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Obama Telephones Egypt's New President

Obama Telephones Egypt's New Terrorist President

The United States during past 30 some odd years have had a strong ally with the past President,  Hosni Mubarak.  Since the ousting of Mubarak, there has been a jousting contest on who would be the next Egyptian President.

Well after days of waiting we now know who will be President. The Terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi announced as the winner.  An organization with clear ties to the terror group Hamas will take over the presidency.

To put it in context of what the Muslim Brotherhood stands for, go no further that their very own Mission Statement, or in simple terms, what the Muslim Brotherhood stands for. Here it is their mission statement:
“The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” 
The country's last four presidents over the past six decades have all came from the ranks of the military. This is the first time modern Egypt will be headed by an Islamist and by a freely elected civilian. The outcome will not put an end to the main power struggle in the country now between Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood and the military. Morsi has already indicated that he wants to normalize relations with Iran...How sweet that will be. Israel has to be sick over these new revelations.

President Obama telephoned the new Egyptian President and offered the support of the United States. After skewering Hosni Mubarak, what else was left for Obama to do.
Obama did little if anything to assist Mubarak during the uprising.  Mubarak however, was a strong supporter of the United States, no longer will the United States be able to count on Egypt's assistance in the area. Also at risk is the fragile peace accord between Israel and Egypt.
"We look forward to working together with President-elect Morsi and the government he forms, on the basis of mutual respect, to advance the many shared interests between Egypt and the United States," the White House said in a statement. "We believe that it is important for President-elect Morsi to take steps at this historic time to advance national unity by reaching out to all parties and constituencies in consultations about the formation of a new government."  "Barack Obama"
The way the Muslim Brotherhood is attractive to Obama, became clear when the American President during his speech to the Ummah asked the Muslim Brothers to sit in the front row in a hall in Cairo. That was in 2009. Deliberately or unconscious of it, important politically active Muslims, many of them with secret ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, were employed by the American government.

The Muslim Brothers started there 'club' at the beginning of last century out of frustration over the ending of the Caliphate by Atatürk. During World War II they collaborated with the Nazi's. Later on they would give birth to their "child" Hamas, and with the exit of Al-Zawahiri also Al Qaida was born. The Muslim Brothers and Iran can be viewed as the biggest opponents of the West and Israel in the Middle-East.

What did Obama do when the Mubarak regime in Egypt got into trouble? He actually supported the Muslim Brothers in all ways by letting Mubarak down. As I previously said, Mubarak may not have been the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he supported the United States when we needed it, either with intelligence, airspace, or being an ally in Gulf War I. that's all gone right now.
Personally, I held out hope that the election would go the other way, but it did not happen. Now the Egyptians who elected this Morsi will have to live with him. Chances are we have not seen the last uprising.

I would venture to say, it will not be long before you see Egypt go by the way of just another Islamic State, I will hold out hope this does not occur, but with the Muslim Brotherhood in charge who really knows what is going to happen.

The Egyptian Military will maintain the control of their military, which is a BIG plus for the United States and allies. However, Politics in the Middle East can change over night, ie, Hosni Mubarak ouster, so as I said, here today gone tomorrow.

Egypt's New Leader Stresses Necessity for Revising Camp David Accord

TEHRAN (FNA)- Egypt's first democratically-elected President Mohammed Mursi underlined the importance of materializing the rights of the Palestinian people, and stressed the necessity for revising the Camp David Accord with Israel.

I am not quite sure what Mursi means by the statement that their policy towards Israel will be a policy based of equality? Equal to what? Is he referring to nuclear capabilities? That would be difficult, as Israel does not have nuclear weapons, (Wink Wink). Or in plain English, they do not and will NOT declare if they (Israel)  posse any nuclear weapons.
Additional Nuclear Information Here:

The election of Mursi means one thing for Israel, they will now have to pay extremely close attention to Egypt. not that they didn't in the past but in the past, Hosni Mubarak did not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.  And if you have not been asleep for the past 50 years or so, you know that the Palestinians and Iran want to turn Israel into a glass parking lot. The election of Mursi changes the everything in the Middle east.

"Our policy towards Israel will be a policy based on equality since we are not weaker than them in any field and we will discuss the issue of the Palestinians' rights with the related sides since this is highly important," Mursi told Fars News Agency on Sunday, hours before the official announcement of presidential election results.

"We will revise the Camp David treaty," he said, adding that all of these issues should be implemented by governmental bodies and the cabinet "since I will take no decision by myself".
Asked about the Constitution Amendment which merely permits the military council to take decisions about how to respond to enemy's military attack against Egypt and the media reports that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has given necessary guarantees to Israel on the issue, he said, "If you mean an attack at present, I believe that it is unlikely anyway."

"The media are trying to exaggerate the issue which is aimed at daunting people of my presidency but declaring war is not the product of a decision of one single person anyway and the Majlis al-Sha'b should agree with it; at present the military council's agreement for the decision of war is necessary and there is no problem in it since they are aware of the Army's situation better (than others)," Mursi said.
"Of course, this doesn't mean that I agree with the Constitution Amendment but anyway I don't take decisions by myself and I have stressed many times that I have no difference with the Egyptian Army since the Army defends the nation's soil and I don't like to speak about the guarantees that the SCAF has given to Israel since we do not suspect anybody's patriotism and I believe that despite its mistakes, the SCAF has not announced a bid for our homeland," Mursi concluded.
Many Egyptian leaders believe that the Camp David Accord has damaged Egypt's honor and dignity, and called for its revision. Earlier, former Egyptian Ambassador to the Palestinian territories Gamal Mazloum had also told FNA that Egypt should take action to boost its forces in the Sinai Desert and make a formal request to correct and modify the Camp David Accord. Complete Article Here.

It will not be long, my friends before we see radical changes from our former middle east ally.  It is going to be a very interesting situation.  Just click on the link that is at the bottom of this post, it is an article from the Washington Post, it was written on January 31, 2011. It is a very good article and sheds a lot of light on the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood Is The Enemy 

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