Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama Verbally Trounced by New Black Panthers

I will be the first to tell you I do not support Barack Obama's administration, not because he is black, not because he is a democrat, but because I do not agree with his policies, views or beliefs on America's direction.  However the new black panthers King Malik Shabazz unleashed a verbal attack on President Obama unlike what I have ever heard before, this tirade was filled with hate against someone who I thought would be admired thoughout the African American community. I was wrong.  Of course not all African Americans have the hate that King Samir Shabazz has. This man has some twisted views of America and how things should be. The way I interrupted his thoughts,  would be the white race would be oppressed, should the government overthrown. Here we are 2011, and racism is still alive and well.  One thing I felt about after the 2008 election was that America had come so far in race relations. Setting aside politics, America elected the first African American president. In that since I was proud so many of the past scars were healing, and America was headed in the right direction.  I was wrong; in listening to King Malik Shabazz rhetoric, and listening to his hate filled speech, I felt maybe the gap may have widen, my heart is saddened. Why have we regressed?


 Maybe I am wrong, maybe America is not one who has regressed,  maybe the only one that has not changed  is Sabazz.  The only thing I can base an opinion on is what I hear, nothing else. What I hear from Shabazz is nothing but hate against Ameicans, black and white. It is apparent that if you are black and do not believe or follow Shabazz's beliefs or views, then you are on the wrong side of history. I just do not understand his apparent hatered of Obama and America. Shabazz also wants Obama's wife and children to leave him, why in the world would he want that.  Again, I do not support Obama's politics, not at all. However to attack him, call him the names and label him with the racial epitaphs that I have heard coming out of Sabazz's mouth is tells you all you need to know about this man.  What do you expect from a man that aligns himself with a dicators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mummar Quaddafi will tell you where Sabazz's allegiance's lay, and it is not with America.  Shabazz is a street thug, who tries to rule by instilling fear, as they did in 2008 Philadelphis voter intimdation case, which was dismissed by Eric Holder, and comments like "we will be ruled by the black man." Well we are not ruled by anyone, however we do have a Black President of the United States. a black man who was duly elected by the People of the United States. Apparently this is not what Shabazz wants, he wants something similar to the government of Iran? Islamic law, but governed by King Malik Shabazz.  Just listen to the attached video's, that should tell you all you need to know about this guy. This is sad, a man that apparently has a following and could if he wanted he could do some good, but he uses his corrupted view point to try poison the minds of young adults instead of trying to make things better, but that is my point of view, and I am just one person....


Until next time my friends.......God Bless You and God Bless America....


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The Prodigal Daughter said...

This MAN, this self appointed 'king' is nothing more than that. He spews foul odors of racism and hate with every breath. This is a DANGEROUS person. This is the kind of person that given the opportunity, would incite a race war here in America. He is a hate monger. This is the type of rhetoric that fuels the hate of the just as 'offensive' KKK. I am NOT a 'supporter' of President Obama or his policies here or abroad, but I am a supporter of the Constitution of the United States and as the President of the 'United'States of America, he deserves my respect as the office holder.This is NOT Islam, but this 'king' would have black people follow him as though 'he'were the 'savior' of the black man. In actuality he is a black man with an agenda & it is NOT equality for all, it is venomous and divisive and his whole goal is to RULE over others, in particular the black race while suppressing the white race. He has some SERIOUS control issues. As long as there are persons of color, whether that color is red, yellow, black or white that spew this kind of venom in the world, there will be small minded individuals that will swallow their hate rhetoric hook line and sinker. Wake up people, this 'man' and I use that term very loosely, will incite a race war if he is allowed to go unchecked. I say that it is time for God Fearing Black American's to rise up and shut the panther's mouth before he sucks the life out of all the strides that have been made in our country over the last decade to bring racial equality. This man does not represent the black people that I know. And, as far as the "KINGDOM OF GOD" is concerned it is for everyone, every nation, every color and every creed. To those that Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. The Bible says that in the end times we 'believers' will be hated by ALL the world. This IS the beginning of 'birth pangs' people. Be AWARE. This is not a 'racial issue', as much as it is a 'religious' issue. I don't 'see' many speaking out against this type of hate inciting rhetoric from the likes of Shabazz and others. Call it what it is. It is an attempt to promote HATE & CHAOS and over throw "In God We Trust" more than it is about race. But, racial unrest is what will 'incite' the masses to allow this dreg to go unchecked. I don't have ALL the answers, but I do have an opinion. Thank you my friend for posting this.