Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypt, What's Ahead For The United States....

I said I was leaving for a few days, I am, but I had to post this before I left town. 
I am not a foreign policy expert, but neither is Barry Obama, and it shows. I profess to say if I am sitting in the oval office, I am not sure I would have any answers to the protest that have erupted in the streets of Cairo, Egypt. The citizens of Egypt have been oppressed for years and they want change, now. Since Mubarak took over after the assignation for Anwar Sadat, Egypt has continued to be a strong ally of the United States, helping keep the peace in a region that is so volatile. So going into the second week of protest; the Brotherhood of Muslims waiting in the wings to try something. Hosni Mubarak has made it clear he would step down in September. Mubarak has ruled with an iron fist,  and no doubt needs to go. Again I want to say Murbarak has been a strong ally, should the United States come out and say the following;  "Hosni Mubarak has been a very strong and important ally to the Unitd States for 30 years, and we thank you for this, however it has become apparent that your people want you tostep down. "this statement is like patting Mubarak on the back and sending him on his way a bit of dignity, not much, but some.  By not giving him credit for being an ally, what signal does this send to other allies in the region, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen.  If we can just kick Mubarak in the butt with nothing but slamming the door in his face, the other allies just might get the impression that we ( United States) would/could do the exact same thing to them. We are walking a thin line as it is, to lose the support of Egypt right now in this point in history would be a blow that the United states may never recover from.  

My concern is what is going to happen, is the Muslim Brotherhood going to hijack the Egyptian government? Who is going to take over, I shuddeer to think of the consequences should Egypt fall into the wrong hands,

Mubarak and the Anonited one.

This is serious, and I worry about it. You should as well. One other extremely important factor is the Suez Canal. So far the canal is operating normally, but what if the canal operations are disrupted in any way, hold on to your wallet. $200 dollar a barrel is not out of the question. The world economy could suffer. If you think our economy is in shambles now, this certainly could almost cripple our economy beyond repair.  
It is being reported that Obama has sent backdoor messages to Mubarak to step down. Mubarak subsequently announced he would leave in September. It may not be good enough for the Egyptian people. Brotherhood of Muslims on Iranian television said yesterday tthey want to prepare for war against Israel. So much is on the line on this, I hope and pray it all goes our way. I hope and pray it goes well for everyone.  Egypt was the first Arab state to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, with the signing of the treaty. Despite the peace treaty, Israel is still largely considered an enemy country within Egypt. Egypt has historically played an important role as a mediator in resolving disputes between various Arab states, and in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Egypt is a major ally of the United States, we need Egypt, Egypt needs us, Mr. Mubarak, it is time to leave, peace depends on it.
I pray for peace,  lets all pray for peace, please.

Take care, I will return in a few days, hopefully we will have some good news to talk about for a change.

God Bless and God Bless America,


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God's Daughter said...

You have such a simple way of explanning the complexities of the news from around the world, Brady. Thank you for thought and insight.