Friday, July 6, 2012

"Gun Control - Surely You Jest"

Gun Control - Surely You Jest!

Gun control you say, who needs gun control.  According to Hussein Obama, the United States needs gun control.  President Hussein Obama will,  if given the opportunity, will  attempt to make the purchase of firearms extremely difficult everyone.

Including the hunters who enjoys the sport of hunting big game. Instead of targeting the criminal element and gangs, Obama's target is GUNS, not the CRIMINAL ELEMENT.  It is the criminal element that squeeze the trigger that kills the innocent.

President Hussein Obama has been critical of the Trayvon Martin case but why is it neither Rahm Emanuel, his good friend, former White House chief of staff, and the new Mayor of Chicago has anything to say about the epidemic of gang violence confronting his old stomping ground.  Why? The Chicago Tribune has reported that the Windy City is under siege, with homicides up 60 percent in the first three months of the Emanuel mayoralty. 

I you have follow the news at all or watch the history channel or discovery channel at all you know that hundreds, if not thousands of a very dangerous CRIMINAL GANG MS13 has infected our nations streets and neighborhoods. Which has led to more narcotics being smuggled into our country and more killings.

All because the United States has failed to secure our borders. Now I am not blaming totally Hussein Obama for this, but he is the President and he along with other presidents have FAILED to make any attempt to secure our borders.

President Barack Obama issued an executive directive in which his administration would not deport illegal immigrants who came to the United States before they were 16 years of age, are 30, and have been in the country for at least five years. Further, the Obama administration told Congress that it would take 60 days to implement the directive.
It has not been even been a month since Obama’s directive, but, according to Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), the federal government has already been granting illegal immigrants “tentative legal status.” More incredibly, according to a Washington Times report, immigration officials have been giving tentative legal status to those who do not even meet the requirements, according to U.S. Customs and Immigration (ICE) documents. (Source)

I will say this. Obama is the worst offender of the situation because he has taken away the main tool from the United States Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement and that is the Federal Law.  Thereby basically allowing the criminal elements to enter the United States unchallenged.
So when now by not securing the border the dangerous organized criminal gang MS13 has infested our country's streets and neighborhoods. This gang distributes narcotics for the cartels and carries out contract murders.

Obama made the most asinine statement I have every heard. he said that would have laws that would PREVENT criminals and the mentally challenged from being able to obtain firearms.   I have yet to see any law that would prevent any criminal from obtaining weapons, it is impossible to accomplish plain and simple.  If someone wants a FIREARM bad enough, he/she will find someone willing to sell it to him/her.

Taking weapons away from the law biding citizen is not the answer. Targeting the criminal element is a positive step forward.  Targeting intercity gangs is a positive step, targeting all criminal gangs is a positive step forward.  Instead Obama will target gun manufacturers and encourage lawsuits instead of attacking the root of the problem; the gangs and the criminal element. 

Another positive step is SECURING THE BORDER.  By securing the border you can slow down the flood of MS13 style gangs who who enter the United States hidden within the groups of illegal aliens who cross our southern border daily.

The first thing that an MS13 gangster does is what?  To locate and buy a firearm. If the government would make some type of effort to secure the borders, it would curb the flow of some of the criminal element who enter the United States. We would not stop all of them, but we could stop a few of them.   If the United States Border Patrol and ICE Agents were allowed to do their job, you would see a reduction of the criminal element entering the United States.

Am I in favor of restricting the sale of firearms at gun shows, no I am not. What I am in favor of is a background check of the person or persons buying the weapon. Now I may upset some people by saying this, but I see nothing wrong with attempting to keep the criminal from having weapons.  However by doing this, it forces the criminal to buy their  weapons from other sources, I believe it gives law enforcement an opportunity to run stings and do what is called a buy bust.  Which means it is a sting operation which is set up to arrest a criminal in the process of purchasing a firearm when he/she is not legally qualified to possess a firearm under the law.  Some of these criminals have gone to Mexico and purchased automatic weapons and return back to the United States with that weapon.  A weapon which very well may have been provided by Fast and Furious, just a thought.

Hussein Obama and his crew of idiots on one hand say "We need Gun Control," then behind closed doors they sell weapons to the Mexican Cartels, who turn the weapons against our very own United States Border Patrol, which has already killed one Agent, Brian Terry.  Barack Hussein Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder both have the blood of Agent Terry on their hands. It is apparent by the action of both, that they do not care and have no problem sleeping at night.  Both Obama and Holder should be prosecuted in this matter, but it will never happen. Obama has already given Holder executive privilege to hide behind, that action in itself should tell you that the cover-up has reached the top of the food chain.

Congress needs to unite and do the job for which they were sent to Washington to do, and that is to defend our country our borders from any enemy foreign and domestic. Right now we have a president and a Attorney General who should be defending our country, but they are not.

The sad part my fellow Patriots, this administration is not and will not stop at anything in efforts to restrict or remove firearms from every law abiding citizen.  The only way that we can stop this encroachment into our civil liberties comes this November, it will be our last opportunity to take our country back.  I know that some say that Romney is not any better than Obama. I do not agree.  I have never heard Romney say he wants to restrict or remove firearms.  I do know this, Romney is a natural born American.  I know where Romney goes to church.  We know where he went to school, we have seen his records, we have seen his birth certificate, we have seen his social security card and all of the records that Obama has failed to produce, which includes his social security card.

Again I will implore we to unite as a Nation unite to remove Hussein Obama from the office of President. In my sole opinion, he is a fraud and was elected on fictitious information which he provided.  Obama occupy's the office of President, an office which has previously been occupied by true American's.  From George Washington, John Adams,Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, and Ole Hickory,  and the rest of the early Presidents worked on and molded the United States and brought her to greatness.

I have never mentioned perfect, because it is not.  However, I have never ever have been so disgusted over any President as I am now. I know that I am not alone in those feelings.  There are those as well feel like Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  That is what makes America great, you can disagree and not be shot to death for disagreeing.  However, if Obama is re-elected, he is going to implement changes that have never ever been seen before, he started with Obama Care and it may end in total socialism. There are laws hidden within this bill that will come to light at some point, heaven forbid. Laws which know one but Obama knows about.

Just remember Nancy Pelosi, "WE MUST PASS THIS BILL TO KNOW WHAT IS IN IT." That is a very scary thought, a bill that was past and no one knew everything that was in it. I leave you that in mind, May God Bless us all.

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You very well know this blog is being watched by the SecretService for anything THEY deem inappropriate by the American people to lead-up to martial law which you know is comin'arounddabend... Annie, gitchur gun. And, no, it's not a sin to stand-up to tyranny. God bless you. Meet me in Heaven, dude, and we'll have a beer.