Thursday, July 8, 2010

"No Leaks In Our Border"

I would like to give Kudos to all of the United States federal Agents strapped with attempting to secure and defend our porous borders. They are tasked with the most difficult assignment one could imagine. They are doing a great job. However, we have a President of the United States that is willing to sue one our own states for wanting to secure and protect its own border.  I just do not understand the Presidents logic. It falls in line with some of his more recent actions. Instructing the director of NASA, John Bolden to find a way to improve relations with the Muslim world. The most recent gaff, securing the services of the attorney that represented John Walker Lindh (The American Taliban) to prosecute the law-suit against the Arizona immigration law.  This makes no sense what-so-ever,  at least not to me; NASA is (was) charged with exploring space ventures not world diplomacy.  Maybe to the most educated mind it makes all the sense in the world. Now let me try and get back on track to my topic, I sometimes tend to drift away from what I started to write about in the first place, just ask the Texican, he will vouch to that....ANYWAY, as you know our border leaks like a crazy, and its not the fault of the United States Border Patrol, they are doing what they can. Let me show you an example of some of the items that get through. These guys bust their humps to get the job done.

It just seems to me that the administration does not want to secure the Border, the Border could be secured, make no doubt about it. This President wants to make it a political issue. He is needing the Hispanic vote, as well as the African American vote. He is a Lame duck President and he knows it.  So by instructing Holder to file the lawsuit he thinks he is attempting to score points with the Hispanic community. I will concede he will garner some support from both the Hispanics and African Americans, but I think more will come out in support of the new Arizona law and off- setting his supporting votes. Who really knows. In the mean time more and more weapons are being smuggled into Mexico by all means possible, you would be frightened by all of the weapons and currency going south from the United States. I have been in law enforcement for over 25 years and this situation is out of control.  We need to demand, by any peaceful means possible that our Borders be secured. It is a major threat to our national security. All of the weapons you see depicted in the above captioned photograph was sezied just a few miles from our border, in the Matamoros area. Matamoros is just 25 miles from my home. The Cartels have, in my opinion taken total control of our borders, it seems that they can smuggle weapons, narcotics money and other contraband at will. The Border Patrol can not be expected to do it all.
I believe that another resource at our disposal is being over looked,  it's called "Cross Designation". An example would be a State Trooper or a local law enforcement officer and you send him/her to an immigration academy for a specific time period, instruct the officers in the federal immigration laws and other applicable laws. Once the officer completes the "cross-designation course, he is sworn and now has limited federal powers of arrest. By doing so, you have increased your immigration force by a substantial amount in a brief amount of time. Of course, the main focus of the cross designated officer remains the same. If he came from the ranks of a State Trooper, his responsbilities remain the same, to patrol the highways of the state enforce all state laws, and the other duties of the state outlined in the policy and procedures of that state. His focus would not be to focus on immigration law violations nor to seek out illegal immigrants, but when the opportunity presents itself, he/she could arrest and jail the illegal alien, instead of just waiting for someone to show up and make a decision for the officer. Many officers have been cross designated and assigned to federal task forces with full aresst powers. Again I repeat, by "Cross Designation" I believe you add to the immigration force, with the ability to arrest illegal immigrants when necessary. It is not authority to seek out and arrest but an added tool to use in the right cicumstance. I believe this needs to be explored, sooner than later.

The safety of our way of life is at stake, are we going to wait until we have another national tragedy to spark us into action, I hope not. However, that seems to be the trend doesn't it?

Does it have to happend again Mr. President! Secure thr Borders!

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Mrsupole said...

I think it would have to be a bigger tragedy than 9-11 before Obuyme would do anything and even then I doubt that he would because about the only thing he would do is to continue to blame it on Bush. He will find something that he thinks that Bush did not do and place the blame on him. When is the man ever going to accept responsibility for his own mistakes, uh oh, I just forgot that the messiah never makes mistakes, well at least not any that he will admit to.

I think we need to just give up and have open borders to where the Mexicans can just come across if they want and work all they want and take away every American job and then we Americans can go on welfare and just collect a check each month and more or less be on a vacation or early retirement but they do need to make the welfare in the amount of four or five thousand a month so that way we can live in the life styles we are acustomed to. And we need to take over half of the paycheck of the Mexicans to pay for this American's only welfare system. I mean lets face it there seems to be more of them than us or at the rate they have children, in about 50 years or more there will be more of them then us, but who cares cause then we can up our welfare amount for each month. They also have to pay taxes out of their checks and the babies they birth in our country are citizens of Mexico and not America and we need to retrograde back to the last 30 years of all the ones born here during those times. And they too have to decide if they are going to work in America for the American Welfare system and tax system. Yup, all the Mexicans and other Hispanics can come here and work for the Welfare System supporting all Americans. I mean how cool would that be. We could all move to Florida and California and any other desirable state of one's choice and the government has to buy it for us from the taxes from the illegal aliens who are working in the American Welfare System.

I mean what American would not want to become part of the American Welfare System and be willing to have totally open borders. Yes, I see this as the only solution to the illegal alien situation. Although I do get a funny feeling that once we implement this system we are all gonna get screwed by the illegal aliens again because they will not want to work for the American Welfare System and they will be back across that border faster than we can say, "Who dun it?". I guess that either way you look at this solution it is a win win situation for us.

So let me know what you think, and if you like my solution then spread the word around and get other Americans to join the band wagon and also to agree to join in with the American Welfare System paid for by the formally illegal aliens in America.

I think I am gonna email this idea to all my email buddies and get this system going. We need to only vote for politicians who are willing to implement this program. I am liking it better and better.

God bless.