwar Sadat, Egypt has continued to be a strong ally of the United States, helping keep the peace in a region that is so volatile. So going into the second week of protest; the Brotherhood of Muslims waiting in the wings to try something. Hosni Mubarak has made it clear he would step down in September. Mubarak has ruled with an iron fist,  and no doubt needs to go. Again I want to say Murbarak has been a strong ally, should the United States come out and say the following;  "Hosni Mubarak has been a very strong and important ally to the Unitd States for 30 years, and we thank you for this, however it has become apparent that your people want you tostep down. "this statement is like patting Mubarak on the back and sending him on his way a bit of dignity, not much, but some.  By not giving him credit for being an ally, what signal does this send to other allies in the region, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen.  If we can just kick Mubarak in the butt with nothing but slamming the door in his face, the other allies just might get the impression that we ( United States) would/could do the exact same thing to them. We are walking a thin line as it is, to lose the support of Egypt right now in this point in history would be a blow that the United states may never recover from.  

My concern is what is going to happen, is the Muslim Brotherhood going to hijack the Egyptian government? Who is going to take over, I shuddeer to think of the consequences should Egypt fall into the wrong hands,

Mubarak and the Anonited one.

This is serious, and I worry about it. You should as well. One other extremely important factor is the Suez Canal. So far the canal is operating normally, but what if the canal operations are disrupted in any way, hold on to your wallet. $200 dollar a barrel is not out of the question. The world economy could suffer. If you think our economy is in shambles now, this certainly could almost cripple our economy beyond repair.  
It is being reported that Obama has sent backdoor messages to Mubarak to step down. Mubarak subsequently announced he would leave in September. It may not be good enough for the Egyptian people. Brotherhood of Muslims on Iranian television said yesterday tthey want to prepare for war against Israel. So much is on the line on this, I hope and pray it all goes our way. I hope and pray it goes well for everyone.  Egypt was the first Arab state to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, with the signing of the treaty. Despite the peace treaty, Israel is still largely considered an enemy country within Egypt. Egypt has historically played an important role as a mediator in resolving disputes between various Arab states, and in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Egypt is a major ally of the United States, we need Egypt, Egypt needs us, Mr. Mubarak, it is time to leave, peace depends on it.
I pray for peace,  lets all pray for peace, please.

Take care, I will return in a few days, hopefully we will have some good news to talk about for a change.

God Bless and God Bless America,