Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"The State of the Union" -" Hollow Words "

Whine Whine Whine

Last night the President delivered the much anticipated "State of the Union" address. Extremely shallow words by a shallow minded President. Nothing was said last night by Obama which has not been said in the past. We heard he is going to bring about solutions to create jobs, reduce spending, and reduce unemoyment. However,  All we have seen is massive spending, over 3 trillion dollars added to our deficit since Obama took office. Unemployment is at 9.4%, and Our National Defense is growing weaker on the heals of China's unchecked Military growth. Our Borders are (STILL) unsecured. Why?  I believe the American people deserve and will demand an explanation, if not now, certainly in 2012.  Unless you want to blame George W. Bush for all of it. Yes Bush had a hand in a lot of this crap. However in 2 years, a 3 trillion dollar increase in our deficit, that growth equates to 4 billion dollars a day in interest only since our young Anointed one took over. That means we all owe the federal government about $45,000 EACH!  I am going to be perfectly honest , not that I was not honest in the past, I have been,  I will tell you this.  After Obama was elected I was willing to give the man a chance to at least do something, being President is a demanding job. So at least give him a chance. I did, he failed. He failed with me the first day he started on his bowing apology tour bowing to world; then bowing to the Saudi King, here a bow their a bow, every where a bow, bow ole Obama had a bow, to the point I just got sick too sick to watch. That sealed the deal for me. As the boxer Roberto Duran once said, "No Mas, No Mas". 

 What  we heard last night was the word investment, more investment into our Country. Investment to me means more massive spending. He Obama calls it more strategic spending, that should be a different type of spending, the man thinks we are just stupid I guess, who knows. All I know is we are halfway down the slippery slope of no return. Tune in to the violence in Greece, and all the other countries that have reached the end of the rope, we are almost there. Just a few more miles, and we are trapped. Obama can start by cutting some of the 39 or so Czars he has in place being paid in the area of $172,000 dollars, depending on how important you are to him. Truthfully, I am very worried about all of this. I hope someone with some since take topple this President in 2012. We do not have time, we do not have the money, so listen to me Mr. President, I have no other way to candy coat this. forgivc me Mom. 

Mr. Obama, members of congress get off you ass and get something done, again we have no money, shortly we will have no Country.

Until next time mt friends, I will see you on down the road. God Bless You and God Bless our Country.


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