Friday, March 25, 2011

A Simple Question of "WHY"

Yes this is just a simple question of "WHY"?  If you were to ask each member of the Senate and House if they want a deceit, they would answer "No". That being the case and the answer is a NO, why on earth do we have a monster deficit. I am amazed. We have been a nation of problem solvers and innovators. We have landed a man on the moon and returned him safely. We have landed a satellite on an asteroid. We captured debris from a comet and returned the samples to earth. We have elected a President, Vice President, 100 Senators and 435 Representative's, most all of which are very intelligent. They draw a very healthy salary and benefits, and when they retire, most will draw a very handsome retirement package, which includes health benefits for life. Most of us working stiffs will never see the types of benefits extended to those fellows. You have to be in the "Click" to qualify. With that said, these elected individuals for some reason can not reduce our deficit, nor know how to make necessary budget cuts to reduce the deficit, for whatever reason. One reason that comes to my mind is they are too self serving, the more and more that they "GIVE" to their district's and lobbyist the easier it is to get re-elected.  Getting the legislation funded is their priority, I say FUNDED, not paid for. The how we will pay for it comes much later on. Just stack it on the deficit tab and we will figure out how to pay for it later. Well later has arrived, to the tune of 14 trillion dollars;  and our daddy and landlord is "CHINA". So we keep China happy by allowing them to continue to import their products into America,  they will continue loaning and loaning money.....lets make a deal with CHINA; we will allow you to poison our people with your mercury laden CFL light bulbs, and make it mandatory that every light socket in America have one CFL lightbulb in each of the light sockets. We will allow CHINA to poison our children with paint that is ladened with lead, and applied to the toys which we import.  Lets just make a deal with Brazil and give them 2 billion dollars of "Private Money" to drill off the shore of Brazil instead of drilling in our homeland, lets create jobs for Brazilians instead of Americans Mr. Obama, that makes a lot of since. Again who has a major interest in the Brazilian Oil companies if not the one and only "GEORGE SOROS". I just wonder who else has a major interest. It would not surprise me in the least in these days of political corruption that Obama does not have his hand in the bucket somewhere.

Again I will elude to the fact that America is overflowing with some of the brightest and smartest minds on the planet, but we can't make a "CFL" style lightbulb in our own country. We build cars, trucks, spaceships, satellites, rocket motors, but all we get is an American made "SUPPOSITORY" right up our six by Dr. Congress. It is time to remove the President and each and everyone of the under achieving, self serving Senator's and Representative's, it is because of them that we have this massive deficit. Their reckless attitude has METASTASIZED throughout the halls of Congress, and it is time that we preform a radical "Congressional-ectomy", before "WE THE PEOPLE AND OUR GREAT COUNTRY ROLLS OVER AND DIES."  What a shame.

I pray daily for our Country and I pray for our leaders, however I am so afraid the better days of this once proud great nation is behind us, unless we get rid ourselves of this massive infection that has permeated this great Country.

Until next time.....God Bless You and God Bless America,


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The Prodigal Daughter said...

Thank you so much for blogging your mind & convictions, Brady. If it weren't for the likes of people like you who pay attention to the things happening in our world and have enough backbone to call it like you see it, I would have lost faith in humanity a looong time ago. Keep blogging your heart & convictions and I'll keep reading, pondering and commenting. You inspire me to pay closer attention to what is going on in the world around me. Thank you, my friend.