Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Sharia Law" "The Oppression of Women"


**Give me some of your feedback and thoughts, I want to hear your from you on this, pro or con, this is important issue. **

My personal view is sharia law will never be implemented in the United States. 

I just recently read an article about Sharia Law trying to be slowly implemented, in United States which is extremely disturbing to me, especially with all that is going on in today's world. 
However we must listen to the warning signs which are out there, but no one is listening.  My question is,  how as Americans would we ever allow Sharia Law to even to get a foot hold  in the first place? I do not believe it will happen, but attempts are being made.  One of the first clues that something is happening  is concessions that are currently being made in some of our colleges; for instance the installing of foot baths and colleges forced to have separate swimming times for Islamic men and women so as not to offend Muslims.
Just click on the links below, the story will you what I am talking about.   this should not be happening.

In my humble  opinion, the Obama administration  is afraid to act against these Muslim Radical Islamic extremist organizations because of political correctness and the threats of lawsuits. This is the very same administration who is not afraid of suing Arizona,  
Sharia Torture
 one of our very own states because they disagree with the new immigration law. What is up with that. Muslim groups will now demand concessions on matters by saying, “You have to do this; you have to do this or I will be offended.”  Anyone who has been  reading my post knows how I feel about that, if you do not like our Country, pack up and leave, if you want to stay, live within the rules of our society  and you will be welcomed with open arms.  We are a country of immigrants who for various reasons immigrated to the United States, and now call it their home.  Now we have a group of Muslim Islamic Radicals extremist who want to change all of what America stands for and a President who is rolling over and letting it happen. The Radical Extremist Muslim has the cross hairs of their "sharia law" targeted on the United States Constitution and they are using it against us.  As we are a society of laws,  we try to treat everyone as an equal, no one better than the next, no color, race or creed better than the next. Yes we still have issues in race relations, however it is still against the law to behead someone because he/she shamed the family. In most Nations, you file for a divorce, not stone or beat the crap out of someone.  According to an article  I read, former FBI agent John Guando briefed members of Homeland Security that groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood are working with some Radical Islamic groups to slowly implement Sharia law here in the United States. Remember now that Sharia law encompasses all areas of our life.  Sharia law is also known as Islamic law which can be extremely brutal and tortuous, as indicated in the photographs above.
Are we as Americans going to allow this perverted behavior that is called law to become law in this country? Are you, are we going to sit idly by while our law makers, college boards cave in to demands made by "visitors" to this country.  Absolutely not. Do your guests in your home  dictate to you how to run your house hold? Are you going to allow your guest to tell you how to to worship, what, when and where worship or what to eat and what to wear.  Your guest are going to eat what you provide, and sleep where you allow them to sleep.  You are not going to allow them to dictate conditions to you. If your guest does not like what is offered,  pack your gear up and get out. This is "my house"!  Well this is my country, so if you can not live with our way of life, please get out.  As an American I am going to take the same approach, we will help you, we will listen to you, but you are here as a guest, if you do not like what we offer,  get  out, go back to where you came from.  What I feel is lacking is the leadership from the good and decent Muslim community who lives here in America, who loves  America and what it stands for and for what America has done for them. America has given them an opportunity to live, worship and provide for there family in their own way.  We need to hear from them. Let their voice be heard by the other side, the Radical side, the extremist who want to destroy our country from the inside.  

I will fight for my country, it has been good to me and my family. It is my home.  It is unfortunate however that our leadership, the Obama administration is weak,  and will forever more be labeled a failure in some areas and as apologist.  He has done his best to forever change our country into a European style country.  With that type of leadership it is no wonder we are in the position we are in, once a strong powerful proud country, slowly being dismantled, piece by piece.  We have to turn the tide, and we start by not allowing a "guest" to dictate anything to the owners of this country, "We The People"! 

God Bless You and God Bless America. 


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