Sunday, February 13, 2011

Values + Morals in Congress = 0

As I sit here daily, listening to our Nations elected representatives, all I hear is bickering, name calling, hate and discontent. I thought we sent our representatives to Washington to work for us, not to fight amongst themselves, but to work for the people, for the best interest of the Country. What I have seen on both sides of the aisle is corruption to no end. Their morals left at home, their disregard for our constitution running a muck. I see so much waste of our tax money. Tax money spent for up grading of office space all the way upgrading of airplanes, so many silly perks that they believe are due to them because they were elected to represent us.  They are being paid astronomical salaries and expense accounts that are padded to the tune of thousands of dollars. To find out who wants to serve our country, the pay should be no more than $65,000 per congressional representative, plus a reasonable and an accountable expense account. You get a salary increase dependent on your service and performance.  which would be more in line of what an  American worker might makes. I am sick and tired of the incompetence and arrogance in Washington and for all of the self serving people who say they are working on our behalf, they are not in my opinion.  I don't pay for represenatives to pose and post themselves on Craig's list trying to find a girlfriend.  A married United States Representative, and another representative who is a tax cheat, all the way up to a  President of the United States who could not keep his zipper up, in the oval office. We are supposed to be the greatest Nation on earth,  which we are, we are just lead by a bunch of idiots and self serving individuals who have lost their way and have lost their morals and only care about themselves and much money they can stuff into their pockets. . Over the years, so many have been arrested for various crimes, DWI and other assorted crimes that the general public does not hear about.  Thank God we have a few that are good men and women, or the United States would get nothing accomplished.
We are lead now by a President who globe trots around the world apologizing  for his Nation and bowing before lesser nations. Everyone involved in running our Country on both sides of the aisle should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe we should starting electing the common everyday businessman with no political ties, someone who has morals and loves his Country; I believe,  that person or persons,  black, white brown or green would turn out to represent the Red, White and Blue restore our honor better than what I see today. 
I love my Country, as I know you do, so I ask each of you that reads this post and agrees, do something about it and let's put into office a person that best represents our Nation's  core values,  someone who truly cares, not a self serving person with no morals, we have enough those already.

I will see you at the crossroads, God Bless and God Bless America.


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