Friday, July 15, 2011

NFL's Channel Dukes & Sapp Dump On Romo's Leadership Skills

You can tell that the NFL lockout is getting close to settling the CBA because the annual Tony Romo bashing has begun. For what ever reason, Tony Romo is Jamie Dukes pinata, and ole Warren Sapp gets in his licks as well.  All I can say about Tony Romo is he must have a callous 10 inches thick on his backside, because ever since he was named as the starter by Bill "The Tuna" Parcells they have raked ole Tony over the coals.  So when Jamie Dukes started the 4th annual bash bowl against Tony, I knew the NFL season is getting close. Yesterday I just happened to be watching the NFL total access when Dukes started weighing in on Romo's leadership skills, or his lack of leadership skills.

 According to Dukes and his side kick Warren Sapp, Romo is not a team leader.  Based on Dukes professional analysis of Romo's  lack of leadership, the team sucks.  So we have Dukes, an undrafted guard out of college, like Romo, analysing a Quarterback. Makes since to me.  And you have Sapp, a defensive player, saying that Romo, is not a born leader, because leaders are born, not made!  I am nauseous already. Why don't we have QB's analysing QB's. Like maybe recently retired Kurt Warner, a no doubt HOF'er on the first ballot. He might be able to shed so light on the subject. Why Warner, discounting the obvious, Warner was over looked by the NFL, and almost never played in the NFL.  He has an honest take on Romo, he knows him.

Here you have a young man, who against all of the odds, made the Dallas Cowboy 53 man Roster, after not being drafted by any of the 32 NFL teams, including the Cowboys.  I do not know the exact scenario on who invited Romo for a tryout out, but it does not matter at this stage of the game. What does matter is the constant maligning of Romo's ability as a quarterback and his alleged lack of leadership skills.  

I believe Romo is entering his 9th season with the Cowboys. The last five as the starter. One hell of an accomplishment for an undrafted free agent from Eastern ILL University.
Anyway, according to Dukes,  based on HIS analysis of Tony Romo, Romo is not a leader. Dukes goes even further and quantifies his superior analytic talent by saying that in the regular season Tony Romo is ranked 4th in the history of the NFL with an overall 95.5 passer rating.

Again Dukes says Romo's 95.5 passer rating is ranked 4th in the entire history of the game. Not bad for a young man who went undrafted and is from a tiny college. The stats Dukes refers to covers the 5 years that Romo has started.  Which covers about 89 games more or less. Remember now, Romo was injured and played only 6 games in 2010. In 2008, Romo missed 3 games due to injury. 

If my memory serves me correctly, Dukes said that Romo ranks 104th in passer rating in the playoffs with a 59.4 rating,  down from 4th in regular season; So Jamie Dukes has said that Romo has a problem and appears not to be a leader because of his poor performance in playoffs...interesting. Dukes is basing this on 4 playoff games. That is utter BS Jamie Dukes. You mean to tell me that you can calculate that in four games Romo is not a leader and will not be a leader, if so I am LMAO amigo. What about Peyton Manning Jamie, from 1999 to 2003, Peyton Manning lost his first 4 playoff games, then in 2004, Peyton won his first playoff game, but dropped the next game, for a record of 1-5 with a rating of 81.58.  The Colts did not qualify in 1998 nor in 2001. So are you going to tell me that Manning is not a leader now?  What  is your argument based on?  What you said earlier, your argument does not hold water. Understand this, in no way am I saying Tony Romo will turn out to be Peyton Manning, but I am not going to say that he won't either. Only time will tell that story.  The only thing your theory proves to me is your disdain for either the Dallas Cowboys or Tony Romo, which is it Jamie?  

Now Warren Sapp says that leaders are born, not made, I disagree. How do you figure that Warren?  Before you are a leader, you have some experience in something in order to apply your leadership skills, born leader or otherwise. Insofar as Romo not being a leader, maybe not. Maybe he has the ability to motivate his players in a way you are not familiar with. Who the heck knows how Tony Romo is going to progress.  Romo is not a Troy Aikman get in your face or get on your ass style of leadership, however I am not with Romo 24/7, so I do not know, I do believe some of the issues that has hindered Romo, is the lack of a decent offensive line, if Romo stays upright and given time, he has proven on more than one occasion that he will light you up.

Let Romo make it or break it on his own, he either will make it or he won't make it, my money is he will make it.  You have left Matt Ryan alone, and how many playoff games has he won....I wonder.

I think I will analyze you Jamie and Warren, lets see what happens..

I really do enjoy your show, very entertaining, and you both do a very good job....

Keep your powder dry..

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Anonymous said...

Jamie Dukes knows only knows just one topic, he hates the Dallas Cowboys. Dukes along with Rod Woodson dispises the Cowboys. Woodson because Dallas tapped danced on his head in Super Bowl XXX. Dukes just plain just hates Dallas and Tony Romo. I know this because I use to work with them all, oh well that is Life in the NFL,
Here today gone tomorrow.