Monday, January 24, 2011

The State of The Union Address

State of The Union Address 2010
The State of the Union is tomorrow evening. I sit here and wonder what Obama is going to try and pull out of his hat. Have you noticed his approval rating shot up to 57 percent. Of course he got a bounce from his Tucson speech shortly after the Tucson shooting. I will have to admit it was a great soothing speech. It appealed well to the Country. However, it was just a speech, Obama calling for civility, asking for everyone to take a deep breath. Well it was no more than a day or two later when Rep Steven Cohen,   a Tennessee Democrat, accused House Republicans of using the Nazi's "big lie" strategy to try to discredit the health care law.  
"They say it's a big government takeover of health care, a big lie, just like Goebbels," Cohen said in remarks reported by ABC News and The Tennessean. "You say it enough, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie, and eventually people believe it." (Joseph Goebbels, a top aide to Hitler, was the Nazis notorious propaganda minister. I was absolutley shocked when Cohen made that statement. I can not imagine the up roar we would have heard if Sarah Palin would have made the statement, but we heard not one word. Where is the civility the President has called for, in face of the State of the Union you would have thought that the big man himself would have come out and told his croonies to just shut up for a bit. All I am asking for is for my readers to look back over over your shoulder and see what has happened over the past two years. Our National debt has exploded to where we are now in serious serious trouble. Our National defense is in retreat, while Chinas Military is growing expediently. While Obama is looking to slash Military projects, China's stealth program is doing well, with the test flight of their J-20 stealth fighter, in the face of our Secretary of Defense Gates, basically wagging their finger in our face.  China has deceloped their new carrier Killer missle, that has the capability of sinking our Super carriers. Plug in that we owe China $903 billion, ok really its a flat out one (1) trillion dollars. Combined that the dollar has lost about 20% of its value over the past 10 years, I'd say "Houston we have a Problem."
Anyway please keep some of these fact close to your hearts when you here Obamas lips wagging tomorrow night. Also remeber Saul Alinsky and Van Jones and what they really stand for, do your homework. There is a good chance our interest rates could possibly shoot up. Energy prices are soaring, so guess what, food prices are up and then we are in deep do do my amigo. We could see hyper- inflation within the next two years, and that will destroy our economy, or what is left of it.
So think about it it tomorow when you see Obama try and slide to the center and try to pull a Bi;; Clinton. Just remember Obama ain't Bill Clinton. .
I will close for now my friends and I will see you on down the road. 
May God Bless You and God Bless America.

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