Friday, June 24, 2011

D.O.J. Operation.........."I'm Watchin........You"..

I guess the DOJ these days has nothing better do with their time other than sit around on company time and go BLOG browsing, or to put it bluntly, read blogs of people that do not agree with their agenda.

Now of course this is nothing more than my OPINION, and speculation of course. I can not prove nor do I want to believe that our government would stoop to such activities. However, I saw the stat-counters that show the IP addresses and the ISP information, which clearly shows that the DOJ has made multiple visits to The TexasFred Blog, a well known Texas blogger.

Fred is well known throughout the blog world and has never been shy about expressing his views and thoughts. I can say this for Fred, he is a Patriot and clearly loves his country, however, Fred, without doubt, dislikes the direction our country is headed under the Obama administration.

Recently Fred posted an article on the gun running scandal, Issa: ATF Chief Should Go but Higher Ups Also Culpable.

The article must have caught the attention of the DOJ because they have made multiple trips to The TexasFred Blog to read up on what he has been saying. I am sure that they must have gotten a burr under their saddle, as Fred's cup runneth over with his opinion. No one for sure will know why the DOJ has taken a real shine to TexasFred, but they have become real fans of Fred here lately.

Could it be he has struck a nerve with the truth?

Some people are of the opinion that Fred has disrespected the Agents and Law Enforcement in general. That is not the case at all. Fred has great respect for Police Officers and for the Special agents. If you do not know, Fred has a Son, Daughter in Law and Son in Law that are involved in Law Enforcement. Fred has a beef with the higher ups within BATF, not the agents.

This all stems from Eric Holder and Barack Obama indicating that they did not have knowledge of operation Gunrunner and Fast and Furious, which I will say again, is not possible.

How would anyone below the rank of Director be able to authorize such an operation that meant allowing sales of weapons into Mexico?

It does not pass the smell test.

Lets say, for the sake of argument, that the Director knew about the planned operation. He (Melson) would have had to have the approval of WHO? Eric Holder, the Attorney General, that’s who. Holder would in turn would had to have briefed the President. Maybe Holder didn’t tell the President, I do not know, but certainly Holder was briefed.

With that said, Holder and the Acting Director should be fired immediately, if not sooner. That is my take.

All I can say is this; draw your own conclusions based on the foot prints left by DOJ on the post by TexasFred. Could it just be a coincidence? Yes it could, but if so, then I would think that the DOJ needs to monitor their personnel closer, as the last I looked they should not be using company computers for personal business.

Unless, that is, they are conducting an investigation of some sort...but that is just my opinion.
Whats Yours...

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Anonymous said...

When you BUST the DOJ with proof, they don't like it, I just hope it was *line agents* looking for a friend...

And thank you for the hat tips in the post too!

"Shady" said...

We will see what happens, my guess it will die, at some point. Another thought, how many guns that have been seized by Mexico that are "are from USA" have been returned to USA...."ZERO"...they just call the Famila Cartel, and give them the guns instead of returning them...Mexico Corruption at its best. Just blame the USA

Insofar as the Hat pleasure...see ya!