Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mexican Military Planting Drugs on Americans? Your Kidding Right?

 Words you never want to hear when you are in a foreign county, "You are under ARREST". If you have ever watched the television show locked up abroad you will understand the horrible prison conditions. This is what Shohn Huckabee, a US citizen from west Texas faces. HUCKABEE was charged by the Mexican Police with possession of 100 pounds of marijuana and faces 5 years in a nasty Mexican prison.

(The Blaze) It all started in December 2010 when Huckabee, 24, and his friend Carlos Quijas, 36, were imprisoned by the Mexican military for allegedly attempting to whisk 100 lbs of marijuana across the US-Mexico border. Mexican police subsequently charged them with intent to sell, and sentenced each man to 5 years in prison. Read More:

Herein is the hurdle for Huckabee.  Mexican national Humberto Leal Garcia is in a Texas prison for the BRUTAL 1994 kidnapping, rape and murder of Adria Sauceda, a 16-year-old girl.

If you know anything about Texas you need to know this; if you commit a heinous crime like Garcia did, you are going to DIE.  Texas has a no nonsense stance on brutal cases. Now you say "what does this case have to with the Huckabee case?"  The Obama administration is taking up the crying towel for HUMBERTO LEAL GARCIA, saying that he (Garcia) was not allowed to contact the Mexican consulant.  The case was taken before the Supreme count who said only CONGRESS can pass a law to force a State to allow the defendant to contact the consulate. So that means, HUMBERTO GARCIA LEAL, will die tomorrow as scheduled.  In my redneck opinion, Mexico will not be in the mood to render any assistance to Mr. Huckabee.  What I know about the Huckabee case is what I have read. I do know that the Mexican Police has had a reputation of being corrupt and brutal in years past. 
I wish the Huckabee family all of the best in their efforts in having their son released from the depths of the Mexican prison system. Just remember this, Mexico's justice system is opposite of ours system, in Mexico you are guilty until YOU prove yourself innocent.
Where is Hillary Clinton? Where is President Obama requesting the release of HUCKABEE, an American citizen.  No Obama would rather align himself with someone who brutally kidnapped, raped and murdered a 16 year old girl, who had her life snuffed out by an illegal alien, who should not have been here in the first place. Garcia was judged guilty by a jury of his peers, just as the jury found the Anthony girl innocent of killing her own daughter. Our system may have flaws, but it is the best in the world.
In closing all I can say is very simple........It Is What It Is.......

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Mrsupole said...

Well on Sunday night, me and two of my grandkids were hit in the back of my car by a drunk who then took off and ran. We are pretty certain he was an illegal. I stopped for the light and then we hear this big "boom" and my car is pushed into the intersection. Good thing another car was not in front of mine. And so glad that I carry uninsured motorist insurance. With all the hit and runs that I have had happen to me, I swear that I must carry a target sign on me.

I think I just want to stay home and not leave the house anymore. Half the people here in CA do not even speak English and one would think this state is another country sometimes. We could be some Asian country or some country south of our border. Having ancestors from both of those areas makes me glad that my ancestors assimilated into being Americans.

We are proud to be Americans and just wish those who choose to live in this country would feel the same way. Sadly they teach their children to be loyal to their country they left and did not want to live in. I think they should go back to those countries if they are so loyal to them. Go back and make your homeland a better place to live in and leave America to those who want to become Americans and love this country above all others.

God bless America and may America bless God.