Monday, December 20, 2010

Brian Terry United States Border Patrol Killed in Line of Duty.

Agent Brian Terry
  As everyone well knows now Border Partrol Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed in the line of duty on December 14, 2010. Agent Terry was killed while his unit was persuing what is known as a "Rip Crew." A rip crew is  the name given to gangs/groups that seek to rip off people being used as drug mules or those crossing the border illegally. Do you remember when Secretary Napolitano referenced the Southern area of Arizona was now safer than it has been in years. Lets go tell that to Agent Terrys family. I do not believe the family would agree with Secretary Napolitanos view of the border being safer now than before.  In my opinion, Secretary Napolitano should resign her position, she is not qualified for the position.  She is so far left in her political view that she almost falls off the chart.
Just look at our border situation, it is totally out of control. The cartel is able to clearly able to operate within our own borfers and free to import tons and tons of narcotics, almost at will. Our men and women of United States Border Protection, which includes Border Patrol are doing a fantastic job. A job made more difficult and more dangerous because of an impotent Presidential administration. We do confiscate tons of narcotics destined for the United States. Our front line agents and narcotic task forces are doing a wonderful job,  With that said, can you just imagine how much of the illict narcotics make it to the heartland of the United States and Canada on a yearly basis,  it is  beyond imagination my friends. I have witnessed the war on drugs from the front lines when I worked narcotics for about 6 years when I was assigned to a narcotics task force.  I have seen the tons of drugs that were seized by agents, and like in any war I have seen agents, like Agent Brian Terry killed in this drug war. A drug war that has gone unchecked and our border has gone unsecured for much too long.  The administration contiuues do nothing. It is an insult to the good men and women who risk their life daily, and their oun government will not assist and secure the borders. How many more Agents must die, how many more families will be ripped apart before this President decides to get involved and assist in securing the border?

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu 

The drug war has now expanded into a battle of keeping out terrorists who are now mixing in with the massive exodus of illegal immigrants, and Secretary Napolitano wants to say our Southern Border is safer now, than it has been in years past, I say B.S.!!  Napolitano qualifies her statement by saying border apprehensions have gone down compared to years past.  Maybe apprehensions have gone down, but that does not secure our borders or make them any safer than before. I have talked with many field agents and Sheriffs from along the border and I am being told our borders are just as dangerous and just as pourous and just as dangerous as in previous years, especially in Arizona.  The pleas from Sheriff Paul Babeu have basically fallen on deaf ears. Multiple times the Sheriff has requested and invited President Obama to come down and visit the area, and to my knowledge, President Obama has not assepted Sheriffs Babeu's invitation. Why would the President not come down to the border area and meet with Sheriff Babeu and the other Sheriffs of the area? I relly wonder why. The President has jumped aboard his big ole "747" and took a trip to Iraq and to Afghanistan and visited with the troops who are fighting our war on terror, which was good.  Maybe, just maybe President Obama and his administration does not classify the killig of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry as a casualty of the drug war, maybe President Obama does not classify the war on drugs as an actual war, maybe the Presidents believes this is a "Police Action."  I just do not know what our President thinks. We all know in the past, Obama did not want to call the "War on Terror" a War on Terror. He also did not, or does not want to call a Terrorist a Terrorist, as not to offend a certian class of people. So with all the video and sounds bites of the President's remarks, I truly believe he thinks the war on drugs is just a mere police problem and does not require or need troop intervention.  He wants the States to handle it.  So what does the President do to assit the state of Arizona? When immigration legislation was passed to tightened its own state immigration law, President Obama had his Attorney General (Eric Holder) sue the State of Arizona citing the new Arizona immigration is unconstitutional. I can go on and on with all of the negatives. The bottom line is however, President Obama and his administration have refused to secure our borders. It is dangerous and grows more dangerous on a daily basis. American citizens are now being murdered by the drug cartel. The drug cartels are now adopting the tacics of terrorist. Hamas has infiltrated the cartels to a degree,  which is evident by recent car-bomb explosions in Matamoros and Reynosa, and Cd Juarez Mexico in past months. Has the car bombings peaked any interest from the White House? Not to my knowledge.
This administration does nothing to assist in securing our borders but sit idly by and wait for a major event to happen. President Obama is on record of saying the United States can aborb another 9/11 style attack. I do not believe the American people will absorb another term of an idle President who has dang near drowned this Great Nation in debt by his massive unchecked spending habits. A debt that very well may never ever paid.  We may very well be working to secure our own borders in the furture, however the border lines may be different than what we are used to seeing in the future;  we may be known as the "United States of China". Stop and think who owns most of our debt NOW. Yes you are right, China does. With that I close for now.  My closing statement,

Mr. President, "We The People" just partially cleaned house in the past Mid-Term Elections, we will finish the job in 2012.

To all of our Troops on the front lines of Afganhistan and Iraq, and to the Border Patrol Agents, Police Officers Sheriffs Deputies and Border Task Forces and Firefighters of this Great Nation that stand the watch on our nations frontlines,  thank you so much much for your continued and dedicated service.

To the family of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, you are in are prayers, and Agent Terry will be gone, but never forgotten, you are a hero.

Well, until next time my friends, take care and May God Bless You and God Bless America.

Merry Christmas to all of my Brother Officers and a Happy New Year, please stay safe.


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