Tuesday, November 16, 2010

$32,000 Reduced to $8,000 for Education

Hola mi amigos. I hope everyone is doing well this fine after noon. I heard about this on Fox news this afternoon. It seems like California politicans are pushing to have tuition for illigal immigrants lowered from $32,000 to $8,000 dollars. However they will charge me the full $32,000 dollars if I come from another state to seek my education in California. Now what is wrong with that picture? Needless to say Nancy Pelosi and Harry "how did you get re-elected" Reid will be pushing for this. As it is California is so far in debt that Governor Terminator can't see find his rear end with both hands if he had to. Well I was born in Contra Costa County in 1952, returned for a few years in 89 and returned to Texas. Do not get me wrong I love California, I have many dear relatives their. I just can not understand this $32,000 to $8,000 trade off. I guess they would rather educate an illegal immigrant who happens to be a terrorist from Iran, or from somewhere out there. Not all of the illegal immigrants are from Mexico, some are from the Middle East and other areas. Yo no sey amigos.

All I am saying it is not right, it seems to me they have it backwards, they should be paying the $32,000 and U,S, citizens should be paying the 8 grand. I makes me dizzy trying to figure it out, so I won't. I will just chalk ot up to Nancy Pelosi and her amigo Harry "how did you get re-elected" Reid. They want to turn our Country over to the illegals anyway. They are both worthless as far as I am concerned.


Katherine said...
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Katherine said...

I hear your frustrations here James and similar things are happening here in Australia, not just in education, but in employment opportunities, training in other areas, in housing, health, dental and the list goes on....
Not all immigrants though are terrorists and some, I know, have lived terrible, terrible existences in their country of birth and need a helping hand.
I believe that all things should be equal, that all residents of a country should be treated equally & should pay the same.
So rather than immigrants paying $8000 & US citizens paying $32000 ... wouldn't it be fairer to average those two totals out and pay $20000 annually. And to help all those citizens, both immigrants & Us citizens that are struggling financially but still wish to study ... why not means test them for eligibility and subsidize their education costs in an equitable fashion.
I believe that what is good for one should be good for all.