Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Direct TV What an Experience

Holy Cow what an experience....I am not sure of the rest of the customers with DirecTV, but as for me personally, I just spent a morning in pure HELL. The troubles started last month before last when I came home and my services had been interrupted. I called DirecTV and they informed me that the bank had reversed my payment. So I paid my bill with my credit card. The next morning I called customer service and was told the in fact my bank payment had been reversed.  I asked how this could be corrected and they told me I would receive an enrollment form in the mail and to attach a voided check, sign the enrollment form and mail it back. I did, and that was that. Until this months billing cycle. Last night, I received my electronic statement. I attempted to pay it online. I received a message from DIRECTV that my account did not qualify for online payment. So the following morning I called DIRECTV to find out why I did not qualify. I was told my account was put on a restriction "cash basis only". I was told, I would have to go to Western Union and pre-pay, because I was attempting to use a closed bank account to pay my bill. This is not true. I asked the young lady to speak with a supervisor. A gentleman by the name of "Brent" answered. By this time my patience was limited because no one could give a an answer. Well Brent, did a good job, because he could tell I was not a happy camper, he took the time to investigate and find out what the problem was. He told me that somewhere along the line an extra digit had been added into my account number, making it a bad account number, so my bank rejected it. Here is where the trouble lays, you would think that such a simple incident could be an easy fix, wrong, it is not, trust me. "Brent" gave me a number to call, 800-531-5000. I was told to call this number and they may be able to correct the mistake, I thanked "Brent" and called the number. A young unidentifed lady answered and for the 3rd time, I had to verify my telephone number, name, street, city and state; I am at a low simmer by now, frustrated as heck with DIRECTV . The lady asked me what my issue was, so I explained to exactly what the issue was, she came right back with a response and said I can't help you at all because your account has a restriction placed on it and I can't do anything, I told her that I was referred to her by a supervisor. It was like she could give a flip and repeated, All I can say is "I can not help you period," I had enough and hung up on her in mid sentence. Now I am boiling angry. Not satisfied and ready for a fight, I called back to another number that had been given me in all of this mess, 800-549-5925, at this point I am trying not to lose control and say something I would regret later. A young lady by the name of "Brittany" answered. Just by her soft bubbly "How Can I Help You" I knew that I could talk to her and she would listen. Well I talked and she listened. After multiple phone calls, I finally found someone who would at least LISTEN. It took exactly "26 minutes" on the phone, but I got the cash only restriction removed, I hope. I am sure it is, because Brittany said it was.

I do not know Brittany, I have never met her, and I have no idea where she is stationed. I will say this, Brittany is the type of employee I would want, she knew I was extremely upset, she knew how to handle the situation, basically she asked the WHO are you, WHAT is the trouble, WHY is it happening and HOW can I help resolve the issue, in other words DIRECTV, you have a person that is doing her job, and does it well. If she is not a supervisor, she needs to be. Insofar as the multitude of other people I spoke with, most were just collecting a paycheck, with the exception of "Brent". He was polite and knew his job; however he could not or would not remove the restrictions. Insofar as being polite and nice, he was very professional.

However, Brittany was the one who helped me the most and had the restrictions removed. I am going to have to resubmit my auto-pay form. Other than dealing with Brittany, the experience in dealing with this one tiny issue was HORRIBLE. If DirecTV is not set up to be able to handle a tiny issue like this, I am amazed they can handle anything at all. They are lacking in training and dealing with the public. I was a Police Cheief for the last 7 years of my 26 year career, I will tell you this much, out of the 5 people I spoke with today, I would have fired 3. Brittnay would have received an "ATTA-BOY" placed in her personal file. I hope DirecTV can figure out the customers are people, some are cranky, like me, but none the less we are customers, and should be treated with respect. We are not always right, but we are the ones who keep DIRECTV in the Money. It also pays the CEO of DIRECTV his $35 million dollar 3 year contract...TONS of money, I hope my issue have been resolved, if not, well, we will have to wait and see.

In closing all I can say is I hope I never ever experince the agony I had today, for my readers, please let me know if any of you have ever had issues like the one discribed above, I will make note of it and make sure the right people are made aware of it..That is a promise.

Until next time, I will see you on down the road, God Bless and God Bless America,


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Sorry to hear about your experience; unfortunately your story is a common one. I work for DISH Network and it's no wonder that we beat DirecTV Customer Satisfaction when I hear stories like yours. I hope you have better experiences in the future, good luck.