Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kansas City: Woman converts to Islam, shakes down AT&T for $5 million

via AT&T to pay Muslim woman $5 million for discrimination – NY Daily News.

Friends and neighbors, watch out, this crap is pathetic. Are you kidding me, 5 million bucks for pulling her stinking rag off her head.  This is the damn-est thing I have ever heard of,  I just fell out of my chair, I kid you not. Islam is like a plague of locust swarming everywhere, close your doors and lock the windows.
I read this post by creepy sharia and am posting it in it's entirety.  Its quite short, but carries a big wallop to say the least. 
Talk about winning the lottery!
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Muslim woman who was fired from her job with AT&T says years of harassment hit a peak when her boss snatched her scarf from her head and exposed her hair.
A jury awarded former Kansas City resident Susann Bashir $5 million in punitive damages Thursday, along with $120,000 in lost wages and other actual damages.

The Kansas City Star ( reports the award appears to be the largest jury verdict in a workplace discrimination case in Missouri history.  Bashir says the harassment began soon after she converted to Islam in 2005. She was fired after she left work in 2008 because of stress after filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and then didn’t come back for nine months.
AT&T says it plans to appeal.
Elsewhere in the Kansas City area, another fool from Kansas who converted to Islam has lost her three children when her Muslim husband took them to Hamas land and doesn’t plan to return with them.
More on the growing Islamic problems in Kansas and nearby Kansas City.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I get it.

But I don't think others will.

It's all about the manner in which you portray your post:

I submit: the simpler the better.

Your post was confusing.

I readily acknowledge I'll take it and massage it. But I will make attributions.

And I hate word confirmations.



Always On Watch said...

I wonder how many more similar, less lucrative for the "victim" incidents are happening all over the United States?

"Shady" said...

It may be more than we will ever known friend. That's the sad part.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Finally: Islam respects nothing but itself and physical force.

And I've always wondered: when some court awards millions of dollars for a "slight," real or perceived, when is it that an individual decides that it's more efficient and conclusive to simply kill the complainant rather than pay said judgment?

Particularly if/when said judgments go AGAINST Islam.