Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It Was Just A Rock! United States Border Patrol Sued!

In my old age, I have turned into a news junkie. I am watching Fox News, in my thoughts, the best in the business. Anyway they had been teasing this story about the Border Patrol being sued by parents of a 15 year old who was shot and killed by an Agent. It is terrible that a 15 year gets shot and killed, no doubt about it. Let's look at why. According to reports this kid and others attacked this Agent by throwing rocks. Well number one don't throw rocks, you can seriously injure or kill someone;if Goliath were around, I am sure he would agree. What is troubling some defense attorney being interviewed by Fox's Megyn Kelly made light of this kid throwing rocks, saying, it was just rocks. I challenge this attorney to stand by while I hurl rocks at him, just rocks. In Iran they throw stones at people to kill them. I have not figured out the difference between stones and rocks. I give you one thing, it takes a pair of stones to throw rocks or stones at any Police Officer or Border Patrol Agent, if they fear they can be killed or injured in the least, or the fear of not going home at night they are justified in using deadly force. It is a decision that any Officer or Agent does not take lightly. Trust me on this I know. So for this attorney he just sits in a court room and talks about it. He has no idea what it is like being on the front line defending this country and having to make a decision to have to use deadly force, he has no idea, unless he was in combat or was in law enforcement in a past life. However I doubt it because he would not be critizing this Agent. Chances are he is a far left open border kind of guy. Because he has no idea what it is like to walk in this Agents shoes, no idea at all. If the facts are different than what are being reported, then I will come back and render a different opinion. But based on what's out there now, the Agent did what he felt he had to do, he will be vindicated.

That's my opinion, so until next time I will see you on down the road.

God Bless you and God Bless America,


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