Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanks "Pappy"

I would like to thank my buddy the Texican, (Pappy) for the kind introduction, all I can say is, it's my turn next Pappy. I am gonna spill the beans on our around the town pursuits where the pursuer became the pursued!!  Do you remember? Now that's a good story left for another day.

Anyway, my unbalanced opinions are just around the corner, I know that it will be fun. So hold on for the ride, it is going to get a little bumpy at times.

I was asked about how I became known as "Shady", I will get into that topic hopefully on the next post.


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The Texican said...

Just so you can try out your comments section. Your layout looks great. I think you'll enjoy the pursuit. I'll try and steer some lookers your way. Pappy