Friday, April 20, 2012

Obama Seizes Control Over All Food, Farms & Livestock and Farm Equipment In America

Obama Seizes Control Over All Food, Farms & Livestock and Farm Equipment In America

Well friends and neighbors especially and I do mean especially, his dictatorship Hussein Obama has now seized control over all foods, farms, livestock and frarm equipment.
I surmise he is either trying to set himself up as a farmer before he gets his ass kicked out of the White House in November or he is getting ready to let everyone know, that he is no longer your president but that he is your Dictator.  I would bet that it is the latter.  If he try’s such a foolish act, it will come before the election.

We told ya so” just doesn’t quite cut it anymore. As the American sheeple slept, selfishly refusing to take a stand against tyranny, the Obama administration has been plotting what can only be called a total government takeover of America.
On March 16, 2012, President Obama issued an executive order entitled, “NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS.”

This executive order states that the President alone has the authority to take over all resources in the nation (labor, food, industry, etc.) as long as it is done “to promote the national defense” — a phrase so vague that it could mean practically anything.
The power to seize control and take over these resources is delegated to the following government authorities:
(1) the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer;
(2) the Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;
(3) the Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to health resources;
(4) the Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation;
(5) the Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and
(6) the Secretary of Commerce with respect to all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction materials.

The authority delegated by section 201 of this order may be used only to support programs that have been determined in writing as necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense:

(a) by the Secretary of Defense with respect to military production and construction, military assistance to foreign nations, military use of civil transportation, stockpiles managed by the Department of Defense, space, and directly related activities;

What all this means is that the U.S. government  can now claim the power to simply march onto your farm with guns drawn and demand all your crops, seeds, livestock and farm equipment. And for those living in denial who refuse to accept the reality of what’s happening in America, remember the following:  Read it for yourself:

When NaturalNews reported on the existence of the NDAA, we were told our reporting was misleading because Obama opposed it and wouldn’t sign it.• When Obama betrayed America and signed the bill, we were told our reporting was misleading because “it didn’t apply to Americans.”

• When Obama admitted it did apply to Americans, he announced that he would choose “not to use it on Americans” but only by the grace of his restraint. Nobody who previously accused us of misleading the public had the integrity to offer us an apology and say, “Gee, you were right, it DOES apply to Americans!”
• Now Obama has seized control over all food, farms, livestock, water and transportation across America. How many brain-dead Americans will continue to live in denial and try to convince themselves this is not happening? Sticking your head in the sand does not make this go away…

I am not going to say that this will not happen, because I just have no idea if it will or not; what I am saying with the executive order that Hussein Obama signed, it can happen. if this idiot tried to pull this off with no other reason at all, I believe that the American people are not going to sit just around and let it happen…draw your own conclusion.  Hussein Obama can’t be that stupid……….or can he?  We will know in October. Read complete article here.

I listened this morning to an interview this morning when a local farmer in Iowa somewhere told the reporter that FEMA has already been by his farm taking an inventory of his crops, livestock, farm equipment and what not. He said that FEMA had been there for some time, all of the local farmers as well were being inventoried by FEMA as well. Sounds interesting.

This afternoon, Nancy Pelosi said that on their (Democrat left wing loons) to amend the first amendment, I almost fell out of my chair…What do they want to amend our freedom of speech for….well maybe they want to shut me up, or maybe they want to shut up TexasFred,  good luck on that. I know how Fred would react to that, but I can’t repeat what he would say, better than that..lets ask him.  Bottom line, they have no business in trying to amend the first amendment, period.  We got Change All Right.!!

Fred, the left hand loons want to amend the first amendment to shut you up,….What say you. I told my readers I could not repeat it, but you tell……hahahahah
I will close with this. In my short 60 years of life, I have never ever been worried about the importance of an election, I am very concerned about this election. 
Years back, I may have disagreed with Democrats, but never ever worried about a President as I am about this guy, he has compromised our national security, he has refused to secure our borders and he bows to Muslims leaders and he is apologizes for America, and the best for last, his own attorney has said publicly that Obama’s birth certificate is a FRAUD. 
Yes, yesterday afternoon, it was released by Obama’s own lawyer that his birth certificate is a fake…source


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