Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire - Sebelius Admits to Doubling Up"

It was just a few short months ago, when the Congress, the left and the right were fighting to pass obamacare. Out of the arguments Nancy Pelosi made her now infamous statement, that today has come true. Nancy Pelosi, " We will just have to pass the obamacare to see what is in it".  It has now been revealed that $105 billion dollars had been hidden with the bill. $105 BILLION dollars of tax payer money, or depending on your point of view, $105 billion dollars of China's money. There is now going to be automatic funding for the next 8 years of a health care bill that the majority of the American people did not want. A bill which was forced upon us by a group of people who are bent on socializing America.

In addition to finding 105 billion dollars in the obamahealth care bill, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius readily admitted this morning to doubling counting the Obamacare budget, she was testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee.  Sebelius was asked by Rep John Shimkus whether the $500 billion in Medicare was being used to maintain the program or to pay for the law?   Sebelius was grilled about he $500 billion on whether it was used to maintain the program or to pay for the law, and she admitted in open forum that it was used for "BOTH" .  So here we are again, in the same boat, last summer this administration was doubling count, or juggling figures and not being honest with the American people.  The Congressional Budget office also told the White House their math was off base, however Obama chose to ignore and continue to flat out lie. Hell this man lies to us when the truth sounds better. I had been willing to give this guy a chance, I did not vote for him then, and I certainly will not vote for him in 2012, and I will ask each American and ILLEGAL ALIEN to vote against him.  I just do not understand why knowing fully well that we can not sustain this spending, why Obama continues to ignore the RED INK.
I guess the obvious answer is that he really does want to destroy our Country, that is the only answer I can see. He ignores calling a terrorist a terrorist, has been quoted as saying "Lets not rush to judgement" and
"I (Obama) will seek out JUSTICE for the captured aggressors(terrorist) to have a fair TRIAL." Now these aggressors are captured enemy combatants, not a night time freaking burglar or car thief that have attacked our Country and killed our citizens and soldiers, that is an act of war. So it is what it is. "WAR". You treat them as such, no pampering them OK. Sorry, I got a little side tracked. However it runs into the same pattern of behavior for this President, his administration has been caught with its britches down around his ankles in lies about how health care was not going to be that expensive, proven wrong.  Just tell the truth, let us make the decision on what we want. I want to live in the United States, not Europe, I want a choice of who I can see, I want a choice of who my doctor will be, and I want a choice if I want to die, I do not want to be put out to pasture and die because someone in Washington says I am to damn old to be treated, that is my families choice, not freaking Barack Obama and his lying stooges.

The lies are being exposed, one by one, just like Pelosi said, we gotta read the bill first to know what is in it...thank you Nancy freaking Pelosi for your wonderful insight and brilliance. We are now seeing the real truth behind it all.

In Closing,  it is so clear what the next step has to be in 2012, I hope we have enough people to see what has happened...I hope it is not as they would like ...out of sight...out of mind.

Until next time, I will see you at the crossroads......


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