Thursday, March 24, 2011

The CFL Light Bulb - "Turn Out The Lights Amigos"

As my late friend Dandy Don Meredith would say, "Turn Out the Lights, the party's over". Yup, no more incandescent light bulbs, they are basically outlawed by 2014. The incandescent light bulb cost is minimal, CFL cost is $3 bucks. Now lets take this a step further. say you break the incandescent bulb, get a broom, sweep it up toss it in the trash and your done. NOW break the CFL light bulb, things get a little dicey. The EPA now springs into action for the clean up. Well amigo, this little CFL critter has mercury in it. Yes mercury.  CFLs are all the rage. They are the little pig tailed spirally shaped, long-lasting bulbs everyone is being urged, into purchasing to replace Edison's incandescent bulb, which are being compared to sports utility vehicles for their impracticality and energy inefficiency. However, there is no problem disposing of incandescents when their life is over. You can throw them in the trash can and they won't hurt the garbage man.  They won't leak deadly compounds into the air or water. They don't kill people working in the landfills.
The same cannot be said about the mercury-containing CFLs. They bear disposal warnings on the packaging.  What I can tell you my friends is that if you break on, the possible clean-up of this critter could go north of $2,000 dollars, dollars which most of us do not have or would spend to clean up and a damn broken light bulb. However that is an extreme scenario, not a likely real cost, even though it did cost a lady in Maine $2000 to clean up the CFL break.  However this is our great government at work, if you don't believe me, just listen up to Rep Ted Poe, Texas in the above captioned video.

This is absolutely insane. is this what we elected our congress to do, certainly not. I am disgusted at what has happened and what is happening to our country. This is an outrage, to make things even worse, they are made in CHINA, 100% of the CFL's are made in China. Why are we as Americans allowing to this to happen, why are we allowing people who are no more interested in America than Fidel Castro run our government. From the President of the United States, the Vice President, to the 100 Senators and the 435 representatives; you mean to tell me that they can do no better than this. If so, I submit something is desperately wrong with our system. It is time We The People who number around 300 million, MAN-UP and sweep all of these worthless representatives, senators and most important the President of the United States from office in the 2012 election and return civility and most important return common sense to congress. Because if what is described above is their definition of common sense, we are knee deep in alligators.

Until the next time.......God Bless You and God Bless America



The Prodigal Daughter said...

A power hungry congress, and President without remorse....even though I believe GW is the one who signed us up for this insanity, the current powers that be have thrown us under the bus. It IS time for this nation to return to One Nation Under God. But, I don't believe that it will happen before it's too late. I hate to be the doom & gloomer, but the downward spiral that we find our selves in as a nation is picking up speed. I pray that we as a nation wake up before we hit the ground in this nightmare.

James B. Parker said...

Thanks Barb for the comment, and it is appreciated. The time has arrived that we, a population of 300 million must replace each and every member that has not been defeated.

This Congress is impotent and hs proven so on more than one occasion. We are the same Americans that landed a man on the moon, returned him safely, landed on a moving asteriod, captured debris from a comet, and reurned the material to earth. With all the knowledge and skills in possession within the confines of this great country, the Congress has elected to import from China 100% of light bulbs that are ladened with mercury and will harm us. Importing from a country dog food that has killed our pets, and toys for our children which was painted with lead that will HARM OUR CHILDREN. Yes this is the very congress we, 300 million which elected these fools to run our country. It is time for a recall of CONGRESS in 2012.

Again Barb, thank you for your comments.