Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama The "Mosque Repairman" Your Tax Dollar at Work

Well I was on my couch minding my own business, digesting the days event. Libya was still a hot topic, however I noticed a bit of news that just frosted my rear end to say the least. I really hope it gets you a little pissed off as well.  As most of you are very very aware, our economy is in the toilet, and sinking fast daily. How would you feel about the Obama administration writing checks with our tax dollar to repair  Mosques which are located over-seas (Middle East)....."Yes sir mi Amigo." Egypt, Cypress and "Allah" only knows where else. That is B.S.  $778 million dollars! I have not verified the exact amount, but that was the figure which was tossed out there. What in the name of "GOD"  is this man doing,  trying to buy loyalty.....Obama is doing nothing more than trying to appeasing the the very people who are trying to blow us up.  Do you think the terrorist are going to just lay down the "IED'S" no pun intended  and just walk away because the "Great Satan" has patched up their mosque's.  The Radical Islamic Muslims hate our guts and will slice off our heads at the first opportunity, if Obama does not know that by know, he needs to resign.  When I think that I have seen it all, this administration comes out with something else that is beyond comprehension.  What worries me, and should worry all Americans, what are they doing with all of this money. How in the world do we know the money is not being recycled back into the very hands of the people who hate us in the first place.  All this administration is doing is using the credit card, and the the recipient of our U.S. Dollars is laughing all the way to the bank, Hahahahahaha!
In the beginning I gave you the benefit of the doubt, I stuffed all of the negativity in my hip pocket and took a wait and see attitude......boy was I ever wrong.  I will tell you this, I am one of the millions who is running around without a drop of health insurance. So your administration continued without the majority consent of the American people and put together something you call Obamacare, and shoved it down or up one of our orifices, which orifice really does not really matter, it hurts being shoved up as much as it does being shoved down. My point is, you do not care one little bit about the American people like you pretend to, if you did, you would take out the ear plugs and listen to us. I know, I will just written off as a far right nut...but I am not. I am an American Patriot and do not agree with what this President has done to our Country in just two (2) short years.  Now back to my point. for those of you that read this, please take the time and go to Nonie, Nonie converted from Islam to Christianity, she will tell you the "OTHER SIDE" of the story.  The story of what her life was as a Muslim. An order to kill her because she converted from Islam to Christianity was issued.  Listen to Nonie's own words as she explains what life is like on the other side of the fence.  How can this administration even think about sending our tax dollars overseas to repair mosques when our very own country is now paying rent to our Chinese landlord; how about the slum cities in our own backyard.  I can just keep going and going, but then I will just be ranting, and if it appears that way now, I apologize, but this is way way out of line. Obama said he "WILL NOT RAISE TAXES ON THE MIDDLE CLASS." What does he do? Raise taxes on the middle class.  I will issue Mr. Obama a challenge, if he accepts, I will quit dogging him tomorrow...."Mr. Obama, should by some sort of a major miracle, you become aware of this blog,  I challenge you to bring your family with 180 days worth of clothes, ZERO money and one vehicle, and switch places with me." You, as the head of the household will not have a job or health insurance, thus no income on your part because you are applying for disability because you were injured while working as a public servant. Your wife will substitute for my wife and work at the doctors office. This will be your only source of income. You can let ole Joe Biden run the Country for a bit, he couldn't do any worse than you, he just needs to keep his mouth shut. Now sit at home and listen to your President hand out hundred and hundreds of million tax dollars to repair mosques in the Middle East.   I hope you get the picture Mr. Obama, that is why most of the American people like myself dislike what you do. 

You think that by shoveling millions to the people that are trying to kill us will make us look strong in their eyes...we look weak to , because you cower to these Radical Muslim Extremist.

I implore you to to challenge your Representatives in your area, write letters, e-mails just get up, pull your britches up and say something, this administration is out of control....and if I do not quit writing, I will be out of control as well.........

So until next time...I will see you at the cross roads.........


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