Monday, March 7, 2011

Government Shut Down - Whose Watching the Back Door

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A government shut down, can you believe that we are on the verge once again of shutting down the government once again, the last shut down was in 1995, when both sides of the aisle could not agree on a budget so the government was shut down. What is amazing is our leadership was elected to take care of of Nation, make our Nation the strongest economically, and militarily stronger than any Nation on the planet. Since 2008, we have weakened ourselves economically and militarily. We now owe more money to China than ever before. With no way to pay off the debt in the near future, with our national debt at 14 trillion dollars. We have now mortaged Americas furture for the forseeable future. After all that has been said, all I can see on both sides of the aisle are elected Represenatives who apparently do not give a hoot about our Nation. Why do I say this. It is very simple. If our elected officials really cared about our Country, they would do all humanally possible to save this Country from economic collapse. Our elected rpresenatives would set aside any political differences and close the doors and find a way to save our nation. They are doing the complete opposite. They are arguing with each other on stupid issues,instead of seeking solutions. This is about what they can do to save our Country, not about what can be done for them personally. I say this because should there be a shut down, most federal employees will be sent home without pay, however our Congressional Represenatives will still be paid. Our Border Patrol Agents and other essential personnel have been notified via e-mail to prepare not to be paid until the budget issue has been resolved.  According to information, they will be sent home. This is asinine to say the least. Then whose gonna be watching our backdoor if the Border Patrol is sent home home? I have not verified if Border Patrol will be sent home. The last time the Government shut down, Border Patrol was paid. However, the information I have been told is this time they will not.  I want to say that our leaders are not that stupid, but they have proven me wrong on more than one occasion. As a tax paying citizen and a former public servant I am ashamed of this behavior. Putting personal gains and goals ahead of our Country. It seems common sense would prevail, however not in this case. A group of highly educated men elected by the PEOPLE to run our Country are failing miserably. Aruging on how much to cut out and where to cut, just start at the massive wasteful projects, just look, you will find it. In the mean time glutinous spending continues at an unsustainable pace.

As an American, I am afraid of what is behind door number 1,  door number 2 and door number 3. This is not a game show. It is one hell of a risk being taken by our leaders. The most embarrassing is everyone knows what is necessary to get back on the right track, it's called fiscal responsibility, CUT, CUT and Cut. It's gonna hurt but we have no choice, none at all. China has now basically got us by the short and curlies, if they call in their markers on what we owe them, what will we do at that point.?

This administration has demonstrated how inexperienced they are in foriegn policy. After the Egyptian debacle, whatever was left of our credibility flew out the window with the blowup in Libya. Just look how long it took the annointed one to come out and say anything about Mommar Qdaffi. From day to day, no one over there knows what is going to be said next, if anything.

Until next time, I will see you at the crossroads..God Bless You, and May God Bless our Country.


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