Friday, February 11, 2011

"James Clapper & Janet Napolitano - Dumb and Dumber

I sat as I usually do and get my daily fix of news, watching Fox News, and listening  to United States Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said during a House Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday that Egypt's branch of the Muslim Brotherhood movement was "a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al-Qaeda as a perversion of Islam."  I completely fell off my couch.  I think I am going to sue Clapper for mental anguish and mental stress. This is another "Come'On Man" moment. I am still in a daze, maybe I dreamed it all, because a man in his position, the Director of our Intelligence could not have made that type of comment without someone kicking him under the table, you know what I mean. When you take your wife to dinner and a beautiful young lady walks by, suddenly you get a muscle spasm in your neck, then you feel "PAIN" on your shin, as your wife kicks the crap out of you for looking, thats when you say, "I had a muscle spasm in my neck."  RIGHT!!! this is the same type of reaction here. Anybody who has a tiny bit of knowledge of the Middle East, know that the Brotherhood of Muslims is not a SECULAR group. They want to unify all Muslims and rid the middle east of any western influence. They disguise themselves very well, they are very well organized.for someone in Clappers position to make a statement like this is very disturbing.  After realizing his gaff, he tries to correct himself. It was to late, FBI Director embarrassed D.I.N. Clapper by setting the record straight on the Muslim Brotherhood.  When you have senior adminstration directors coming out and making stupid remarks like Clapper did, followed by the Director Paneta of the CIA wrongfully indicating that Mubarak was stepping down on Thursday, you wonder about the overall competency of Obama's administration. We are supposed to be World Leaders on the World Stage, not a broadway production..
TheObama administration has lost total credibility in the region. It is leaving the United States in a very dicey position.  Hosni Mubarak has ruled Egypt for 30 years. He has been oppressive to say the least. However, he has been a major ally in maintaining the stability in the region, Mubarak has honored the Israel - Egypt peace accord. The treaty needs to stay in place to maintain stability of the region. To add in other gaffs made by Obama's staff, Janet Napolitano keeps refering that our Arizona Border is safer than it has been for years. If you have noticed, Pinal County Sheriff  Paul Babeu has predicted that the drug Cartels and Law Enforcement will collide in the very near future.  Babeu has always been on top of his game so I will agree with him, he is on the front line, plus he receives good solid ntelligence from his staff or the other agencies like the Border Narcotics Intelligence Unit that he surrounds himself with, not like what goes on in Washington. This was one of the most glaring gaffs in the history of the United States Intelligence service. Now you have the CIA and the D.I.N. using news reports as solid intelligence. Our credibility has been damn neared ruined beyond repair.  Director of Intelligence James Clapper and Janet Napolitano are the picture of incomprtency.  James Clapper and Janet Napolitano should resign immediately, they are a disgrace to the service and to the United States of America.  They are not qualified to hold the office. You have other allies in the regions who will question their own standing with the United States. The rest of the allies in the region are worried, wondering if they are next to be thrown under the bus by the most incompetent Presidential Administration in history of this country.
I will close by this, if the President was Republican, and the same type of blunder occurred, the left would be screaming for his head. Where is Pelosi, where is Reid,  where is the far left, they are in hiding,  Harry Reid is hiding behind Nancy Pelosi and Nancy is just Nancy......

To the People of Egypt, congratulations I hope you obtain your freedom you are seeking, freedom is precious. Sometime I feel that we as Amercians take so many things for granted.  We owe our freedom to the one who fought and died for it. I have the freedom to write and complain about the most powerful man in the world, without the fear of reprisal, where in other countries, if I wrote the same, I would be killed. So as for me I stand with you and celebrate with you on your day as Free Egyptians, God Bless you.

As for me, I will see you at the crossroads, God Bless You and God Bless America....



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