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Athens Texas Threathened By Law Suit from “Freedom From Religion Foundation”.

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Nativity Scene in Athens, Texas

Athens, Texas We are just a couple of weeks from Christmas, for  many, Christmas is the season for celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, for others it is just another day on the calendar and for our children, it is the day which old St. Nick slides down the chimney and delivers gifts for all of the children. Also, it is time for families to gather and just be together, swapping stories, and loving each others company, eating, and watching the Dallas Cowboys and giving thanks to our Lord and Savior for what he did for us.

However, there are a scant few who live for nothing more than attempting to destroy anything that relates to Christmas or Christ, in other words the atheist of the world. It does not matter to them who THEY MIGHT OFFEND or the children they may confuse with their beliefs; they just want to draw attention to themselves; my blogging friend has told me not to write a word about them at all,  as all it does is give them credibility. Well I was going to do that, but I have to speak out on this ENEMY OF GOD.  

What is the issue, you ask.  The issue is the City of Athens, Henderson County has a Nativity Scene that has been set up across the street from the Court House. The nativity scene has been a staple of Athens for years and has been enjoyed by many. During which time, there has not been an issue until now.  A complaint was lodged against the Nativity Scene.  The complaint was not from anyone in Texas, but by a Atheist group that calls themselves the “freedom from religion foundation”, from the State of Wisconsin, yeppers, from Wisconsin.  ffrf indicated they received an anonymous  letter from a ffrf member in Athens who complained.  So they intervened.

Well to Mr. or Mrs or Ms, apparently your beliefs are weak and you are gutless, because you do not have the INTESTINAL FORTITUDE to come forward and identify yourself.  If the Nativity offends you that much, come forward and identify yourself.  I would respect you if you publically took a stand for what you believe in, but you are hiding behind the skirts of an atheist organization, for that you get no respect from me.   It does not make one bit of sense to me, however I am a Christian, and I believe in ALL that the freedom from religion foundation is against and stands for.  

As you have read the ffrf and people with like beliefs, do not believe in a “GOD”, or a creator; so they want to shove their beliefs down the throats of all Christian’s and force Henderson County to remove the Nativity scene from across the street of the Henderson County Courthouse.  Well I would be a little harsher in my response to the ffrf, but I will keep those remarks to myself.

As I said, I believe in God, I believe that we were created in the image of God, just as the bible said in Genius 1:26, period.  Now IF, we were not created by a supreme being as alleged by the some atheists, then how in the hell were we created?  Some contend we were once monkeys, or some type of primate. (I know that ain’t true, because I hate bannas)  I will counter with the way it is, we were created by GOD, and nobody will convince me otherwise. 

The difference is I do not go around suing atheist because they are infringing on my rights to believe as I do; and by filing the lawsuit against Henderson County, the ffrf is offending me. By suing Athens to have them remove the Nativity scene, ffrf is infringing on the citizens right to have the Nativity scene. This issue is simple to solve; those who did not want to see the Nativity Scene, take another route, don’t look at it, better yet, move to Afghanistan, you will fit in perfectly.
What is interesting is, the freedom from religion foundation is suing Henderson County because of the Nativity scene, because they believe the separation of church and state has been violated. 

One logical question that one might ask someone; not necessarily the ffrf, but someone with those same beliefs is the following. “If you are who you say you are, a non-believer in God,  and anything dealing with God offends you,  then why do you do business with or for that matter accept the currency that is issued by the United States of America? Do you get where I am going with this?

The modern motto of the United States of America, as established in a 1956 law signed by President Dwight D Eisenhower is In God We Trust. The phrase IN GOD WE TRUST is the motto for currency (but not as a National motto) first appeared on United States coins in 1864. “In God We Trust”, however I would gather would be a statement contrary to the belief’s of all atheist’s.

 If they are talking the talk, and filing lawsuits against people or county governments, I would guess they should walk the walk not accept United States currency and do business in Mexican Pesos, Dinars or any other currency which is aligned with their beliefs, if not they are hypocrites, plain and simple. It is ok to chastise and sue counties for a simple Nativity scene, but on the other hand,  these atheist organizations uses, and excepts currency of the United States of America, (which has In God We Trust on the currency) in doing so, you and others like you are nothing more than mere hypocrites, however this is just my opinion. If you don’t like it move to Iraq or Iran, they will welcome you with open arms! Or if you don’t like it, go take a soldiers place in Afghanistan, as they are the ones who have fought and given you the right to complain.
(TYLER, TX (KLTV by Melanie Torre)The controversy surrounding an East Texas nativity scene is sparking debate all across the United States. When the Freedom From Religion Foundation asked Henderson County to remove the display from their courthouse lawn the county refused.  Henderson County pastors are now organizing a nativity rally to take place on the courthouse steps next week.  More than 70 East Texas pastors came together in support of the Henderson County Nativity Rally. 
This is not a rebel rally. This is a rally in which we unite believers in unity with one voice saying we’re going to stand for the faith that we believe in,” says First Baptist Church of Malakoff Senior Pastor Nathan Lorick. Organizers say for one hour on December 17 Christians will gather in worship and prayer.
“They’re going to be addressing a lot of different things– the purpose of why we’re getting together, they’re going to be addressing the reason of the nativity, what it represents, the gospel message is going to be clearly shared,” says Rock Hill Baptist Church Pastor Robert Welch. But they say they’re going to talk about some other things too– like the overlooked issues facing their community– drugs, hunger and poverty. Read Complete Story

I have never met County Commissioner Joe Hall, but he seems to be a no non-sense Texan and stands up for what he believes in; Commissioner Hall has drawn a line in the sand on this issue and I would guess, he ain’t gonna budge an inch……and Hall is gaining strength daily. This is gonna be a good old brawl between beliefs.  I applaud you Commissioner Hall, and so does most of America, may God Be with you, I know I am standing right next to you my friend, and so is God.I will leave you with this quote from Joe Hall, it is how most of us Texan feel, especially in the Bible belt.

“I’m an old country boy, you come to my house looking for a fight, you’re going to get one,” said County Commissioner Joe Hall. “That’s from the bottom of my heart.”
“We’ll remove it when HELL freezes over,” Hall said. “It’s not going to happen.

There’s no confusing how Hall feels. He says the county isn’t budging, not one square inch, and he should not, I support his decision 1000%.  The line in the sand is drawn..Now lets here some comments one stance or the other.

In closing I would like to say that America is hurting. Our country and our very own way of life is being attacked from within, in efforts to destroy our way of life, we need to unite stand together and remove the scourge from our political system and take back America. If we do not I am afraid the best years are behind us.  May God Bless You and God Bless America.

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