Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adrian Peterson "You Stepped In It"

Adrian Peterson, are you kidding me. The NFL is treating you like a modern day slave,  did you just fall off a turnip truck Adrian? . That statement must be the most asinine statement I have heard from the mouth of an educated man. You have just proven my point. You are set to get paid 10.27 million dollars. Let me guess, you must live in a multi-million dollar home, you may have multi expensive cars, designer clothes, designer shoes,  silk sheets on your bed, and let's not forget your silk socks. Do you have a maid service or do you clean your own house?  I am just wondering.  Now let's compare your salary to that of  Police Officer, who earns a fraction of what you earn. Do you think he/she has a contract or an agent. Oh by the way, Police Officers are being killed daily Adrian, for way less than you earn. Hell your game day check is more than what most Police Officers make in a year. And you say that the NFL is treating you like a modern day slave.  Get a grip on life young man. Go hang out with  Police Officer and his family for about 3 months, maybe you will change your mind.

I admired you when you first came out of Oklahoma, you were a credit, now you are just another spoiled ass prima-dona. That's right you are a spoiled little rich kid.  Instead of being grateful of what you have, your talents, your MONEY, you have put yourself in a deep hole my friend. I am stunned you would say something so ill advised.   And do not say it was taken out of context, you knew what you were saying Adrian. What you need to do is apologize, just man-up,  a big old "I am sorry for what I have said"   will go a long way young man. It really will.  Until then AP, take your lumps like a man.
Treated like modern day slave, I hope the whole damn NFL collapses around your head and you have to flip burgers for 5 years, maybe you would be a little more appreciative of what you have. I would trade places in a heart beat.

You should be ashamed of yourself ADRIAN PETERSON.
You really should be. You are going to catch some heat on this my friend, and it is well deserved.

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