Saturday, February 5, 2011

The I.R.S. The Good Guys & The Cheaters

If you are the little guy, like me, and you pay your taxes on time like most good American do and I have never failed to pay my fair share of taxes, sometimes more than my fair share, always on time. This past tax season, as usual, we paid up, my wife wrote the check and mailed it off, as usual. Many months later we receive a demand letter from the IRS, demanding payment. I double checked the bank, and of course,the checked had cleared about a week after check was mailed. I was sweating maybe they check was lost in transit.  My wife, being a bookkeeper made a copy of the check and paperwork before she mailed it off.  after receiving the 1st demand letter from  the IRS, explaining we had already made paymentd on our taxes and the payment check had cleared our bank on whatever date was on the check. I wish this was end of the story and all was well, it isn't.  As my wife and I are laying around enjoying some free time,  the door bells rings, it's the other dreaded worthless government run agency,  the United States Postal Service. The IRS and USPS go hand and hand. Anyway the postman is delivering two certified letters, from guess who....... you are right...the IRS. They are now filing a notice to seize my bank account for non-payment. I went ballistic, just like that, no phone calls, no nothing, just a flat out date to seize your bank account to get their $1000 dollars which has been paid for months.. How pathetic can you get. Yes I know we have major tax cheats who refuse to pay their taxes, they should be prosecuted amd accounts seized, if they owe the money.  For some strange reason the IRS can not keep their own house in order. They go after the easiest of the prey to collect from, and leave the biggest fish alone, until it is just too late. An example United States Represenative Charles Rangel, the Chairman of the Ways and Means. He is leading the charge to for a new 5.4 percentage point income tax surcharge and called it "the moral thing to do." He does not take on his on tax liability as strongly.  Is it just an accident that Rangel has allegedly been cheating on his taxes for years and nothing has been done until just recently,  no it is not, but that is just an opinion, of course. He sits in Wahington as a Represenative of the People of the United States, he is a joke and a disgrace to very system that should be protecting us from the cheats and crooks that pass the very laws they break on a daily basis. When I was younger I had a great respect for the people who create our laws of the land. The respect on my part is eroding for all for the law makers.  Again I will say we all have to pay our taxes. It is just disgusting when people like Rangel can skirt the tax laws, not paying taxes  and nothing in the world happens, he gets censured, whoopie!  However, when I pay my taxes, on time and  have proof of payment, they say, "prove it" again; and by the way we are going to seize your bank account for the amount due on this date, and the hell with anything else. That's wrong. The IRS deposited our check into their account. It's not our fault they have no idea where the funds are. Can you just imagine how many others accounts they have lost or misplaced. I know it's not just me.  Who knows, it may well be in the hundreds of million of dollars that are misplaced, lost or lining someones pocket,  it will not surprise me in the least.

Do you wonder why we are in the RED,  we have a President that keeps spending, and spending and mis-spending our tax dollar; (ie flying off to the SuperBowl at a cost of millions and millions of tax dollars) going on 8 or more vacations a year costing us more millions his wife hopping around the globe on our dollar, and our tax branch that loses our tax dollar, and no oversight,  it's  amazing we even function as a society. We have stupid people in powerful positions over-looking the flock. If the people of the United States do not wake up and clean house in 2012, I hate to say what is going to happen.
Fort Levenworth Federal Prison

Well I guess I have vented enough about my little issue with the IRS, So if you do not hear from me for a few weeks, start looking at Fort Leven Worth Kansas. I will be learning a new craft,  I will be tooling leather. Maybe I can share a cell with Ole Charlie.

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