Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Clear and Present Danger" - Where is Eric Holder?

What is "Clear and Present Danger"? No, it's not the movie with Harrison Ford. Without knowing the true Polictical Correct definition,  I would think it is anything that is said, attempted, conspired to do or carried out that presents a true danger to the existence of United States government and our allies, citizens. In my humble opinion, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has more than done his share of damage and he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and if convicted of treason,  Assange should be executed, or confined to jail for life. Now to be fair, I know Assange had assistance in obtaining these documents from the young alleged traitor Pfc. Bradley Manning. Manning will be face an article 32 hearing them he will face a court martial, and he as well may face execution if convicted. He chose the road, now he muct face the music.  I do not know Manning, however I feel so badly for his parents, as I know the parents must be suffering. The young man is their son, they still love this lad. The parents also will suffer the humiliation that Bradley has caused his entire family.
Samuel Assange is sabotaging our Country. Where in the hell is Eric Holder, Eric Holder was so quick in suing the State of Arizona to protect illegal immigrants; however Holder has not done one thing to protect our Country, our soldiers, or our allies; to me that is a crime as well. He continues to drag his feet. This just goes to show you how serious the Obama Administration takes the security of our Country. According to Holder, Wikileaks is being investigated.  An international warrant of arrest should have been obtained months ago, when Assange published the first set of documents. The last I heard, the Swiss government has issued an arrest warrant for Assange for sexual assault, at least someone is doing something to attempt to detain Assange. Wikileaks website should be taken down and labeled as a terrorist organization. The massive amount of damage done to the United States intelligence will take years to repair, if it is even possible. The Countries that were assisting us with the war are going to be extremely hesitant to assist in the future, and who can really blame them. It appears all the this administration does is bark, they never bite, so this pattern of conduct is going to continue. The leaks to Assange will continue, the treason within our own armed forces will contiue until this administration grows a pair and does something.

Can you just imagine for one second if someone fron Iran were to get caught leaking senative information to the United States, I think there would be an a public beheading in the town square at noon.

This is a serious issue, our troops are risking their life on a daily basis, they are deserving of an administration that has their back, not one that will do nothing. Mr. President, stop this madness, you have the power to get the plug pulled on Wikileaks, just "GIT'ER DONE'. 

We can not allow this type of conduct to go unchecked or unpunished. We do not need to know all that goes on behind closed doors, even though some of those in the media feel that we need to know it all. We don't.

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David said...

You forgot to read the "Pentagon Papers". It was also was made into a movie...so you could go that route if reading is a problem. Daniel Ellsberg can give you some perspective....