Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The "True" Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior
Mildred "Sue" McGuyer
The pervious tribute I wrote about Major Glenn C. McGuyer was just a mere glimpse into the untold stories of what he did for this country, I could go on and on and on about his military service, he was a hero, and deserves all the of the honor we can bestow to him. However, he would be just a little miffed at me if I keep tooting his horn.  He was a very low keyed and private person.  He did not like talking about himself.  Forgive Uncle Glenn, this will be the last time, I promise you sir.

69 years, for most people is a fairly decent life span, much less being married for 69 years, to the same woman. I just hope I live past the age of 69, I still have a few things left I would like to accomplish. Seeing my grand kids grow up is the biggest thing I want to see. Let me tell you about the number "69". "69" is the number of years Glenn and my Sue were married.  I was floored when I calculated the years.....69 years, this is just unheard of these days. However, it does not surprise me in the least when it comes to the family of Glenn and Sue McGuyer.  All of the stars were lined in the right  direction for Glenn and Sue. Just stop and think about this for a minute.  Married in 1942, Glenn leaves for WWII,  and is in combat in Europe multiple times. After surviving WWII,  Glenn is sent to Japan for a year or so to assist in the rebuilding of Japan.  A few years later, Korea erupts, guess what, Glenn goes to Korea and ends up in the battle of  Chipyong-Ni, a major battle, he survives this campaign and returns to Sue.

Viet-Nam breaks out, Yes, Glenn again is waist deep into alligators. One tour would be enough for most of us,  but Glenn serves one last tour and thank God he survives. One would think you are pushing your luck being in harms way as many time as Glenn was.  However Glenn believed it was his duty, that it was his calling to serve his country, we all knew that he had more than served above and beyond, but not the Major. Our Lord and Savior took care of this Blessed man for a reason.  He not only was he in dangerous situations and survived,  he raised a wonderful family, and a proud family. Glenn may not have said it much, however in my opinion this is what made Glenn tick. Deep inside he knew he had hit the jackpot. A wonderful, loyal and dedicated wife of 69 years. Sue was beside her husband during the good and the bad and the ugly, if their was ever any bad or ugly, I never knew of any. I am sure some things popped up, but they dealt with the issues and moved on.  I just wish I could have been geographically closer to my California family to had been able to share with them the good times as well as the bad, laugh with them, as well as cry with them and as in this case, mourn with them on Glenn's last day.  Glenn was the Patriarch and Sue the Matriarch, the ultimate match made in heaven as I said.  Sue was really the true Warrior,  I was blessed to have Sue as my Aunt. Sue is the oldest of three sisters, followed by La Wanda (Dew) and Reva, my mother. I just wish time had not passed by as quick as it did.  The time just whizzed by.
At Rest

Glenn and Sue were blessed with 3 Children, Pat, Mike and Kurt. Glenn loved his family and was so very proud of all of them. He knew they would all do well in life, and they have. Glenn was blessed with 2 wonder grandchildren,  and count them 6 great grandchildren. Glenn said they made him fell 20 years younger. The subject came up when I was telling Glenn about my two grandsons, he said that was one of his proudest moments. It is just wonderful to know that Glenn will live on in each of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am just proud to have known the The "General" as I so fondly called him. I am a better person for having known him. As for Sue, I again will say that she was the "True Warrior", she is the one that kept things together while Glenn was out defending the country. She was the one at home that held things together while Glenn was gone.  It did not matter to Sue, she would go with Glenn where ever he chose to go. From California, to Washington State to Sparks Nevada, as long as she was with Glenn she was happy. And in the end, that is all that really matters, happiness.  One thing that Glenn and Sue had over the years was happiness, they had there health for the most part, and they had each other, for "69" glorious years. WOW!  If that is not a testement to happiness, nothing is. If only we all could live the life that Glenn and Sue have lived together, the world would be such a pleasant place to live.

Thank You so much to you Aunt Sue, and thank you Uncle Glenn for all of the memories, your memory will live on forever.

Kurt, Mike and Pat with the
Matriach of the family and
the future.

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