Friday, March 5, 2010

Looking for Shady.

Hey Shady, where are you man?  Pappy here just checking all our hideouts for news and secret information.  I know you probably don't recognize me in this hat, but I bought it on a trip to Alaska so I wouldn't look like a tourist.  Is it working?  Here's a poem I wrote about the trip when I got home.

Lonely Maiden

rarely seen
except in silhouette.

Your calls are heard
across the frigid sea.

The summer light
shines on your wrinkled face.

We are not turned away,
but drawn.

Those who stay, cling to you
with tenuous
but determined grip.

Some persevere,
others wane.
Many look and sail away.

Haunted by your charms.


Dennis Price 


willow said...

Alaska is such a delightful little goody at the end. Love this one. And LOVE the hat, Pappy. I've missed your poetry. xx

willow said...

Hey, did you see my latest poem "Souvenir" posted this week? I kinda like how it came out.