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Billions Of Barrels Of Untapped U.S. Oil

"The Bakken"
   Billions Of Barrels Of Untapped U.S. Oil           

The Clock is ticking and Iran appears to still challenge the United States warships in the area of the Strait of Hormuz.  

Should Iran attempt in any fashion to block the Strait, they(Ahmadinejad) will be making a serious miscalculation that the United States will do nothing and allow the Iranians to block the Strait.

I want to believe the Mad Dog Ahmadinejad will back off his threats to block the Strait, however he is just stupid enough to believe that he could pull off blocking the strait. If he does, he is letting his pride get in the way of his better judgment.  He must know that if the United States wanted to, the Naval Forces would turn their little boats into a scrap heap, and literally litter the bottom of the Strait with the remains of their ships and turn their crew into fish food.

That is the plain unadulterated truth. However if Ahmadinejad must know for sure, then sir, do what you must, however it will be in vain, and you will lose, that too is also the truth.  If you so truly believe that what I say is not true, then you as the alleged commander in chief, climb aboard one of your warships and lead the charge sir and attack.

For several reasons, the risk of an open conflict with Ahmadinejad seems to be higher for some reason in this election year than at any point since the anointed one a took office with a PLEDGE to try to BRIDGE 30 years of hostility.  A clash would represent a failure of Obama's U.S. policy on several fronts, and vault now-dormant national security concerns into the presidential election contest. In short, Obama has no idea concerning foreign policy.
The U.S. still hopes that international pressure will persuade Iran to back down on its disputed nuclear program, but the Islamic regime shows no sign it would willingly give up a project has become a point of national pride. A bomb, or the ability to quickly make one, could also be worth much more to Iran as a bargaining chip down the road.

The United States may not of  had to deal as much with the threats of Ahmadinejad threatening to block the Strait of Hormuz if we had only accepted the Keystone Pipeline and if Obama would have pushed forward an initiative to explore the opening the Bakkens; but no, no we just might kill a jack rabbit or two, or we just might harm the environment in some manner.  OBAMA  and  CONGRESS  and  would have made attempts to open the Bakken oil reserve.

In A landmark paper by Dow and a companion paper by Williams (1974) recognized the Bakken formation as a major source for the oil produced in the Williston Basin. however SNOPES says now the the amount is far less than first indicated. Now Snopes HAS A very LEFT WING slant to it, so I do not give it much credibility. Regardless, their is no doubt enough oil in the ground to off sent oil from the middle east or Venezuela.

These papers suggested that the Bakken was capable of generating 10 billion barrels (1.6×109 m3) of oil (BBbls). Webster (1982, 1984) as part of a Master’s thesis at the University of North Dakota further sampled and analyzed the Bakken and calculated the hydrocarbon potential to be about 92 BBbls. These data were updated by Schmoker and Hester (1983) who estimated that the Bakken might contain a resource of 132 BBbls of oil in North Dakota and Montana.

A research paper by USGS geochemist Leigh Price in 1999 estimated the total amount of oil contained in the Bakken shale ranged from 271 BILLION to 503 BILLION BARRELS  (8.00×1010 m3), with a mean of 413 billion barrels (6.57×1010 m3).[14] While others before him had begun to realize that the oil generated by the Bakken shales had remained within the Bakken, it was Price, who had spent much of his career studying the Bakken, who particularly stressed this point.

If he was right, the large amounts of oil remaining in this formation would make it a prime oil exploration target. However, Price died in 2000 before his research could be peer-reviewed and published. Nevertheless, the drilling and production successes in much of the Bakken beginning with the Elm Coulee Oil Field discovery in 2000 have proven correct his claim that the oil generated by the Bakken Shale was still there.  Source

So in short, the United States of America, a country who has always lead by example, has placed a man on the moon, and returned him safely, not once, but multiple times. Our Country has blazed the way in the field of Medicine. We can now transplants hearts as a routine operation. We can now safely remove and replace knee joints, hips, and shoulders in a matter of couple of hours.

So why is own very own Government holding us hostage,  forcing our Country to be ADDICTED to the Oil from the Middle East and Venezuela, a country whose leader hates the United States and what it stands for, WHY, can anyone tell me.  Can anyone please explain why our very own President(s) have failed to make an effort to open the Bakken.

Some say we would kill the environment, horse crap, which is not a reason, it's an excuse. We have the technology that would make drilling extremely safe and clean. Is it not worth being completely independent from the middle east and the other sources like Venezuela who sell the United States oil; and be free of Hugo Chavez,  a dictator who hates the United States. I say it is well worth it.  Now Sean Penn might get a little upset, he is Hugo's BFF. My suggestion is this, renounce your citizenship and move to Venezuela with your buddy Chavez, your two of a kind.

The United States and Canada is literally swimming in oil; enough of the Black Gold to take
in the grasslands of western North Dakota, one of the country's richest oil men is using a controversial gas drilling technology to develop what could be the biggest domestic oil discovery in the last 40 years. The oil lies underground in a shale rock formation stretching across western North Dakota, northeast Montana, and into Canada's Saskatchewan Province known as the Bakken.

While the rest of the world is still talking about Canada's oil sands, we here at Energy & Capital know there's another oil boom about to take off... one that has the potential to eliminate ALL OF AMERICA'S DEPENDENCE ON FOREIGN OIL
You see, in April of this month, the U.S. Geological Survey will release a major study on the "Bakken" formation, in what's being hailed as the most significant find since Alberta's Pembina Cardium play in 1957.
Saskatchewan is setting up to be a serious force in the Canadian oil industry. Underneath the south eastern section of Saskatchewan is part of the Bakken formation. The entire Bakken play lies underneath south eastern Saskatchewan, western Manitoba and North Dakota. How much oil are we talking about here?  The U.S.G.S. has reported there's possibly 400 billion barrels of oil in the Bakken play. The area in southeastern Saskatchewan is estimated to hold up hold up to 25 billion barrels of oil.

A few months ago, the Alberta government raised their royalty rates considerably on oil sands production. Those royalty increases have been met with considerable resistance by producers. In other words, Saskatchewan may turn out to be a more attractive investment for some of those companies.  With record land sales in 2007, we can expect a massive amount of investment dollars to pour into the province.  Source

There is oil, exactly where the experts say there is. For reasons  only known by                ($$$$) Barack Obama ($$$$) and his racketeers he refuses to allow anyone to lay out a plan which would allow the United States to either reduce drastically the amount of oil imported or completely rid ourselves of any imported oil from the Middle East or Venezuela.

Imagine pulling up to the gas pumps and filling up your SUV for $.15 cents a gallon, well maybe more that $.15 cents a gallon but you get the message. Think of the billions of dollars that the United States would save, look at how much money could be saved by the consumer, which would inject more money into our dismal economy.

This trickle up affect would turn into what the United States need more than anything....JOBS, which as I just said would translate into more people at work, more people paying taxes,  and more people spending money which would stimulate our stagnate economy somewhat.  Of course this would not be a FIX-ALL, but it certainly would be a big shot in the arm.

I still can not fathom what Obama is thinking, he single handed has put his foot on the throats of American by not signing off on Keystone Pipeline, which would have given us in the neighborhood of 20,000 jobs and a little life into a dead job market. I am not going back into the details, but there is something that does not pass the smell-test with the Keystone Pipeline. I am probably wrong, but why would a president snuff out jobs for the American people. Yes some are temporary jobs I know that, but its a job nonetheless.

Is it not one of the responsibility of the president of the United States to make an attempt to create jobs within the USA, is it not also the responsibility of the president to attract foreign businesses to the USA for the purpose of creating jobs?  I thought that was part of his job description.  I have seen just the opposite.

When you have an economy that has stagnated, no jobs, out of site fuel cost and an election staring a President in the face of approval ratings which are low and falling daily.  One might think Obama would have jumped at the thought of adding additional jobs,  lower fuel cost and a quick jump start to a failing economy; am I missing something here? If so I invite someone with a reasonable answer to please chime in with some type of explanation.  I would like to hear an answer as to why? If there is an answer out there
just let me know, I am curious to know an answer.

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