Tuesday, March 15, 2011


On my post of March 13, I said that according to Retuers, the United States was relatively safe from any fallout. Well it seems that a lot has changed since that last post. Although the mainstream media and government officials continue to downplay potential dangers to our country, a number of experts are beginning to come out with warnings that say otherwise.  The situation in Japan seems to be getting worse by the minute. News is now coming across that a second nuclear reactor may now be in jeopardy of melting down. The Japanese government has setup a so called “danger zone” of around 26 miles and began distributing iodide pills to the public. While they continue to claim that the public is in no danger, this morning they seemed to contradict themselves by telling the public to put their clothing in plastic bags before entering their homes. This morning while I was attempting to enjoy my morning coffee, Fox News was reporting two additional explosions at one of the nuclear reactors, In addition it was being reported that a facility that is used to store the nuclear rodsw was on fire. What else can go wrong for the Japanese Government, the holder of the worlds number 3 economy in the world. The very nation that holds so much of our debt.  I am trying to find some good in all of this, however I have not found anything.  To be perfectly honest with you I my sick to my stomach, it makes me feel so bad for the people of Japan.

So should Americans worry about possible nuclear fallout reaching the west coast?  The government continues to say that the public is not in danger, but a growing number of experts are suggesting that a total reactor meltdown would defiantly affect the west coast. Well here is some late information that should interest you.  The New York Times is reporting that the Pentagon will soon announce that the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan passed through a radioactive cloud while in route to Japan. This confirms that the radioactive materials are indeed blowing west towards the United States. Officials are saying that the crew was exposed to over a month’s worth of radiation in under an hour. The report also says that American helicopters that were flying 60 miles north of the site were returning flying fully coated with particulate radiation. The helicopters had to be decontaminated and washed. So the answer in my opinion is yes, we are going to be affected, get prepared now, not later.

So until nect time,  God Bless and God Bless America

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