Monday, June 11, 2012

Mexico Cracks Down On Illegal Aliens...Again!

Now is that something, Mexico is cracking down on the illegals in their country, funny thing, when the United States or independent States ie, Arizona crack down, Mexico is the first to scream that we discriminating against the Hispanics. 

However, when Mexico cracks down, all is well, A-Ok.  Where is all the screaming and protest against Mexico for tossing out the illegal Alien in their Country.  I do not even hear a whimper.

The Mexican Senate has approved a new immigration measure that seeks protections of unauthorized migrants within its borders, as well as more services for them.  The bill also cracks down on undocumented immigrants in Mexico, allowing federal police to check immigration documents of people they encounter during their work, and imposing fines on employers who hire people who are illegally there.

The immigration reform measure, passed 84-to-15 by the Mexican senate, comes amid mounting international pressure for Mexico to address what many Central Americans who illegally pass through there  usually en route to the United States -- long have complained is abusive treatment by Mexican authorities.

The immigration bill also aims to control the entry, exit and transit of migrants, according to an article in “Mexico has had just as much trouble keeping people out of Mexico who trying to make their way to the United States as the United States has had keeping illegal immigrants out,” said David Abalos, a Mexican American author of several books about Latinos. “This is Mexico’s attempt to put legal parameters around that problem.”

The measure, which is likely to go through fine-tuning in coming weeks, calls for providing migrants – regardless of their legal status  access to educational, health, legal and social services. But in Mexico, as in the United States, plans to provide services to undocumented immigrants is drawing criticism from Mexican residents who see the move as rewarding law-breakers.

Is that not what we are screaming about here in our own country?  Except the USA goes so much further in the way an illegal alien is treated; we provide health care and medication, all free of charge, we give the illegals section 8 housing, we also provide welfare,  the illegal alien is provided with all the necessary staples to survive and live well in the USA; all they have to do is vote for Hussein Obamaso why work when you are given all that you need to live on.

“That’s all we needed!” said a reader who posted a comment on the article about the Mexican Senate measure. “Now we’re going to have [illegal immigrants] living off our taxes. We’re already too generous, why do more?”

Wrote another: “How is it possible that we want to encourage the world to pass through Mexico? Now our borders will be inundated by immigrants from China, India, Africa, Poland, etc. – in addition to all the ones from Central and South America!” Do all of these quotes here sound so Oh so familiar, except Mexico tosses the illegals in jail, then deports the alien. We just continue to house and feed them, all on the taxpayer dollar.  All they do, Vote for Obama...

But Mexican Senator Humberto Andrade praised the measure, saying that it would help avoid a repeat of the massacre last year of 72 migrants by suspected drug traffickers.  Officials from the migrants’ native lands Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador and Brazil  lashed out at Mexico, saying it had to do more to protect migrants within its borders from violence and abuse.  Last year, in discussing the massacre, Mexican senators said that Mexico -- the largest source of illegal immigration to the United States -- “cannot demand respect for its nationals in the United States” when it “does not assure dignified treatment” of migrants on its own turf, according to published reports. 

Do you know how Mexico can help, repair your damn economy, and win the alleged War on Drugs with the Cartel. If three quarters of the Police and Politicians were not on the TAKE, then maybe Mexico could do something.

But since most of the heads of governments are bought/paid off,  Mexico will continue to do nothing but pass the buck and blame the United States. Hussein Obama will continue to cloth, feed, house and provide health care for the majority of the illegal aliens, ALL ON OUR TAXPAYER DOLLAR. If this is not a reason to vote this FOOL out of office, then nothing is....but when you are supported by fools and idiots, then the fools and idiots will continue to vote for this FRAUD, socialist, Marxist SOB, you wanted, now live with him. 

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