Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Democrat and Republicans - Stuck In The Mud, Again

I am not quite sure how you feel about the quagmire that has been created in Washington D.C. by "OUR" law makers. I emphasize OUR law makers. I am of the opinion that it is all of their faults, all of them. I go back to what I have been saying, the law makers, are all self serving brats for the most part. They prove this by their mannerisms. If the House and the Senate were really serious about solving the budget, the budget would have been completed on time without any delay and with the necessary cuts that have to be made to curb the escalating out of control spending. We have been saddled again with an extension with 8 April, 2011 as the deadline before the government shuts down. Here is an example of their selfishness. Selfishness because if they shut down the government,  the staffers and other personnel will get sent home without pay, because they are considered non-essential personnel, what a label to have attached to someone. "Non-Essential." It is like they do not exist. Now lets see who is considered as essential personnel.......the law makers consider themselves as essential, therefore they get a paycheck. That's special. What about the United States Border Patrol Agents. I have made several phone calls to Agents to get their view point. One Agent told me that they were told to prepare for a shut down, contact their creditors and advise them they might not be getting paid so they would not be able to make payments.  Another Agent told me, they might get paid, but only base pay, no overtime or other pay which goes with the job. What about all of the Capitol Police (essential-personnel) etc. If the government shuts down, so many people will be affected.  Did we elect our Senators and Representatives to behave in such a manner. I did not.

This behavior by our elected officials is reprehensible, to even consider placing employees in the position of having to place calls to creditors to advise them they may be unable to pay their mortgage payment and other payments. Maybe the Represenatives should be making those calls, instead of the employees. The employee is now being placed in a position of having their credit damaged because of the stupidity and arrogant attitude of people who have been elected on promises to run our government in a responsible manner. Neither Republican or Democrat have demonstrated any type of responsible behavior in passing a reasonable budget for the United States. As of late all we have been hearing is finger pointing and crying and blaming one or the other, acting like two year old children fighting for a toy. I am ashamed of all of them.

Let me remind you ladies and gentleman of Congress, "We the people of the United States of America elected you to do a job. You receive a salary which is more than 75% of most households. We pay our taxes, which you spend without regard for the people who earned that you spend.  You have demonstrated on more than one occasion that your morals are lower than an alley cat, you cheat on your wives, you cheat on your taxes and heaven knows what else you do behind closed doors. Like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, you look down your nose at us, the little guy, giving us little regard or respect.  Pelosi, throws our tax dollar around like monopoly money, renting office space and paying $18,000 a month. talk about waste, that is what is done with OUR MONEY. Pay it out of your own pocket. You wouldn't toss it around so liberally. We are in an economic crisis, the likes which has not been seen in this nation, all because of GREED and unchecked wasteful spending.

I am sick and tired of waking up each and every morning to the horror that faces this nation, economic woes and war.  And now without consulting Congress, Obama opens a war on another front, the Libyan front, with no idea how to get us out. However, this is not a war according to Obama,  we are told it is a humanitarian effort. It is a war, people are being killed, missiles are being launched, and a $29.7 million dollar aircraft has crashed.  What is that Mr. Obama.......WAR. We owe China over $700 billion dollars, our deficit is at $14 trillion dollars and growing at an unsustainable rate. The time has come for us to pull the plug and rid ourselves of the people in Washington, who are not fulfilling their duties as promised.

Unitl next time...God Bless You and God Bless America.


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The Prodigal Daughter said...

It is time! And, they aren't listening! So let's let our voices be heard LOUD and clear in 2012. Let's send the message that WE are cleaning house, and throwing out all 'non-essential' elected officials that won't do the job that they were elected to do! I used to have a saying, "You better be nice to me, 'cause you're gonna miss me when I'm gone." Well, my support is leaving with me and they're gonna miss that ,too.