Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Black January - The War on Police Officers"

To say that January has been a horror for Police Officers would be a gross under statement, as of today 15 Police Officers have been killed in the line of duty. Officers from 8 different states. 11 were shot in a 24 hour period.  I think I would prefer to say the Officers were killed in action, because it has turned into an all out war in some areas, the GOOD against the BAD. All I can say is I know all of the families have the thoughts and prayers of our Nation. The questions that has been flying around on the news agencies is, "why are we seeing this pattern of violence?  One answer is, no respect for the Police Officer any longer. Nobody has The right  answer. Some of it I guess is the economics, lack of resources to provide for their family, so they turn to the drug business, could be a part of it, not wanting to get caught, so they shoot it out with the Officers, who the hell knows; even so, their is no justification in shooting it out with the Police.  
I just wish I had some type of answer, I wish somebody had some type of solution. When you are sworn in, you know the possibility
To Protect & Serve

exists you could become a name on the WALL.  All of the training you get, can not preveent you from getting your name etched on the wall, but it sure helps.  As an airline pilot, you have to train and learn new tactics. No difference, would you want a pilot who does not keep up with training, NO, same thing in Law Enforcement, you want a well trained seasoned officer answering your calls for service. Just like the pilot, you have to start somewhere, Police Officers get tagged with being a "ROOKIE", I am not sure what they call a new pilot, but you get my drift. It takes time, desire and dedication to your job and good training to become a professional Police Officer. I heard on one of the news channels that maybe the Officers were killed because of the lask of training. No, not in my opinion. Officers and Deputies in Florida receive excellent training, some of the best in the nation. The problem is, if someone wants to kill an Officer that bad, he will kill an Officer no matter what. The crook will just ambush you, and.......he will shoot you down like a sick dog, plain and simple. The Police Officer has protocol (rules) to follow, is your life in danger, or is the life of another officer or an innocent third party in danger, you have some major decisions to make in the time it takes to snap your fingers. I would like to have say the Officers have 10 to 20 minutes to decide if they are going to squeeze the trigger, or not. It just not work that way. If you hesitate and make the wrong choice, someone is going to your your house and knock on the door to advise your wife that her husband is dead.  It is the most difficult thing in the world to have to do,  Officers are not allowed to make a mistake in the use of deadly force, because if they do, they are the ones sitting in prison; the bad guy just shoots and hopes he does not get caught, period.  He has no Policy and Procedure to worry about.   The bottom line is,when you have bad guys with no morals and view killing a Police Officer as a badge of honor they can wear,  we will continue to have Officers shot and killed.  Janurary has been a horrible month.  Is this a war against police, in my humble opinion it
has always been a war; It been a war on a daily basis, and has been a war since Sir Robert "Bobbie" Peel introduced the Police Officers (Bobbies) to the London streets in (sic) 1829 they were first called (Peelers).  Is there a consorted organized effort to go out and kill Police Officers, I do not know for sure, maybe, I certainly hope not, but we are off to a bad start to say the least. The only organized effort I know of to kill Police Officers and Military,  is in Mexico. The cartels are waging an all out assault on the few good and honest Police Officers willing to tow the line, but the cartels are killing anyone in their sights. There is a chance that this violence will spill over our borders even more if the Obama administras does nothing to secure our borders. So far he has done nothing, not one thing. An administation in MOTION stays in MOTION, an Administration at REST, stays at REST, Obama is at REST along with his alleged  secretary of homeland security Janet Nopolitano who is incompetent.  Someone who was the Attorney General from 1999 to 2002 and Governor of Arizona from 2003 to 2009 has shown she does not care one bit about securing the border. She is letting the Sheriffs Department and other units like the Arizona Border Narcotic Intelligence Unit and the Border Patrol fight it out with the dopers. These guys are are front lines of defense.  All it takes is sending few thousand troops to assist these guys and you would see a disruption of traffice in those areas. You are not going to stop them at all, but a disruption is victory. To continue to do nothing is shameful, another Border Patrol Agent, Sheriffs Deputy or City Police Officr that dies in the line of duty because this administration refuses to do nothing is criminal.

I doubt we will see a change, in this administration, we as a Country can not stand idle for 2 more years, we must stand united and demand our Borders be secure. We must stand together in 2012 and make sure this man is not is not re-elected. Send him back to Chicago.

Well my friends I close by saying please pray for our Police Officers and our Troops, they are protecting our basic freedoms.

Until next time, I will see you on down the road, God Bless You and God Bless America,



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