Friday, May 21, 2010

Mexicos President Slaps the United States in the Face!!!

I guess I have seen it all. A foriegn President stands before a joint session of Congress and rips the United States a new one, a butt chewing classic of the butt chewings I would get from my father and uncle if I had done wrong. Mexicos President Calderon stood before the joint session of Congress yesterday and ripped the United States for our stance or lack of Immigration reform. He insulted Arizona for doing something that the Government should be doing, and that is securing our Borders. To top all of it off, after Calderons speech, he received a standing ovation from most of Congress, especially Nancy Pelosi, you would have thought she had just won the mega lottery by her reaction to Calderons speech. What a disgrace!!  Barrack Hussien Obama has disgraced our Nation once again by standing by and allowing a Foriegn President to stand on our soil, in our White House and insult the United States, I am outraged, and all of you should be as well. When is enough, enough. I am fed up with him and his cronies. The President of Mexico insulting us on our own soil, A President who can't even control the Drug Cartels in his own country. The Gulf Cartels and the Zetas are terrorizing the people of Mexico daily, the beheadings that take place daily, what is his answer, he has none. Mexicos own immigration law racial profiles, they flat throw illegal immigrants out of Mexico, or jail them, one of the two. In Mexico, your guilty until proven innocent, would you want to change countries, dont think so. Maybe we should just adobt Mexicos Immigration laws. What do you think?? Might work, if it is good for Mexico, it might be good for us as well.

I do know that our economy is bad, but as bad as it is, I do not hear of any American in their right mind going to Mexico Illegaly to seek work, because they AIN'T GOT NO JOBS(excuse my grammar) that is why we have over 12 million illgal aliens here in our country bleeding us dry. The illegals have it made, they get free health care, schooling, most illegals pay no income tax, whats new right. But getting back on point here, why in Gods green earth would any President allow some foriegn leader to ridicule the United States by allowing them to address Congress is beyond comprehension. I guess you could compare it to me coming over to your house after being invited and saying, your food is terrible, your house sucks and your kids are ugly, my response would be, Well friend, get the "H" out of my HOUSE..thats about how I feel about it.

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of the radical left wing, you have suceeded in disgracing our Nation once again, have you no shame, , I would give you the respect of your office, by Calling you Mr. President, but sir you AIN'T DESERVING OF THE RESPECT, CAUSE YOU AIN'T EARNED IT!!!!!!!!  

What say you??

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