Sunday, March 27, 2011

Obama - Illegitmate President?

For some reason, the birth certificate controversy has heated up, again. This past week, the Trumpster,(Donald Trump) ignited a heated discussion with the ladies of the (ABC)View, I use (ladies) lightly. Trump suggested that there is something on Obama's birth certificate that he does not want anyone to see. Why is that?  Logically, why has Obama not released the document, it is going to cause a distraction, that will only grow as the 2012 election approaches. It is going to be an issue which will not go away until Obama addresses the matter and puts it to rest. I have concerns about the issue, as we all should. At one point, I forgot about it, thinking that if Billary and Hillary could not find anything, then there was nothing to be found. Either they could not find a birth certificate or could not find any evidence to dispute that Obama is an American citizen. No one will know why Obama is taking this path, only he can answer that.
I have heard countless tales of how much money this man has spent to keep his birth record a secret, I have heard he has spent hundreds of thousands to a few million. The obvious answer as to why he is doing this is because he is not an American citizen, therefore he is an illegitimate President, which would cause or should cause an investigation and subsequent arrest for perjury.
. Can you for a moment just imagine the ramifications if it is proven that Obama is not a natural born citizen. A national disgrace, and a scam of epic proportions. It would be classified as the biggest scam ever pulled off against the American people. For that reason alone, and for the sake of his two little girls, I hope it is not true, but I am in the Trump camp now. I am really interested in why he has gone to such lengths to hide this information, if Obama is legit, he should have nothing to hide and should produce the birth certificate and move on. The odds are against Obama releasing anything and it is going to have to be some else to do it.  I am sure Donald Trump has some of the best investigators in the business searching for the answer..........Good luck Donald.

Until next time, God Bless You and God Bless America

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