Friday, May 21, 2010

Old Friend From the Past

Well I got a pleasant surprise this morning, I recevieved a call from my son who had inturn got a message on facebook from one of my old McAllen P.D. buddies, Hector Blanco. Hector and I spent many a cold nights working midnights on patrol. Keeping the streets of McAllen safe and sound, Those were the good days I made some very good friends, some of which are still there, my auto theft partner David Ramos I can name a few more some have gone the way of retirement as I have, but they all remain close to me, in memory if nothung else. However now Hector, looks a little more gray now, He was so thin back in the day he could walk between rain-drops and never get wet. It was sure nice hearing from him.

Since I have been away from my blog for a bit, the Texican did some opining. Well I have done some checking and found out that he has been somewhere in Al Gore Territory, more than likely having a sit down with ole Al and talking bout Global warming, and sipping some moon, good ole white lighting or also known as corn-squeezings.Texican is with my other buddy R.D. Moore, now that is a recipe of diaster.

Well, I am headed back to the couch, and dream up some good stuff to complain about.

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