Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why the United States!

I have always supported United States military action when warranted. When we were attacked by terrorist on 9/11. I was all in. I was supportive of the action in Iraq in the deposing of Saddam Hussein, based on the information which was provided at the time on the WMD's. I was less supportive once WMD's were not located, but we were there and there was absolutely no turning back. Ridding the middle east of Saddam Hussein was a good thing either way you slice the pie. He was an evil butcher, much as Mummar Qaddafi is a butcher in Libya, we sit at home in our easy chair while Qaddafi  butchers his own people because they want freedom. We have 2 fronts we are fighting, Iraq and Afghanistan and we are stretched very thin.  The last I looked, there are other countries that could pull this no fly zone off. Why does it have to be the United States. Is France not capable, or the United Kingdom, they are more than able, more so than France in my opinion. With that said, I am very grateful we have France in the mix, they will know what to do. By the way, where is the Arab countries that wanted the "The No Fly Zone"? they have vanished, and now call the action as brutal and uncalled for. Obama's lack of experience in foreign affairs have been and will continue to be a detriment to this country and this operation.  He says one thing does another. First he said no U.S. warplanes would see action. what happens, United States warplane's are in the mix, with one F15 crashing in Libya on the Tuesday at a cost of ($29.7 million), both crew members were rescued and are fine, thanks to rebel fighters who assisted the crew. So again I say, Obama said none of our planes would be in the mix, they are.  Has there been a clear and present danger to the United States? I say no. The President says this is a mere humanitarian effort and not a war. Will we accept this as a valid reason to go to war, again. I feel sick to my stomach that the Libyan people have been killed and basically slaughtered by this beast; but we can not save the world.  We are hated enough around the world as it is for trying to save the world, if that makes any sense. We have so much going on in this nation to keep a President very busy. This country is broke, and there is a lack of jobs; but Obama is in Brazil giving them 3 billion of  tax dollars to drill and create jobs,  in BRAZIL, not here where we desperately are in need of jobs.  If you are going to do something for a country, why not do it for your country?  Not a foreign country, does not make any sense. As is is we are broke and Obama is just giving China's money away.
The Libyan people are at some point, are going to have to figure this out on their own, or without the United States. It is not that I personally do not want to help Libya, but we just can not afford it, plain and simple. Now that we are in Libya, how do we get out? Somebody please tell me how. How are we going to save the day for these people and get out,  who is going to pay the bill.  Who do we bill for the crashed F15?  Nobody?  We will as usual, get stuck for the bill. and more than likely be accused of villainous behavior by other Muslim country's. If you have not noticed, this is the third Muslim country we have had military action in. However you slice the pie, however you want to label this action, be it a humanitarian action, it is still WAR. Our soldiers will be just as DEAD, or just as captured and tortured. It is still a dirty business. What really is going to hurt, is when people get up and criticize and demonize the United States. We will be criticized by the same countries who we give millions of dollars in aid.  The sad part is even in war, with exception of WWII, we have to be political correct in how we execute a conflict. If a non-combatant is killed, your a war criminal, that is if you are the United States of America. If your a terrorist, well it is OK because the terrorist have been oppressed by the land of the devil.  If a United States soldier offends a Muslim prisoner, he is insensitive to their needs, if a Taliban beheads a United States citizen, soldier or Christian, this is ok, because he does so because the Koran told him it is ok. So it is basically impossible to execute any type of war, conflict or humanitarian operation without being demonized by the outside world.

In closing, do I want to be in Libya, NO, do I understand why, yes I do, however there are other nations that can execute this action. We can help with logistics, intelligence and surveillance, but nothing else. We will get strapped with the whole enchilada at some point and again be labeled as the "GREAT SATAN" 
and get saddled with the bill, while everyone else goes home.

Until next time....God Bless and God Bless America


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