Saturday, February 26, 2011

Follow Up on "Taken into Custody"

Just a day o two ago I posted on the alleged capture of suspects in the killing of Agent Jaime Zapata. I said that the Mexican Government is capable of "ARRESTING" someone just to cool off some of the heat. It was said that the shooting was a mistake. Bull freaking crap!!! No way Jose!!!! The Cartel targeted the diplomatic license plates. The Cartel knew it was American agents in the SUV. They wanted to snatch them in my opinion. This was confirmed by the attempted kidnapping of an American DEA Agent(s)in Cd. Juarez this past Thrusday. So what are you going to do about Secretary Napolitano? You opened your mouth and said you would not tolerate any more violence against American Agents? Please say your going to call out the Mexican Government for their role in trying to cover-up the truth. Still nothing on Border Patrol Agent Terry has been done. Now this LAME story of a Mix Up....I am sorry but Ray Charles could see that is a BS story. Mistaken Id, please.

Well there it is in a nutshell, you be the judge. I certainly hope I am wrong, but I don't think so. It is easy for me to apologize if I am wrong....and I will.

Time should tell.

See you at the cross roads.....


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The Texican said...

As usual, the government agency heads fall all over themselves to make sure they don't leave anyone out while showering the public with;

A. Platitudes to everyone including themselves about what a wonderful job is being done to correct a situation that has plopped into the toilet.

B. Platitudes for all the international help we are receiving from any number of rogue nations who are busy doing all in their power to destroy our nation. (However, they never met a tax dollar they didn't like.)

C. Tough talk on what they have a good mind to do if anymore of our agents are killed. This, while joining forces with countries like Mexico in suing our own sovereign states who are trying to protect their interests against uncontrolled illegal immigration and border violence.

D. Unconstitutional legislation for more tax dollars to throw at any number of already failing social programs, designed to benefit American citizens, to pay the bills for non-citizens who are marching across our porous borders in ever increasing numbers.

And, ending the performance with the smug looks only those who have been appointed for their political "suck-up" abilities and not for any substantive achievements would dare to show. (Real people would be hiding their heads in shame over such ineptness.)

They believe in the modern philosophy of the new social activist and community organizer creed which states, "We have spoken it, and therefore it is done."