Thursday, March 10, 2011

Discovery STS 133 The Final Mission

 STS-133 Discovery lifts off for the final mission for Discovery, which has logged more time in space than any spacecraft in history, 365 days total time in orbit. It is amazing to what we as Americans have accomplished in just 108 years of powered flight.  We have only two more Shuttle Flights left before the shuttle program is shut down. I have been a space freak for as long as I can remember. From project Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and the Shuttle program. I watched each of the lunar landings, suffered through the tragedies of Challenger and Columbia. Also the lose of Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee, the Apollo astronauts who died in a fire preparing for the first Apollo Flight. We have lost a total of 17 Astronauts in Nasa's history. All in preparing for the next step, going back to the moon and beyond.  What is simply amazing is America's first recorded human flight December 17th 1903 was a mere 120 feet (36.6 meters).  I just hope and pray that we as a country do not lose that little explorer attitude in all of us, the "I wish I was there looking out the window and looking down on mother earth." I know I  have had that wish since I was a child. We need to keep striving and  never give up our dreams of what is out in the vastness of space.  It is our future as a race, to expand outward. With that said, I believe that instead of trying to achieve going the moon and beyond as a nation, maybe we should consider doing this together as the HUMAN RACE, do it collectively, as Americans, Russians, British, Japanese and any race that wants to join in, if that is possible.  I will use this courtroom cliche, "We have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt" that we can work together, regardless of color and nationality. We have built the ISS with the assistance of our old cold war adversaries we have joined hands with Japan and Canada and other countries to spend countless hours on station and keep the ISS manned 24/7. 365 days a year. That in itself is a show stopper. To me it proves what we can all accomplish anything as a "RACE"  if we continue to just work together and to communicate. I amazed that we have a difficult time getting along on earth but get along in space. Maybe we should send our congress to the ISS ans see if they can agree on the budget and agree that we need to agree and quit all the damn back stabbing and bickering. 

Well that's about it for today, again I just wish to congratulate NASA and the crew of Discovery for a job well done, I just wish I had been up there with you.                        

Until the next time,  I will see you at the crossroads...God Bless you and God Bless America....


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