Monday, February 14, 2011

A friend In St. Petersburg Russia

Julius Mazurin
As most of you know, when I have chance I like to read online newspapers from different Countries. I so happen to be reading a newspaper from St. Petersburg Russia. I enjoyed the article so I logged in and left a comment. I do not remember what I wrote now,  it was to many years ago for me to remember, anyway, about three days later, I received a reply to the comment I made.  I must have made an impression because I received a (sharp) return reply to my comment, I got an ear full to say the least.   I responded back, saying I was sorry if I offended anyone, but my comment was no more than an opinion. The very next day, I got another response from a person identified as Julius MazurinJulius was also just giving his opinion as well.  Over the next few months Julius stayed in contact, the month developed into years. Knowing that I liked newspapers, Julius would send me the St. Petersbug Times which I enjoyed exploring for current events and to learn a little bit the Russian culture and to find out what is happening  on in the St. Petersburg area.
We continued our chatting via Internet for a bit, then for some reason we lost contact with each other, I tries several times to locate him, but I was not successful at all.  As the saying goes, "out of sight...out of mind," I had no idea what happen to my little buddy Julius.  Social networking came to the rescue. Believe it or not, about 4 months ago, maybe a little longer, I received a friendship request from someone named "Julius Mazurin,"   It took me a few minutes to shake the cob webs loose from my head, but yes-sir, it was my little old buddy from Russia. Julius had tracked me down. I was amazed,  because you are looking at about 10 years or so since we lost contact. What was so nice about the whole experience was that Julius took the time to look for me.  Julius is now 27 years of age now, and has graduated from college with a degree in International Diplomacy. He also served his mandatory 2 year tour duty in the Russian military. It was just refreshing that  
a young man took the time out to look for a friend, he could have just chalked it up to a passing experience with a pen-pal and left it at that, but he was dedicated enough to pursue a freindship, in my book that means a lot. It just goes to show you that if you strip away all of the political wrappings and leave the people alone, the people will pursue friendship above anything else. I will say it again, peel away all of the political wrappings, the people will seek out friendship above anything else. However, that is just my opinion and it may not be worth the paper it is written on.  

I would just like to thank Julius for taking his time to seek out his old friend in the United States,  it shows me a lot about you as a person.  Take care Julius......

I will see y'all at the cross roads, May God Bless You and May God Bless America, and God Bless you and your family Julius.


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