Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eric Holder - "F" is Now Passing"

Eric Holder, now dictates what passing is! Where was this guy when I was in college? I would have had my degree in 1.5 years instead of hanging around spending my money. I have always been under the impression that a test, or entrance exam was created to find the best qualified applicant based on passing score. I went out and studied any material I could find prior to taking the Police entrance examination in McAllen, Texas in the very early 80's. At the time I was a locomotive engineer, but I wanted a career in law enforcement. So I studied anywhere I could, even while on a railroad siding waiting for an opposing train to pass. I studied at lunch, I just cracked the books when and where I could. I took the test and passed it with a 87%.  The optimum word is "TO STUDY".  The same process was taken in the early 70's when I had to take my locomotive engineers examination. I had 6 months to study before we were sent to North Little Rock to take the Final Exam, which was broken down into 2 weeks. Still the point is "STUDY". Unless you are brain dead you will pass. I was a Police Officer for 26 years before I decided to step down. Why in the world would the public want a person, regardless of color to be "PASSED" because he could not pass the entrance exam. You are going to have complications, sooner than later. I promise you this much, the same cadet that was PASSED is more than likely going to be washed out in his field training at some point, provided the field training is rigid enough, you have to have common sense, be able to make a snap decision, some decisions might be a life or death situation, shoot or don't shoot.  Do you really want someone who is unable to function under stress? I would not want them as my partner. You need someone who is suited for being a Police Officer. If not suited for the job, the officer could become a safety hazard for the general public and other officers. If you have to make an F passing so a person can get into law enforcement, you are opening a huge can of worms. However, you have to consider the source, it is Eric Holder. You will generate a backlash of opposition from the candidate who did study and did well. Holder is creating a huge problem for the city of Dayton. If the exam was totally racially motivated solely to target blacks so they could not pass, I could see the need to redesign the exam, but it is not, with that said, there is no justification in making an "F" passing.   It appears that the general opinion from most applicants is not very favorable to this change. It just shows you the true Eric Holder,  he is incompetent and should not hold this position.

Is Holder now going to do the same thing with the entrance requirements of the FBI, and the United States Custons and the United States Border Patrol? Is Holder going to direct that instead of a college degree, that a GED is sufficient to gain entrance to the FBI Academy, or is he going to say that if you fail the entrance exam twice, you will be granted a "DO OVER". I am going to now apply for a position with the DOJ and when I am rejected I am going to ask for special treatment because of my age and my non functioning knees. I left law enforcement on my own volition because I recognized my new limitations,  I was no longer able to function at a level which I expected of myself, so I had no option but to leave before I wanted. However, Holder has now given me another option, it is called "special treatment".
As expected, it did not take long for the NAACP to come out dancing in the streets. Why is it that everything that is done has to be racially divided, the main reason is NAACP wants to make each and every issue a racial issue. I am not blind and yes I know we have racial issues, deep divides that need to be addressed,  but when you focus on each and every issue as racial, you turn it racial. Now people are expecting the NAACP to jump in at the beginning and come up with a solution. Giving people something they do not earn is not helping anyone, it hinders because now it becomes an entitlement, something that is expected.  Do we need a NAAWP do say we need to lower exams because white people can not pass an entrance exams at MIT?  Most people are proud of their accomplishments, but not so when something is just handed out. Ok, Mr. Holder, you made an F, and really do nort qualify to continue to the next hiring process, but because you made a failing score, you will be allowed to continue on with the hiring process. Where is the pride in that? There is none.

In my opinion it is a slap in the face of Condoliza Rice, the last I checked, NOBODY gave Condi anything, she earned it, what about General Colin Powell, I am certain he earned it.  All I am trying to say from an individual is Eric Holder is disrespecting each and every American, Native Indian, Black and every race we have in this great Country.  By the way, talk about disrespect, where is all of the concerns Mr. Holder when it comes to our original Americans, the Native American Indian. Talk about taking it the shorts, our Native Indian have been violated in so many ways by the government that it is not funny, and I have never heard you mention one single thing about lowering anything for our Native Americans,  Mr. Holder, aren't you tired yet of screwing the system, just leave it alone, we as a population can,  for the most part fix things, we certainly do not need your unsolicited help.  Do your homework Mr. Holder before you overreact.

Until next time.....take care and God Bless and God Bless America.....


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