Friday, November 19, 2010

The Joke of the Day - "T.S.A."

I have been watching with great vigor on all of the hoopla concerning TSA and these "Atomic Ray" Superman X-Ray vision machine that can see directly through your clothing, sensitive enough to see a bead of sweat on your back, your stomach, or other areas of your body. Now if we do not want to go through the X-Ray vision scanner, we can Opt-Out of the scanning and be groped by strangers.  Actually touchy feely of your breast, thighs, groin, your rear end, or as what has become famous, your "junk". In other words fans and friends, your private areas. I am totally for airline safety, I am the first one who does not want to get blasted out of the sky by some freaking terrorist, or anybody else as far as that goes. However, I guess if we want to fly, we are going to have to put up with the encroaching tactics of TSA. The problem is, there is a better way to do the screening. It is called profiling, "NOT RACIAL PROFILING, JUST PROFILING".  With that said, the ACLU will scream at the top of their lungs that the authorities would be engaging in racial profiling, and that would not be the case.  What is the description of someone that would blow us out of the sky. The person may or may not be a prototypical terrorist. We can not fall in to believeing that a terrorist is "just someone who is from the middle east. The minute we fall in to that sterotypic attitude, we are in serious trouble.   The composition of a terrorist now can be black, white, or any other ethnic background. What makes a terrorist is their twisted belief that America is evil. Within the group I just described so happens to be some radical Islamic extremist that want us dead. However it is so much more than that,  all it takes is someone ala Timothy McVeigh to be a terrorist.. Someone that has a chip on his/her shoulder. Someone that has a weak mind and can be recruited by a terrorist organization. So by profiling "PEOPLE" we would be effectively screening all people in all areas of the airport. Do I think that a pat down has its place in the airport, absolutely, pat downs, not grouping.  Pat down searches can be used when alarms have been set off by screeners, or people refusing to comply with instructions. We need to take lessons from the best, Israel.  they live in one of the most dangerous area of the world, and they keep their planes in the sky, and they move the most cargo as well with no trouble.  The United States needs to consult with Issac Yeffet, the former Chief of Security for El Al Airline. A company by the way who has an annual revenue of approximately 2.1 billion dollars. I believe the TSA could learn from Mr.Yeffet. If he kept El Al safe for 30 years it stands to reason he would be able to give TSA some pointers. I have been through some International security checks, in Mexico they use the tactic of profiling people who are in the airports waiting for flights, I have sat their and watched them pull passengers aside and question them, and it is no big deal. The Mexican officals are not afraid of stopping you and asking questions. They will also pat you down, but not to the point of jingling your "junk" in one hand and groping your rear-end with the other hand.  A suggestion would be to hire our retiring military soldiers, who are the best trained in the world, and turn them loose in the airport and they will find who does not belong on a plane.  Couple that with a pat down search when necessary, and you will see a huge difference in airport safety. Then turn your attention to airline cargo safety and our safety will improve 10 fold. In my opinion, TSA is not good enough. Like I said, you need the highly trained professionals, not just someone off the street that is looking for a job. 150 hours of training is not enough, I am talking about the highly skilled, highly trained professional that has years of  training.  The retiring military soldiers, retiring Navy Seals, Green Berets, Delta Force personnel. Those are just a few suggestions, however;  I am just a ole red-neck Texan, what do I know, right. I hope ya'll have a great day, be safe out there, and if you happen to be flying this weekend, please hang on to your "junk".

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The TSA says PERV stands for Program to Examine Random Voyagers....but we know it's really:

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